Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Brief Conversation About AVATAR

Joe Reid: "Only a biased and out of touch voting body would ignore this film." Take it down a notch, Awards Daily, damn. I'm not going to be able to endure the Avatar aftermath, am I?

Nick Davis: The antidote is to drink pure champagne for 2 hours, which is what it's like to watch Meryl Streep in It's Complicated. Yay!

The other antidote will be if Avatar is actually as good as people are suddenly saying.

Joe: My fear is, after these reviews, anything can be as good as they're saying.

Nick: Off to that movie where Matt Damon takes off his rugby shirt, and thereby heals a nation.

Katey Rich: I am about to see Avatar. I will give you the only opinion you need on whether or not this movie is good. OBEY ME.

Joe: Godspeed! I'm sorry your eyeballs will never be the same!

Katey: It's not just my eyeballs. CINEMA will never be the same!

Joe: That's right! In that case, have fun at the Avaglomb!

[3 hours later]

Nathaniel R: My eyeballs are DEFINITELY not the same. But I suspect that has a little more to do with the fact that I chased a Darphin Facial with a 3hour 3D movie than the quality of said movie. My eyes have been red, puffy and runny ever since. I think some errant oils and oxygenating serums entered them.

As for the movie: Wha...Uhhhhaa-oooh! whahuhOOHHHhhhAAARGHhhh WHOO ai'yi'yi' Yeehaw (heh) SNIFFLEaAAAHHHhhhhHHTa-da!

Yes, that was my review.

Katey: Can my review just be one of those Na'vi "ai yi yi!" battle cries? I loved it. Cameron and his warrior women forever.

Joe: Wow. Well that did it. My expectations have officially been raised. God help me.

Katey: Oscar has to go for it, right?

Nathaniel: I am going to say a tentative "yes" on Oscar going for it. And now my dream of an ex-husband / ex-wife faceoff for the first time in any category can see the light of day!

Katey: I am SO excited about Bigelow vs. Cameron. Maybe I'm secretly an Us Weekly editor?

Joe: There could NOT be a better time for me to pitch my Linda Hamilton/Suzy Amis remake of "Thelma & Louise"!

Nick: Y'all are crazy. I did get my Avatar ticket for next Friday this morning, before spending four hours with Matt, Morgan, a princess, and a frog. My eyeballs are definitely still the same.


Casey said...

that was the most juvinile, unsophisticated review IVE EVR READ!!!!

but damn did I LOVE every minute of it

if this film can win you over, then yes, ive got faith, though i always did, good to hear it was never misplaced

Wayne B said...

Am now giddily excited to see this! Only six days away now :)

Robert said...

I think I figured out what's been bugging me about Avatar. It's the "Movies will never be the same" campaign that is just a bit too brazen. If they'd gone with a "this film is good entertainment" I think my reaction would be less severe.

Well I'm starting to come around to the fact that I might actually enjoy it provided I ignore the whole "second coming of Christ" hype. Must stay grounded.

Isabel Presyler said...

AVATAR is going to win Best Picture??? Really???

FrenchGirl said...

@Robert:agreed with you.

Anonymous said...

Robert, but what if movies will actually never be the same?

adam k. said...

I really don't think it's going to win, even if it IS this good. It's too "sci fi" and the Na'Vi look too much like Ja Jar Binks. Even E.T. and Star Wars couldn't win.

But this definitely throws a wrench in the whole works. I'm liking Bigelow v. Cameron (v. Reitman).

I was hoping it'd be a pure "A". But I guess the Na'Vi are a bit too silly looking and Worthington's accent is a bit too spotty. And people also say it's too long. Meh.

Robert said...

Anonymous, but how exactly would they change? Everyone from now on will be blue? Or perhaps from now on Hollywood will value action spectacles more and market primarily to young men. Now that would be a change.

Damn sarcasm. I try not to be grumpy movie snob but it's so hard sometimes.


