Monday, December 14, 2009

BFCA Goes Wild For Nine, Basterds and Avatar

I am shocked to report that my new membership did not singlehandedly or significantly increase their taste levels, he said sarcastically. A few of the following nominations are hard to justify qualitatively speaking but you can't always get what you want. Again Oscar punditry combined with 'I just unwrapped this gift' excitement seem to have replaced careful consideration of what the year had to offer. But then it does appear as if only about 15 movies truly existed this year. In fact six movies Inglourious Basterds, Nine, Avatar, Up in the Air, The Hurt Locker, Precious and The Lovely Bones account for 48% of all the nominations. Crazy.

Am I just grumpy because they think The Lovely Bones (6 nominations) is better looking and The Blind Side (2 nominations) better acted than the exquisite Bright Star (1 nomination only)? I find those two judgment calls totally unsupportable. The abundant nominations for the garish and messy Bones is actually the weirdest thing here. It's current RT score is 40%... not the sort of critical approval that generally makes you a major awards contender. They even like its visual effects more than most of the movies that the Academy has pushed forward in the f/x semifinals. It's got as many nominations as District 9 which people (generally speaking mind you) love a whole lot more. Is this because Bones spent so long being presumed-to-be a major contender? I'd be shocked if it's Oscar nomination tally goes beyond three nominations and I'm guessing it'll be less than that.

Best Picture
* An Education
* The Hurt Locker
* Inglourious Basterds
* Invictus
* Nine
* Precious
* A Serious Man
* Up
* Up In The Air
  • Yes, those are my current exact predictions for the Best Picture Oscar nominees. Not intentional! Or maybe it is on the BFCA's part. Heh.
Best Actor
Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart *
George Clooney, Up In The Air * 
Colin Firth, A Single Man * 
Morgan Freeman, Invictus *
Viggo Mortensen, The Road * Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

Best Actress

Emily Blunt, The Young Victoria * 
Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side * 
Carey Mulligan, An Education * 
Saoirse Ronan, The Lovely Bones *
Gabourey Sidibe, Precious *
Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia
  • Er... I realize Saoirse has a lot of fans in these parts. And I do consider myself one of them. I think she has a huge exciting career ahead and those eyes are just spectacular on camera. But a Best Actress nomination for this? (sigh) I weep for Tilda Swinton and Abbie Cornish who were dealing with very complex characterization. Now, art is its own reward so it's not like they aren't rewarded for and haven't rewarded us with their work. But still. It'd be nice if physical awards sometimes lined up with the intangibles.
Best Supporting Actor
Matt Damon, Invictus *
Woody Harrelson, The Messenger *
Christian McKay, Me And Orson Welles *
Alfred Molina, An Education * 
Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones *
Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
  • Tucci was way better in Julie & Julia. That is all.
Best Supporting Actress
Marion Cotillard, Nine * Vera Farmiga, Up In The Air *
Anna Kendrick, Up In The Air * Mo’Nique, Precious *
Julianne Moore, A Single Man *
Samantha Morton, The Messenger
  • This is a good shock. The BFCA normally supports category fraud so I'm happy to see Cotillard appear here where she belongs (Yes, I voted for her)

Best Young Actor / Actress
Jae Head, The Blind Side *
Bailee Madison, Brothers * 
Max Records, Where The Wild Things Are * 
Saoirse Ronan, The Lovely Bones * 
Kodi Smit-McPhee, The Road
  • This is a good lineup but the inclusion of Jae Head who plays "SJ" in The Blind Side is... well, it's like a weird graft onto a movie list from a laugh track sitcom. One of the people I voted for did not make it: Edie Martin in Bright Star. Such a natural onscreen.
Acting Ensemble
Inglourious Basterds
* Nine
* Precious
* Star Trek
* Up In The Air
  • Why do some categories have four nominees, some have five and most have six?
Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker * 
James Cameron, Avatar * 
Lee Daniels, Precious *
Clint Eastwood, Invictus *
Jason Reitman, Up In The Air * 
Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds
  • I think that's your Oscar lineup minus Eastwood of all people.
Original Screenplay
Mark Boal – “The Hurt Locker”
Joel Coen & Ethan Coen – “A Serious Man”
Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber – “(500) Days Of Summer”
Bob Peterson, Peter Docter – “Up”
Quentin Tarantino – “Inglourious Basterds”

