Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curio: Jane Fonda Soap

Alexa here from Pop Elegantiarum, sharing an item from the film curiosity shop. Why not wash up with Jane Fonda's mugshot? (There's a joke in here somewhere about Hanoi Jane washing away her sins, especially now that she's a born again Christian, but I'll refrain.) You can find all kinds of actressy soap here.


Chris Na Taraja said...

I have a bar of soap from the premiere of FIGHT CLUB! i hope it's not made of human remains though.

Tan said...

I love Jane Fonda, i would buy it.


this is the only time one can say "i'd like to rub jane fonda all over me" without sounding pervy*. Or like you were born in the 50s.

er... probably still sounds pervy.

and Tan I love her too.

Jude said...

please mention James Dean's death on this day on your blog!!

Officiel des spectacles said...

I prefer the one with Audrey Hepburn ! In any case, it is original!