Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lev in Toronto. Again.

Hello all of Nathaniel's readers. Lev Lewis here, not sure if you remember me. My words were kindly represented at the Film Experience this time last year, and I'm happy to be back covering the Toronto International Film Festival for Nathaniel once again.

Last year was my first year doing the immersive TIFF experience, so naturally, I did quite a bit "wrong". That includes seeing a number of films (Zift, Acolytes) that, had I done a bit more research, I would not have seen. However, I've been keeping up with the going-ons of festivals throughout the year and so when the final line-up was announced I found myself familiar with quite a few titles. I'm ridiculously excited for the festival, and have assembled what I believe to be a (hopefully) stellar collection of films.

So: tomorrow evening I start the festival off with a bang with a 9:00pm screening of Lars von Trier's hotly debated Antichrist. Then, directly afterwards I'm attending the Midnight Madness premiere of Jennifer's Body. I'll report back Friday with my thoughts on the two films. Wish me luck.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Good luck.

I wonder which of those films will be most offensive?

alex said...

Ooh, I'm envious of that double feature. Can't wait to read about it (and the rest of the fest)!