Adapted Screenplay
Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach Fantastic Mr. Fox *
Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell District 9 *
Geoffrey Fletcher Precious *
Tom Ford, David Scearce A Single Man *
Nick Hornby An Education *
Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner Up In The Air

Barry Ackroyd, The Hurt Locker *
Dion Beebe, Nine *
Mauro Fiore, Avatar * 
Andrew Lesnie, The Lovely Bones *
Robert Richardson, Inglourious Basterds

Art Direction
Dan Bishop, A Single Man *
Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg, Avatar *
John Myhre, Gordon Sim , Nine * Naomi Shohan, George De Titta, Jr., The Lovely Bones *
David Wasco, Sandy Reynolds Wasco, Inglourious Basterds
  • I'm really not trying to be upset about The Lovely Bones but it's not working. Even the art direction bugged me. It felt like it was trying so hard to be 1960s!, rather than looking lived in and organic.

Dana E. Glauberman, Up In The Air *
Sally Menke, Inglourious Basterds *
Bob Murawski, Chris Innis, The Hurt Locker *
Stephen Rivkin, John Refoua, James Cameron, Avatar *
Claire Simpson, Wyatt Smith , Nine

Costume Design
Colleen Atwood, Nine *
Janet Patterson , Bright Star *
Sandy Powell, The Young Victoria *
Anna Sheppard, Inglourious Basterds * 
Casey Storm, Where The Wild Things Are

* District 9
* Nine
* The Road
* Star Trek

Visual Effects
* District 9
* The Lovely Bones
* Star Trek
* 2012
  • With five nominees I was hoping to see at least one that wasn't totally CGI. Didn't Where the Wild Things Are just look incredible?
* District 9
* The Hurt Locker
* Nine
* Star Trek

Animated Feature
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
* Coraline
* Fantastic Mr. Fox
* Princess And The Frog
* Up

* District 9
* The Hurt Locker
* Inglourious Basterds
* Star Trek


(500) Days Of Summer
* The Hangover
* It’s Complicated
* The Proposal
* Zombieland

TV Movie
Gifted Hands
* Grey Gardens
* Into The Storm
* Taking Chance

Foreign Language Film
Broken Embraces
* Coco Before Chanel
* Red Cliff
* Sin Nombre
* The White Ribbon

Documentary Feature
Anvil! The Story of Anvil *
Capitalism: A Love Story
* The Cove
* Food, Inc.
* Michael Jackson’s This Is It


“All Is Love” – Karen O, Nick Zinner, Where The Wild Things Are * 
“Almost There” – Randy Newman, The Princess And The Frog
* “Cinema Italiano” – Maury Yeston, Nine *
“(I Want To) Come Home” – Paul McCartney, Everybody’s Fine *
“The Weary Kind” – T Bone Burnett, Ryan Bingham, Crazy Heart

Michael Giacchino, Up * Marvin Hamlisch, The Informant! *
Randy Newman, The Princess and the Frog *
Karen O, Carter Burwell, Where The Wild Things Are * Hans Zimmer, Sherlock Holmes

It's so true! Especially during awards season

Most shocking total shut-out: The Last Station (not even Helen Mirren!!!). There was also zero love for early birds like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Cheri (not even in costumes) or Public Enemies

Well? Speak up.


Seeking Amy said...

I'm peeved about Bright Star too, I mean not even cinematography or score? For shame. Also The Young Victoria? What? I thought that was dead in the water long ago. Tired of Eastwood but I am happy to see A Serious Man in. And I am soo not pleased about Sandra Bullock actually gaining traction now for The Blind Side. On the whole though there isn't a large amount of things that irked me so I think it's a relatively decent nominee batch.

seasondays said...

MEXICO made a huge mistake by not submitting SIN NOMBRE

adam k. said...

Some annoying exclusions and overexcitement for recent films aside, I think this is actually a pretty good (list for the BFCA). It must've been your influence, Nat! ; )

If those do turn out to be the best pic 10, I'll be very happy.

And Where the Wild Things Are in costume design, for example, is a nice, unexpected pick. Best Actor is also solid. The Cotillard switch was a very welcome surprise (and all the other nominees in her category were great, too... 5 out of those 6 would be brilliant). And for all the Lovely Bones love, at least they didn't nom it for best picture.

