Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Lynchian Thought

" ...walk ...with"

Why is it that David Lynch can always scare the crap out of me?

And why do I always get the sense that the actors helping him are as unnerved as I am by their own efforts? See also: Naomi Watts in Mulholland Dr, Laura Dern in INLAND EMPIRE, Grace Zabriskie in Twin Peaks, etc... it's not just "Bob"-channeling "Laura Palmer" here.

Do any of you worry for their sanity while you watch his movies. Or do you just find yourself craving cheese?


Glenn Dunks said...

I routinely fear for the safety of Lynch's castmembers. I mean, Robert Blake gave, quite possibly, the greatest ever cameo appearance ever in Lost Highway and just a few years later he was so mentally unhinged that he murdered his wife (or whoever it was, I wasn't following the case). And Kyle Maclachlan was surely still resting a bruised brain from the series finale of Twin Peaks to agree to sign onto Showgirls, right?

Although, all things considered, Sheryl Lee turned out perfectly a-okay. She's an animal rights activist now!

I'm sort of allergic to cheese though so I never get a desire for it.

Michael Parsons said...

"I was standing right behind you, but you're too dumb to turn around"
Oh Sheryl Lee.
How I loved you so. Great movie, completely overlooked. Still pissed at the Moira substitute. "YOU ARE NOT DONNE!!!"