Thursday, September 06, 2007

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Begins Tonight

I'm pleased to announce that Ali from Cutting Room Reviews and Steve from the eponymous blog The Ongoing Cinematic Education of Steven Carlson have agreed to send missives from their Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) experiences right here. I thank them in advance since I couldn't go. Toronto's kick off (Thursday night) overlaps with the Venice finale (Saturday) so Boyd's adventure will be wrapping up this weekend. I'm sure he's exhausted but in the good way. So many festiv(al)ities this time of year. Please welcome the guest bloggers.


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Chinese Odyssey said...

LoL, there is so much going on in your blog, i didnt even notice this little section.

Anyway, 热烈欢迎!you guys are awesome!