The one VERY ridiculous thing, though, was no Abbie Cornish OR Helen Mirren (OR Tilda Swinton) in a 6-wide best actress field. I mean... Emily Blunt? Really?

I'm so excited for Avatar!!!

Paul Outlaw said...

Nat, is The Lovely Bones this year's Curious Case of Benjamin Button? (I ask this as a vocal fan of the Button last year who won't be seeing the Bones 'til later this month...)

Anonymous said...

soooooo happy that momo is getting the recognition after that horrible snub from the NBR... looks like moquisha is going to sweep all the best supporting actress awards and im loving every second of it :) that last scene beats everyone elses performances this year hands down... and im peeved that a serious man? movie was HORRIBLE! why? can someone answer that question? WHY!?!?

Middle-P said...

i usually try to avoid going off topic on the message boards and i usually don't like it when others do but nathaniel you got me thinking...

what is your opinion on glee? have you been following it?

Nick M. said...

Nat, as a member, you should know that the reason most categories have 6 nominees is because they realize if they nominate one more person than the Oscars, their chances of matching all 5 actors/directors is even higher.

This comment is as unsurprising as their choices, but, of course, this list reads more like an Oscar-buzz meter than genuine acknowledgments.

The only pleasant surprise is an Adapted Screenplay nomination for The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Michael Parsons said...

Ho hum. Lost all faith in precursors last year. This year is no exception. I think I am the only one who though Sibide gave better performance than Mulligan (who mind you was very good).


@Nick M --- that's what I've always assumed but I genuinely don't understand why some categories only have 4 or 5 if that's the reason. Wouldn't any generic system with some sort of cutoff ruling end up with all categories with the same amount of nominees? Unless there are ties of course.

and shouldn't all voting systems have tie breakers? I think so.

@SeasonDays -- i agree. somebody should've submitted Sin Nombre. I also think it's weird that The Maid wasn't submitted by its country because it's so good.

Derek said...

You're absolutely right about Lovely Bones's art direction. It looked very artificial, not lived in at all.

Katey said...

Way to catch Hans Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes score, guys. And Up! Neither of those even made NYFCO's 10 finalists and I was bummed not to get to vote for them.

I made a $1 bet yesterday on whether it would be Eastwood or Tarantino in the 5th Best Director spot (assuming that Reitman, Bigelow, Cameron and Daniels are all givens). Glad you agree Clint is vulnerable.

Aaron said...

Nat, I totally disagree about Saoirse Ronan and Stanley Tucci. I was indifferent towards the film, but there performances were absolutely haunting. I particularly thought Ronan was heartbreaking.

I think the WTF nomination in best actress was Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria...I mean, WHERE did that come from? It's like Kate Beckinsale from last year.

Aaron said...

sorry *their* (I'm an English major...therefore, I'm punching myself that I made that mistake. GAHHH!)


@Michael -- i've talked to a lot of people who prefer Sidibe's work to Mulligans (I myself think it's a tossup) so you're not alone

@Katey -- isn't it GROSS how much the BFCA liked the Lovely Bones? Who votes on these things anyway (hee)


AARON -- the lesson learned there is that you should always open your movie in December (sigh). I actually think that the BFCA has even shorter memories than Oscar. I'll have to do some statistical research on that but they seem particularly vulnerable to the in-the-moment stuff.


I love GLEE. I wish it had 52 episodes a year so i could watch every week.

Movies with Abe said...

It seems like there are now 9 locks for Best Picture, and the 10th slot looks like it will be Avatar. I'm still not sure, but maybe that's because I haven't yet it seen it yet and I'd like to think that another sci-fi film like District 9 or Star Trek might be able to take its place.


@ABE -- i wouldn't declare all of them locked up just yet. The Globes after all are far more directly influential on the Academy (even if they don't statistically match as much) if that makes any sense. People pay more attention: thus more influence. Even if the influence is sometimes hard to quantify.

but don't root against AVATAR... ;) it's better than the other sci-fi films.

I'm totally curious to see what the Globes do with The Lovely Bones and The Last Station now since i find it so bizarro world how BFCA treated them.

Scott said...

Have they liked some of the other Harry Potters? I thought the latest Harry Potter was very strong in some areas and merited consideration in some of the technical categories. I'm rather surprised it didn't get even one nomination.

Brian Z said...

