Friday, August 19, 2005

Joe's Friday Gig

Click here for the article. I wish I were as excited about George Clooney's sophomore effort Good Night and Good Luck as I want to be. The truth is I didn't much care for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which was his directorial debut. Maybe he's worked out the kinks since that film which was a touch, um, purple. Over-directed methinks.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Fun, witty, harmless. Over-directed too, as you put it, but isn't that something Oscar typically embraces?

Clooney's film is currently my no. 1 BP prediction. WB is on a role. And Clooney, a relatively talented and well-liked heart-throb, has much in common with earlier actor-directors (like Redford and Gibson) whose somewhat heavy-handed Oscar-bait endeavors picked up trophies left and right.

Or perhaps the comparison is too obvious?