Robert -- the 'movies will never be the same again' thing is HILARIOUS. How many hundreds or the following things have there been anyway: action spectacles, technological brekathroughs, 3D movies? Hundreds of all of those things :)

That said, it's a pretty great entertainment. So big and rousing and typically strong (It's official: Cameron still has it.)

@Adam -- in context the Na'Vi look cool. They only look awkward when they're the "avatars" (i.e. the humans who are fake Na'Vi) and not when they're actually the Na'vi. The trailer doesn't really sell its visual splendor. It's not too long either. You know I'm easily frustrated by movies that outstay their welcome. I wasn't bored once and it's 160+ minutes long.

BillBill said...

I've never seen a movie in 3-D before. There, I've said it. It used to be b/c I only had glasses. Now I have contacts, but I've been told that 3-D really hurts the eyes of contacts wears. And this is just my pet peeve, but I don't really want to wear those things after a bunch of other people. Do they sanitize those things? I remember those disposable floppy ones they used to use with the red and blue lens, but aren't they more advanced now? Anyway, I guess I'll have to suck it up to see this now, since it's going to re-define cinema and all and it could be an Oscar heavyweight.


@BillBill -- I've never seen a 3D movie where you werent' handed the glasses in a plastic wrapper (well, other than the old cardboard glasses they used in the 80s). So I suspect they're fresh each time. I don't know how that meshes with the movie's environmentalism because there's probably going to be a whole landfill filled with just 3D glasses after this movie rakes it in.

Anonymous said...

Yay, this looks like good fun at the cinema before xmas.

It's Complicated a C+ :( I had much too high hopes for this film,but think it'll still be fantastic breezy fun.
What letter rating would you give Something's Gotta Give? because that movie had a strange spell of making watch it everytime it was on tv until i bought the dang dvd!

Anonymous said...

huh... strange text!

Jim T said...

Nathaniel, I won't I'm not being too pushy but I just wanted to remind you about the "say what" contest. It's just that you said Friday. Just in case you forgot. I know you are exhausted.

BillBill said...

At the multiplex I go to, they make you return the 3-D glasses after each film, saying that they're property of the theater (even though you're paying for the added expense). I don't know if they clean them afterwards or not, but I've never seen them in plastic wrapping before.

Also, to contacts wearers, do the 3-D glasses hurt your eyes, or is it not a big deal and no strain/glare/headaches?

jake said...

Can Sigourney Weaver grab an Oscar nom for Avatar ? She is singled out in a few reviews.

Can she pull an Alec Guiness ?

Oh, and It's Complicated is worth a B- Nathaniel. It's Christmas buddy, be kind with Meryl.

Victor S said...

The 3D glasses are reusable. They're cleaned after used and re-wraped, so they're fresh every time. Except for the plastic wrapping they are very environment clean.
So no landfill filled with 3D glasses after Avatar.

Rebecca said...

Billbill -

I wear contacts, and 'Coraline' hurt my eyes a lot. Sometimes it was also hard to focus on things that were moving fast, or were far into the foreground.

I waited until 'Up' was at a budget theater with no 3-D because of that experience.

Rebecca said...

Billbill -

I wear contacts, and 'Coraline' hurt my eyes a lot. Sometimes it was also hard to focus on things that were moving fast, or were far into the foreground.

I waited until 'Up' was at a budget theater with no 3-D because of that experience.

Glenn said...

I was so surprised to find myself thinking Zoe Saldana was best in show. Notsomuch because it's Zoe Saldana - she routinely rises above in movies like Centre Stage and The Terminal - but because you never have that human interaction with her. And yet I thought she was fantastic.

The whole movie was fantastic though. Very fantastic.

francisco said...

is it too bad if i dont see it in 3D?? i wear glasses and i dont know if it's gonna agree with me, never have seen a movie in 3D

i dont want my experience to be ruined because of that


francisco... generally 3D movies look like they're out of focus if you try to watch them without the glasses on.

francisco said...

haha what i meant was watching it at a regular showing, you know in regular 2D, and not at a 3D one


OH. i wasn't aware there was going to be regular showings. but i guess it makes sense that there would be.