Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Am Afraid Of Harmony Korine

And that's precisely how he likes it, I assume.

JA from MNPP here. If y'all are familiar with my tastes at all at this point - and if you are, my prayers are with you - then you know I don't hesitate at reveling in garbage. Often. Deeply. That vile and base genre that is the horror film is my true love (and the gorier, the bad-tastier they are, there's a pretty decent chance that I will stand loud and proud to champion them), but I roll around like a pig in muck in all manner of cinematic trash whenever I can. It's a living.

And yet... somehow I'd actively avoided all of Korine's films - at least those he'd directed - for a good long while. Something about them creeped me out. Even if it was just the names. Gummo. Julien Donkey-Boy. They promised split lips and acne scars and people lying on pee-stained sofas abusing their children. I don't mind buckets of blood, but... filth... I have a problem with filth. Not the pretty painted-on grime of something like David Fincher's Seven, but movies that hit you like a shut-up trailer's cat-pee smell, those I have trouble watching. And that's what I figured I'd be getting with Korine's movies.

And then... then came the Herzog connection. I am worshipful of Werner Herzog. I bown down. He is in my opinion the greatest living filmmaker. And he started starring in Korine's films. I still haven't worked my way back to Julien Donkey-Boy (I hear his performance therein is something to behold) but I hit up Mister Lonely because, I mean come on, Samantha Morton! Diego Luna! And Werner Herzog? There's no way I could say no. And I loved Lonely. Loved. It was my #7 movie last year.

So now... now we come to his new movie. It's called Trash Humpers. (Of course it is.) And it's playing at Toronto this week, and now via Twitch comes the trailer. The delightfully deranged trailer.



So what do we think of Korine? One trick pony or cinematic wunderkind? And how about that bizzaro trailer? I'm hooked.


NicksFlickPicks said...

It sort of reminds me of the trailer for All About Steve.

(I'm a Gummo fan but haven't delved much beyond that.)


I'm basically afraid of anyone who Chloe Sevigny has slept with (on or offscreen)

Brandon said...

Why is that Nathaniel?

Anonymous said...

cuz he's magic, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I think Korine has a hot pussy... It was raining when I fucked a lot under the rain.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I love Gummo. I think it's brilliant. But I'm still undecided about Korine in general. I'm not even sure I'd want to have a conversation with him without having a police officer and maybe a SWAT team present just in case he decided to go all "Bjork at the airport" on me. He frightens me is the upshot.

Joe Reid said...

It's weird that he looks just like Judd Apatow, right?

Janice said...

Based just on the trailer I'm not sure how this is any different from all the crappy student films I had to endure in college.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love what you have to say on Korine and YESSSS,Herzog is the man!