I think this continues to show that Public Enemies was dead in the water once it was released. Even the love for Depp and Mann couldn't keep any buzz alive.

As for all the love for The Blind Side, I weep for our country once more.

Keelay! said...

Abbie Cornish not making it for Bright Star breaks my heart. She was simply fantastic in that film. I'm still hoping she pulls through for Oscar attention.

I was secretly hoping for (500) Days of Summer to sneak in for surprise Best Picture and Best Actor nominations. Oh well. I guess the screenplay nod will have to do...

Miko said...

I'm guessing this means Bullock is in. The category fraud for Cotillard will cost her, I mean she's not Kate Winslet. And she barely just won. Mirren will probably round up the 5.

I'm not counting out Ronan and Cornish, though. People are comparing Ronan to Ziyi Zhang who were the leads much hyped letdowns that overshadowed their performances. And Cornish hasn't been appearing in any list lately (except the Satellites). Maybe BAFTA will embrace her?

Fun Fact: Zhang is the perhaps the only actress in the decade who received Globe, BAFTA and SAG nominations but was ultimately snubbed by the big show.

Howler said...

I think BFCA did quite good with their Oscar predictions, though they should have waited one more day to investigate "The Lovely Bones" after people suddenly started losing faith in it.
Now let us see "Cinema Italiano" winning an Oscar after last year's snub of "The Wrestler".


@youme -- what a bullet AMPAS dodged there. all those pundits trying to force Ziyi into the list but they resisted. good on them. I've loved her in a few things but she was dull as dirt in Geisha.

@BrianZ --right? it's always two steps forward one step back.

@Keelay -- i can't think about Bright Star anymore today. I'll be so sad. The idea that that cinematography is not worthy is horrific to me. I didn't know there was such a huge contingency of movie critics without eyes.

OtherRobert said...

I did not like Kodi Smit-McPhee in The Road. Someone tell me what he did other than stare blanky and scream "Papa" for the running time? He got to say a full sentence or two in a scene maybe four times in the film, which is surprising since he's almost onscreen for the entire film: the old man, "Don't touch my stuff," the thief, and the finale. He wasn't bad, he just had nothing to do. Shoot, I'd nominate the little neighbor girl in Precious over him.

kent said...

nathaniel and katey, why do you think eastwood is vulnerable? i would assume he's right up oscar's alley with INVICTUS.

now i fear sanda bullock being nominated instead of abbie cornish, michelle pfeiffer, or (if they must) marion cotillard. why do people love her performance so much?!

Anonymous said...

The list of nominees is a B***S*** list. i am mainly very pissed off that Public Enemies failed to recieve one nomination. When people on here read this comment, im sure im gonna get a lot of comments, but I dont care.

I find that Public Enemies should have been nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score, Best Costumes, and Best Cinemetography, Best Art Direction, and of course Best Actor. This is my opinion. Public Enemies is clearly one of the best films of 2009. Its 100000 times better than some of the shit movies that was released this year. I know not many people liked the film ver much (which i cant ever understand), but still.

ok, thank you for youe time.

gduncan said...

Is Up in the Air really THAT good?? Gosh, it seems like every nods announcement is getting worse. The NBR's were bad, the BFCA's are worse, and the Golden Globes nods tomorrow are probably going to be terrible! Too many great films are not being recognized.

I've gotten to the point where I don't even care about this seasons film awards because they have been so bogus. This movie awards season is over for me. From now on I'll only be focusing on the Grammy's, and the SAGs and Golden Globes for TV. Until next Oscar season in Fall 2010...

Robert said...

I despise the BFCA. You know those people with the bad haircuts that pop up on your atrocious local newscasts and say asinine things about movies... this is the BFCA.

Not to mention they intentionally play up the 'Oscar prediction-ness' of their awards. They represent everything that's wrong with serious criticism.

I'm not even sure if they nominated The Lovely Bones because they liked it or because they're behind the Oscar curve and still think it's a shoo-in

Hilary Swank said...

I'm totally grossed out that Cronish got snubbed. I liked Blunt and all, but it wasn't anything award worthy. I hope her buzz ends here.....but sadly I think it wont. YAY for some NINE love. I was really sad to see the low reviews, but I think the nominations it got today will most likely mirror the Oscar nods.

I also love how people so far, critc awards, refuse to put Marion in leading. I hope it turns out that way for the oscar ;)

Hayden said...

