Monday, September 17, 2007

This is a Post and I am Linking It

Nick Davis gives out halfway there awards, before diving into fall cinema
Cinematical France chooses Persepolis as their Oscar submission
I Watch Stuff falls under the unstoppable spell of Juno: The Trailer
Big Screen Little Screen "full frontal week"
GreenCine an interview with Viggo Mortenson and David Cronenberg on Eastern Promises. They're my new favorite director/actor pair since Uma & QT will give us only one movie a decade and both Haynes and Anderson have left Julianne Moore behind (well, mostly). Sorry. Tangent. You're all going to see Promises on Friday, right? It's really good
Bright Lights rethinking your opinion on a film (in this case Elah)
Rob Scheer drops my favorite line in a film review this week. On Mr. Woodcock...
this is a movie and I am watching it
Four Emmy tidbits
1. The Gilded Moose "The Emmys in Zero Words or Less"
2. <--- Look. La Pfeiffer @ The Emmys (now if only she were such a reliable fixture @ the Oscars)
3. Read Roger has a fun little bit about why the Emmys aren't as respected as the Oscars
4. So I'm reading Daily Variety's recap this morning. Reporter Michael Schneider calls America Ferrerra's win for Ugly Betty "one of the biggest surprises of the night" Seriously now Michael... that's just whack reporting unless that was a late sneak entry to the Bizarro Blog-a-Thon. How is America Ferrara winning something a surprise? We're talking about the same 'America's Sweetheart' America right? ...Headlining a huge hit, winning other trophies, flavor of the year. Come on.

Festival stuff
Shooting Down Pictures , Anne Thompson and Girish wrap up their TIFF experiences.
And lookie here...

Yes, yours truly is covering the NYFF for Awards Daily and my own site The Film Experience. Watch out for those posts coming soon. And, my god, whatever will I wear to screenings when I'm forced into adorning a pink badge with red lanyard? Ouch my eyes!


Glenn Dunks said...

1. You still have the buzz cut?

2. Wow to Persepolis being France's chosen film over crap like La Vie en Rose. That sort of actually helps make up for years of submitting stuff like The Chorus and Merry Christmas.

Boyd said...

On 2:

Indeed. What the hell were they thinking? I was convinced they would have chosen either La Vie en Rose or something sappy like Mon meilleur ami... instead they chose a film that is not only very very good but will also bring about the wrath of the Iranian government on Oscar voters if it gets nominated? (Perhaps they're hoping for a Paradise Now kind of effect?)

(and on 1: buzz cuts rock, they're sexy)

John T said...

Yeah, I'm also shocked by the Persepolis inclusion. I can't decide if this hurts or helps Cotillard's chances (I'm guessing hurts, but she already got so much buzz, one has to wonder if the inclusion of this on the French submissions would have meant anything). I haven't seen Persepolis yet, so I'll need to get on that.

J.D. said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Brian Darr said...

Clearly you need to start shopping for bright orange jumpsuits right now.


perhaps Kate will lend me her orange hoodie from Eternal Sunshine?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have something along those lines myself. A little worse for wear, but I'd send it to New York if you felt it would complete your ensemble...

Anonymous said...

Go France!

And I think the pass looks rather nice actually. Wear with pride, Nathaniel.