Friday, September 11, 2009

You Linkin' To Me?

Village Voice Josh Olson (A History of Violence) says "I will not read your fucking script"
Flickr Cuteness. José Cruz draws Robert De Niro in 40 roles
In Contention on Tom Ford's A Single Man with Julianne Moore and Colin Firth
The Big Picture ruh-roh. The Road is already turning quite divisive. How do you think it'll fare in the Oscar race?
Empire unnecessary sequel news: Hancock 2. Who was clamoring for this, exactly? Besides the bank accounts of Charlize & Big Willie that is
My New Plaid Pants thinks healthcare via Trainspotting
Cinema Viewfinder is hosting a Brian De Palma blog-a-thon
MTV a stripping fan stripped of press pass after plea to George Clooney. Have you seen this?
The Critical Condition 101 Best Songs of the Aughts (in progress)
The Independent Eye George Clooney doin' the airport stare. Filmmakers love the melancholy of airports, don't they?

Coming Soon The Coen Bros are doing another remake. Did they learn nothing from The Ladykillers? We value them for their originality most of all. That said, this reunites them with Jeff Bridges, "The Dude" himself. What's more it's a remake of the Best Actor winning John Wayne film, True Grit (1969). Intriguing or a very very bad idea? Sound off


Jay said...

This followup blog post is a good parody of the Josh Olson bit

Andrew K. said...

The Coen brothers idea is intriguingly bad idea.

And Jesus Christ...I will not read your fucking script...

Thanks for the heads up Josh. Almost dissuaded me...almost

And Nathaniel, what is your favourite Colin Firth performance [in a film]...I like his Clifton in THE ENGLISH PATIENT.

Zach Murphy said...

Love the De Niro drawings.

Dusty Hixenbaugh said...

The Coen Brothers seem to pride themselves on finishing & releasing one film per year. I guess they're running behind in 2009 and needed an already-written script?


Andrew -- i can't say that i've ever been on the Colin Firth bandwagon. But i liked him well enough in Another Country with Rupert Everett.

Dorian said...

That's just what the world needs. Another "True fuckin' Grit." Like the first one isn't quite enough. Why Jeff, why?

You'll always be THE DUDE in my book though!

John T said...

Nat, I'm shocked that we didn't get some sort of mention about the Honorary Oscar winners-Bacall and Willis, finally!


John... all in due time. all in due time. these things don't write themselves.

jess said...

Good reviews all around for A Single Man.

Moore gets her share of praise as well. She could be a contender for this or Chloe. It bodes well for the future of her career

Seeking Amy said...

The trailer for A Single Man is luscious, Julianne looks unearthly beautiful in it.,CmC=2844006.html

I don't think it's up in a lot of places yet.