Thursday, September 06, 2007

20:07 (Hot For Teacher)

back to school special: screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of movies

You never applied yourself. If you had you might have learned something in school

I thought that this Sunday I would treat myself to one last day of sun and water. I wonder, Mr. Lowther if you might be able to help me?
Oh Miss Brodie! You're beyond help. Love Dame Maggie in that last movie (as previously noted)

This reprise of the dearly departed 20:07 is my way of pointing you to my "back to school" week over at my daily gig with Zoom-In. I've talked about The Breakfast Club and high school movies in general and today, three DVD rental suggestions about teachers (not the usual inspirational triumph of the human spirit stuff) ... tomorrow I might revisit The Breakfast Club and teen stars of the past. So don't be tardy.


John T said...

I once called Maggie Smith's perf in Prime of Miss Jean Brodie the best performance of the 1960's. I stand by that statement.

H. Alan Scott said...

Dame Maggie is beyond fantastic, she's fan-friggin-tastic!