Best Actress is beyond unimaginative. I don't know how such a stale lineup could occur naturally; it's as if they were trying for this. Even Cotillard on category fraud would have been a more interesting addition to this category than Bullock, Ronan, and Blunt.

It would be one thing for the Golden Globes, or the SAG, or a more popular/populist organization to overlook Julia. But these guys are critics. A film carried by Tilda Swinton should be hailed a cinematic event by anyone with vested interest in the movies, certainly by a group whose professional livelihood depends on that interest.

I hate to say this because it assumes anyone who's seen Julia would share my opinion. BUT ANYONE WHO HAS SEEN JULIA WOULD SHARE MY OPINION. Swinton eviscerates her character, and is utterly incomparable to the Bullocks and the Ronans and the Blunts. Critics aren't doing their jobs as critics.

scott said...

Hey nat, I am pretty upset today at the nominations. I have to say the best actor this year is pretty good but everything else threw me a curve ball. I am happy that Mo'Nique is in here, but do you think that Marion will win because of her loss for La vie en Rose? I am SO upset about A Serious Man. Saw it this weekend, and thought it was a huge disappointment compared to most of there genious work. Pretty upset that other movies were not loved compared to that movie. And I have to say, after seeing Bright Star that Abbie Cornish was great in the movie, but can see why it was looked over because it is sort of a dry character in many ways but still should have been in there over Emily Blunt. Maybe they are making up for Devil? Who knows. Hope tomorrow does not throw us any curve balls. Was reading that Precious is getting some backlash? I presume they didn't win as many prescutors because of how well it has done at the box office? Who the hell knows, but if it does get looked over tomorrow, I think I might cry. It might not be the happiest movie, but it will change and save some peoples lives. GO GABBY OVER CAREY! It was a good performance, but COME ON! IT WASNT THAT IMPRESSIVE! I still think she will be runner up too Meryl or Gabby in the long run, the movie was not a hit compared to those two gems.

Hayden said...

I would never argue with her awards traction, but I also think Streep is entirely unworthy. I mean, you simply can't mess with her, but sometimes I wish it were 2002 and she still felt comfortable in gimmick-free dramatic roles that asked her to be a normal human being instead of all these superhuman caricatures she's been doing.

Sebastian said...

You're a member of the BFCA Nathaniel? Is this something new? I thought you hated this group.

Really happy that they remembered some people whose names were being forgotten -- Emily Blunt, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Renner (but where is Anthony Mackie? SIGH), Samantha Morton, Saoirse Ronan, and Woody Harrelson. No Abbie Cornish? That hurts. Sandra Bullock's getting that Oscar nod, folks. I'm more convinced of that now than ever. Start your awards dominance, Mo'Nique & Christoph Waltz! That's awesome, and for such unconventional roles. I wasn't expecting "Inglourious Basterds" to go the distance, but I love it all the same. QT getting into best director would be lovely.

Is this Christian McKay's first mention? The Academy will have to eat up an Orson Welles impersonation, right? I thought that being in a Zac Efron film would destroy any kind of critical backing he could have this season, but I guess I was mistaken.


Hayden you wrote

"It would be one thing for the Golden Globes, or the SAG, or a more popular/populist organization to overlook Julia. But these guys are critics."

but this is a populist organization. Many are tv critics /pundits and the like. If you want to think about "critics" in the ordinary sense of hte word I think you have to look at things like LAFCA and NYFCC first and foremost and maybe only. There are obviously too many organizations and only a few of them have a long enough tradition to be judged on their own, Oscar aside.

I think this is the reason i still dig the Globes -- though i know a lot of people don't respect them. There's a long history of awards and they definitely have their own curious ideas about "best" and aren't just aping what they think Oscar will like. If that was their purpose they never would have made such a split between drama & comedy (though I still think it's foolish that their supporting and directing awards are not split when everything else is)

Andrea said...

EMILY BLUNT? WHAT? Don't get me wrong I love that girl and she's one of the best young actresses working today, but The Young VIctoria did NOTHING. For the audience or for her. RIDOKULOUS. Abbie abbie abbie abbie.

Katey said...

Kent-- I think Clint is vulnerable simply because Invictus is not very good. Remember that Changeling got a handful of nods last year, but Best Director was not one of them. The category seems a touch too crowded to include him.

