Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lust, Caution Fever in Taiwan

Frequent reader and tipster Tony sent me these great photos from a press conference and lavish premiere for Lust Caution in Taiwan. Seems it's getting the blockbuster push there and that 'event' status is paying off big time. Apparently its early box office receipts are even outpacing Ang Lee's own Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. That's quite a bow for a racy 150 minute drama.

It's hard to know how the Oscar voters will react to this film. It was greeted with lots of negativity at Venice only to rebound with the Golden Lion win. Early buzz suggests that its length and its MPAA rating (NC-17) will marginalize it severely for both Oscar and American box office. But wait...

Can one can ever count Ang Lee out?

Consider: His filmography is only 10 movies long and 3 of those have been Best Picture nominees and 3 have been Foreign Film nominees (Crouching Tiger being the only double dipper). He's the only Asian to ever win Best Director and he won that for a gay romantic drama. For someone whose films are so classical in feel and leisurely paced, this man sure is full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

i just saw this movie in taiwan.
you have to see this movie if you think tony's testicles are curiously worthseeing.
but the movie itself was just so-so.

J.D. said...

Totally agree about Lee. You can never expect his films, and so wide of genre too.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for all you oscar buffs.

The version screening in America (aka, LA) is the longer, more explicit cut. A less explicit cut is the one being shown in China/Taiwain(?). Now, it was submitted for foreign language film, which'll be the less explicit cut. Does that harm/change the eligibility of the longer version (the one that'll be playing here)?

Boyd said...

What is more interesting is that Lee has said the cuts "did not compromise the movie's plot and character development, but dampen(ed) some of its emotional intensity".

That's interesting, because a lot of the character development seemed to take place in the "hot" sex scenes... mmm...

Anonymous said...

in taiwan, it's being shown the more explicit version.


wait so which cut is showing in Taiwan? a third version the first or the edited?

Anonymous said...

The uncut version is showing in Taiwan, and the edited one in China because there is no rating system for movies there.

Anonymous said...

the uncut version is playing in taiwan and the US.
the edited version is for china.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so then it doesn't matter. If Taiwan is showing the unedited version, than I'm mistaken and that's the one being submitted.

Thank you anonymous 2, erul and anomymous 3.

Anonymous said...

Variety Asia has this report today : "Lust" seduces auds in Hong Kong and Taiwan,
and here is the link

Interestingly, moviegoers in HK normally only like fast pace type movies, they don't even like his CTHD that
much, and "Lust" also run 157 min.

US critics seems to have problem with this movie being too long.
Is "Lust" too chinese, and a culture different right here?

By the way China version is only 7 min short, not 30 min short as widely reported in US news media.

Another anonymous

Anonymous said...

after knowing other countries' entries, i don't see the possibility for lust, caution to even get nominated.


just saw it. really good movie. i don't get the negativity at all ... (and if you know me at all you know i have issues with movies that are too long)

unless of course it's just the typical backlash that follows massive critical successes

Anonymous said...

please! lust, caution doesn't have "massive critical successes" AT ALL!

here are the films that's clearly BETTER than lust, caution:

Mexico's Silent Light
Korea's Secret Sunshine
France's Persepolis
Romania's 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Germany's The Edge of Heaven
Isarel's The Band's Visit


i was refering to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

massive critical successes like that lead to backlash