Sunday, September 13, 2009

9 Minutes on "9"

Katey and I got a little slap-happy when we were shooting this video. We tried to squeeze too much in to one day. And now weeks later (things have been crazy) I'm 4 days too late to capitalize on the 9 minutes on 9 which opened on 9/9/09. Ah well...

I feel a teensy bad that we were hard on this since we both hope to see a second feature from Shane Acker, the mastermind of this one. His visual imagination is commendable and I did really enjoy the Oscar nominated short back in 2005. The film made a strong $10 million this weekend so maybe he'll get that second feature. Oh sure, "strong" and $10 million don't often get mentioned in the same sentence and the experts are calling that gross "passable". But I, with my enviable complete ignorance of box office statistics, think it's strong for a hard to market movie that wasn't ubiquitously advertised. So there.

Did you see it?


Dan T said...

Nat,I completely agree with you on this movie. While I was watching 9 and amazed at how unengaged the movie was. It almost felt pointless, and I felt that Shane Acker didn't really tell a story. Also, I want to thank you for recommending "The Class". I finally had a chance to see it , and I thought it was a superb film.

Patrick said...

Haven't been able to watch your review, as I am currently at the workplace, but I too was a tad disappointed by 9. Loved how it looked, but the story just never really seemed to start being a story. Not that I always need a story to enjoy a good-looking film (Last year's Tejut comes to mind), but 9 really needed it. Still I do want to see what Ackers comes up with next.

But that was the sunday aftertoon, the sunday evening brought me Pink Flamingos and Polyester, both not as good as 9 (and certainly not as good-looking), but boosted by seeing it with a crowd in a sold-out show and being presented by Mr. Waters himself. Hurrah!

Robert said...

The sense I got with 9 was that so much time and focus was being put into the visuals that the script was pretty much ignored. Once it reached the point of "acceptable" any concept of a re-write was probably a low priority, and it's a shame because it was only a few re-writes away from being a good movie.