Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September. It's a Wrap

I'm going to try to kick things back up several notches starting October 5th. Consider it the Fall Season Premiere of TFE. In case you missed anything from September, a slightly sparse month, here's a little 'best of'

A scene from Lars and the DeGlam Girl
"Can we talk about the abuse in your movies?"

Before There Were Websites "movies of the 80s" a scrapbook discovered
Lights, Camera, Sew! Project Runway and Costume Design in movies
"Caution: District 9" Middle America: Fear of the Shaky Cam
Cate Blanchett, Blanket Stealer Glenn wondered what she was wearing?
TIFF through the eyes of three TFE contributors: Up in the Air, Antichrist, Precious and more. Our most TIFF coverage ever.

Emily Mortimer and... Teresa Wright? The Departed at the movies
I Dream of Vera Farmiga
...and ignore her (oops)
Oprah Live Mariah Carey kicks off Oscar campaign. Really
Nine Reactions two views of test screenings
"I hear Shirley Maclaine is good" Mad Men goes to The Apartment (1960)

Coming in October: Whip It!, Deliverance, werewolves and other creature features, Streep at 60 (Continues... I hope), Maurice, Best Pictures from the Outside In: Unforgiven vs. Casablanca, more on the Foreign Film Oscar Submissions, Bright Star, Lars Von Trier and Antichrist, Precious, Where the Wild Things Are and more...


Danny King said...

The TIFF coverage was excellent this year, great job guys! Look forward to kicking it up for the Awards season, I'll be doing the same.

Dean said...

I busted out laughing at the Lars and the Deglam girl. Priceless

Hardy said...

OMG, that picture and caption are hilarious.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Great pic. As you doubtless know, "It's a Wrap" is also the title of a track on the new Mariah CD that dropped Tuesday, so this whole post, title in all, is obviously a huge tribute to her. (It's the song where she threatens to "crack [her boyfriend] right in the forehead" for not having donuts and coffee on hand.) Anyway, you're sweet to show her such love.

adam k. said...

I could actually totally see Mariah Carey nominated for Precious along with Mo'Nique, now that I think about it. The film would have to be huge, but if it is, Mariah could be the Queen Latifah to Mo'Nique's CZJ (weird as that sounds).

That would of course mean Mo'Nique wins.

I do think one film will have two noms in the category, though... could be Up in the Air, could be Lovely Bones, could be Precious, could be Nine.

Memememe said...

And to think Mariah Carey's role was to be played by Helen Mirren. That's like the weirdest news to come out of hollywood ever.

javier said...

This should totally be the "Sigourney at 60" month. Love to the most stunning leading lady Hollywood has had in decades is always nice ;)

Alex said...

I guess this is probably a good post to ask, Nathaniel, but I was wondering what you thought of StinkyLulu's latest Supporting Actress Smackdown (1993)? Any chance we'll see a post on your picks sometime soon?