Monday, September 24, 2007


Josh & Josh Brad Pitt makes looooooooong movies
PreFix concert dates for the Once duo. November 19th for us New Yorkers. Are you going when they hit your city?
Kenneth in the (212) "Set and the City"
Dr X Brigitte Bardot: Photos of the Day
Hollywood Elsewhere casting on Spielberg's Abraham Lincoln
goatdog 'The William Wyler Blog-a-Thon.' It kills me that I had to let that one go. I love me some Wyler. So do 20+ fine blogs/sites who chimed in with excellent articles on everything from Funny Girl to Roman Holiday

In the middle of this post
a picture of Javier Bardem in
No Country for Old Men.
Just because.

the only movie related story that properly reenacts how crappy I've been feeling this week
The Bening has dropped out of what was supposed to be her triumphant return to the Broadway stage later this year (maybe she realized I was going to stalk her or get even more obsessed than I already am?) [src]


John T said...

All right, on principle of the artistic beauty of the series, I don't think that they should be making Sex and the City, the Movie. And yet, looking even at the stills, I am positively giddy at the prospect of seeing Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, and Samantha together again. I suppose I'll be having mixed feelings about this until opening weekend (which, no matter the reviews, I'll be at opening day).

Anonymous said...

OH MY...No country For Old Men will be incredible.

And if Steve isn't in the Sex and The City movie, I'm out

John T said...

I thought I'd heard that all four of the ladies' men (Handler, Noth, Lewis, and Eigenberg) were returning for the movie.

Glenn Dunks said...

It'd be kind of great to see Patty Field get a Costume Design nomination for this, don't you reckon?

I don't see it being an awards contender and I can see it being of the "it's good, but what's the point?" variety, but, as John mentioned, just seeing these four ladies together again makes my heart go all aflutter.