Saturday, September 01, 2007

Recycled Experience: Brangelina 2005

In between Boyd's Venice postings I'm posting choice reruns for new readers. Why? I'm prepping Fall Goodies for the Film Experience --behind the scenes stuff " pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" -- so I need some time away from the daily grind. Be back with original stuff next week -Nathaniel]

Mr & Mrs. Smith (notes from June 2005) wasn't anything close to a great movie but I entertained myself throughout with impure thoughts for the über-luscious stars. Whatever one might say about this movie, my guess is it wouldn't be 'gee, those two sure are homely.' The Boyfriend remarked to me afterwords "that's too much lips for one movie!" But with Brad & Angie's on display I heartily disagreed. The saying 'never too much of a good thing' instantly came to mind.

Experience the fullness.

No seriously. Experience it. Puckered to perfection these two.

Still, if total genetic perfection turns you off there’s still the gorgeous lippage of Adam Brody, Kerry Washington and Vince Vaughn on the sidelines.

Now, I realize that to suggest that the welcome sight of one Kerry Washington is short of perfection is a waste of time but I was doing a lead / supporting thing so please ignore the time wastage. (And a note to all Kerry-lovers out there: I saw her first. So back off!)

Despite the maximization of kissability on display -- or maybe because of it since the abundant sexuality is servicing a movie with domestic violence played for big laughs -- I much preferred this movie when it was called War of the Roses (1989). That film was deliciously nasty as well but it understood that black comedy cannot contain audience coddling happy endings. "True love conquers all” is a tough sell when people are onscreen beating the s*** out of each other.


Amy said...

Genetic perfection? Are you kidding?


even perfect people can take bad pictures ;) i'm sure there's 2 of Pfeiffer somewhere from her 49 years of life.