Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Juliette Lewis IS "Iron Maven"

Below is my fav shot from the Whip It trailer below. Ellen Page is all serious and ready to go. She's willing to sweat for her leading lady status. But it's Juliette Lewis who's hogging the attention, sticking her tongue out, coarsely flirting with the camera. The girl can't help it.

Juliette Lewis "Iron Maven" and Ellen Page "Babe Ruthless"

When I first saw the trailer, I got all tingly thinking about seeing the elusive 90s star again but resigned myself to what was sure to be a short raucuous and welcome cameo. The film has a ton of characters and surely Ellen Page (star) and Drew Barrymore (director/producer/co-star) would eat up the running time!

I am elated to report that I was wrong. Juliette has plenty of screen time as the tough chick star of the Texas derby, "Iron Maven". The actress even won considerable applause during the end credits from the appreciative mixed crowd last night (some critics, some civilians, some roller derby types).

Turns out "Iron Maven" is Juliette's best role in years. It's speaking her language baby! She knows it and, god bless Drew Barrymore, the director knows it, too. Judging from the trailer and marketing, she'll be the movie's secret weapon... until Friday at least.

I'd scream "Welcome Back Juliette!" from the rooftops but I'm a little scared of Iron Maven, and as you'll see on Friday, she doesn't like suck ups.

Whip It opens Friday, my review is coming soon.

For old time's sake...

Damn, I love that woman.



adelutza said...

I saw last night a preview of Whip It. Juliette Lewis is really cool, but I mostly liked Kristen Wiig.

buster hymen said...

Juliette and the licks, Licks my balls. Stick to sub par acting leave to music to musicians.

p.s. natural born killers was and still is the only movie i have walked out of

Michael B. said...

I saw this last week and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. I'd give it the B+ just because of how great Drew's directorial debut is--the acting was really great.

Harden was the MVP but I have to say that I liked Page's performance in this movie more than I did for Juno.

Wayne B said...

WOO-HOO, that's so awesome for Juliette Lewis, she hasn't had a decent role since "Hysterical Blindness." She had a great run of performances during the 90s, I'm so glad she's getting some huzzahs.

Chris Na Taraja said...

OMG Juliette Lewis as Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

Ryan T. said...

Saw it last week during the sneak previews (and got a shirt for it!) and I really enjoyed it.

Lewis was cool, but Wiig made me smile throughout. And Page... Juno who?

Glenn Dunks said...

I just know I'm going to love this movie. And it's released by a mere five days before my birthday, which is foretelling.

LOVE Juliette Lewis, too. She doesn't work enough.

Anonymous said...

Is her performance something like Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill??? She is having as much fun as we are.

Jim T said...

Nathaniel, yesterday I watched Kinsey and I loved it. I found out you gave it a B. You gave Whip It a B+. Was it that entertaining or were you very happy to see Drew and Juliette? I mean, I don't like critizing opinions but I thought Kinsey was near brilliant and Whip It seems too light.


Jim T... letter grades are in imperfect science. Not all films are trying to do the same thing and some things they do well balance out things they don't do well or cover for them or sometimes are undone by them.

but being happy to see certain actors do things you love seeing them do is totally helpful in winning love for a movie. i don't think i'm alone in this ;) ...actors being such a huge part of a film experience.

i could have been more critical of whip it sure --it's not perfect. drew could've picked up the pace a bit -- my generally feeling is that when a movie is predictable (not always a bad thing) it's best if said movie gets to where it's going quickly. If unpredictable sometimes there's no need to rush. (see also: Tarantino's sometimes langourous pacing. it works because the joy is in the reveal)

anon 5:49 i'm afraid no one is like daryl hannah in kill bill ;)