Of course, I also have an ax to grind and am rooting hard for Tarantino, so I'm not exactly being objective!

Babs Johnson said...

I think Lovely Bones may get some Globes traction tomorrow, but other than that it's done for.

mrripley said...

I think we overestimated mirren and plummer.i could see damon or mamckie getting in over plummer and ronan or cotillard getting in over mirren.

Jason H. said...

I'm actually glad that Inglourious Basterds has recieved so many nominations. Personally, it was the most refreshingly original and, honestly, best film of the year.
I'm just going to come out and say it: I'm not a Sandra Bullock fan. I thought The Blind Side was a overly sacchrine Hallmark movie, and that Bullock was servicable at best.
I previously wasn't that interested in Avatar, but now I'm intrigued.
And Nathaniel, the Glee Cast singing the Stones at the end of the post seriously just made my day.

Iggy said...

Nathaniel, as a Pfan how can you be a member of this group and not yell at the other members for voting Bullock over Pfeiffer? :)

Really, if Cheri was released now and the Blind Side had opened back in spring, this nonsensical talk wouldn't be happening. If finally a nod for Bullock confirms that opening dates count that much for Oscars, I'm done with them.

Clarence said...

Why is Cinema Italiano nominated instead of Take It All? That song is so tacky in my opinion and the beat is so peculiar. Take It All is a much better written song than the Kate Hudson one.

And woo Marion Marion Marion!!! Hope the Golden Globes support her tomorrow and the SAGs too ;(!! I'll be heartbroken if Oscars skip her nomination morning :(


@IGGY, opening dates have always counted. And as loathe as I am to admit the truth that opening very late helps (it does). The reason I seldom admit this is that the other also true lesson is that some films benefit from opening early (and this is a lesson more small films and Hollywood would do well to learn)

if it makes you feel any better just view Bullock's nod as a career achievement prize (cuz, essentially that's what it is)

@KATEY -- i'm having trouble being objective about this too (Tarantino for sure!). We all know that Clint's work is considered great before his films even open and other people have to prove themselves. it's not really a fair playing field but then what is? The same can be said of any Oscar regular. Meryl Streep doesn't have to prove herself either, as much as I love her. She just has to show up to be in it.

@MRRIPLEY -- i wouldn't give up hope on The Last Station just yet. It's very OscarBaity. and surely THE LOVELY BONES cant' sustani any momentum given that it won't have the box office to help it (limited release during voting period) and the reviews have been terrible.

kent said...

i am definitely hoping tarantino makes the shortlist. it's past time he should receive a second nom.

i guess it's hard for me to imagine eastwood not being nominated even if his film is. he's always been nominated before WHEN his picture was up for the top prize.

Anonymous said...

I Know your upset about The Lovely Bones, and I know you love your "ladies", but I thought it was strange that Nine, got in. It's Rotten Tomato score is at 36 as of today.

ines said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT EDIE MARTIN!!! one of the best child actress of this year

Alex Constantin said...

I need to officialy quit this blog and come back in April. All the Lovely Bones hatred is beyond limits :) can we get past a sentence without trashing it?

truth is we can quote however we like. For every badmouth on Lovely Bones you can probably find one which calls it a masterpiece and the free expression of a great director. I'd rather go with the people from In Contention and Awardsdaily.

have a nice winter! :)

John O'Neil said...

I don't think these nominations are bad, just boring. They didn't seem to take any risks. And it defenitely reads like a list of predictions.

Let's just hope the Globes do something crazy tomorrow.

Michael Parsons said...

Rewatched 'Precious' because sometimes you need a second viewing to see if your love if real.

If I had to pick Best Actress right now I would pick:

However I have seen very little from the actresses and am convinced Swinton, Saveedra, Gainsbourg, Cornish and even Blethyn will impress me more once I have seen them.

Damn English release system. Hoping my BAFTA friends will have some more screener viewings.

Movies with Abe said...

I realize that using the term "locks" is a bit strong, but my point is that the lineup is much more secure than I think at least I'd have thought it would be with ten nominees. There may be surprises, sure, but most of the films are looking pretty likely. Obviously, we'll know a lot more tomorrow, and I'm excited for that.


Alex -- if you need people to agree with you you're going to have a tough awards season every year. happy holidays!

Jim T said...

Alex, we really can't censor someone let alone the one who owns the blog. Iw he loves passionately, he will probably hate passionately as well. I read raves about Cruz all the time and I don't like her. I don't mind.

And if you want to leave, you don't need to announce it and then close the door.

MovieGuy said...

Not to try and sound superior or like a dick (and truly, I don't feel this way)...but I'm still surprised that people continue take awards nominations so seriously after so many years of disappointments. I've thought for years that the idea of 'best' awards in area of aesthetic opinion were rather ridiculous. For every person who disagrees with a nod, there are others who don't and someone's always 'right' or 'wrong'. I mean, we started liking movies because we liked them right? Not because someone else told use through reviews or awards that we were validated in liking or disliking it, right? Just saying.

Wayne B said...

Am really hoping Anvil! wins Best Documentary. Wondering which male from the Best Actor will get dropped for the Oscar Five.

Skibi said...

Seems like Bullock might actually get nominated. I dont understand why though. The movie got ok reviews and has 0 chance in anything else, she got good but not great reviews, and she is not a respected actress.


MovieGuy-- i think it's hard not to care. Because if you love movies and you accept that many people watch certain movies BECAUSE OF acclaim and awards and word of mouth or whatever... than you want the great movies to win those things... in order for future generations to see them.

or maybe i have a skewered view because i began to discover the beauty and amazement of cinema partially because of the Oscars. I liked movies as a kid but after my first Oscar ceremony i was desperate to see everything they showed clips of.


Skibi -- its' just one of those things. They happen from time to time. Now, I liked Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give quite a lot. But remember when that happened. It was this instant wave of DIANE KEATON IS A NATIONAL TREASURE and whether or not that's true (obviously it is to a degree) it sprung up also immediately and noone reconsidered or fought against it. i think it's all a matter of timing and enough people suddenly decided it was Sandra's. Time.

Michael B. said...

"I'm really not trying to be upset about The Lovely Bones but it's not working. Even the art direction bugged me. It felt like it was trying so hard to be 1960s!, rather than looking lived in and organic."

Nathaniel, of course you were disappointed with the art direction in The Lovely Bones! Thinking it was supposed to be set in the '60's when the movie actually takes place in the the '70's!


my point remains the same.

Skibi said...

Nathaniel, Diane Keaton classic star and one of the most wonderful actresses in her generation. She only had 3 nomination in that time. Her nomination made some sense.

Sandra Bullock is Sandra Bullock. She is not very liked and only a few takes her seriously.

Anonymous said...

In what world is Sandra Bullock not liked? By the public? That's wrong. By the Academy? Okay, I can buy that, but likewise, she doesn't bait them with her work either (until now and maybe with "Crash" and "Infamous"). She's had the career that she's wanted so far, and I applaud that. It'll be icing on the cake if she earns her first Oscar nomination too.

Glenn said...

I hate the BFCA so much! No offense, Nathaniel, but it's true!

Skibi said...

That's what I mean. She is liked the way Adam Sandler is liked. Has alot of fans but "movie people" doesnt take them seriously, even if they make a serious and deserving performance.

iggy said...

Seeing the nod as a career achievement prize would make me happier if there was a career worth the prize.

For me it just means:

Ok, we welcome you to the club because you've been a good girl, you have given the industry tons of money with movies nobody cares once they're seen, movies that nobody remembers the following year or that in many cases wouldn't make anyone's top ten list. We know we've already given you big fat paychecks for them, checks that will let you and two generations of Bullocks live financially happy ever after. But really, Sandy we want to thank for not being one of those ungrateful actresses that go to Europe to work with those so called auteurs, you're not one of those who take supporting parts in dubious projects just because they're friends', you know, one of those ungrateful actresses that want to prove they can do something else. Sandy, you've been so good with us that you keep humble and haven't even reproached us for ignoring you in your more serious efforts (Crash, 28 Days). We know you didn't expect any recognition for those parts that someone might call baity, because we know you don't work for awards attention.
So, we've seen your work in this movie and thought of you, if only you had made yourself look ugly... you'd have in the bag.

Well, if you take the cynicism out of it, what remains is basically my opinion about Bullock's career. I already gave my opinion on her acting skills some weeks ago. But as I don't want to annoy anyone with my comments and as I see she has many fans, I'll stop now. So, this is the last time I state my opinion about her this season. Shit, it's going to be a long awards season...