Thursday, December 31, 2009

December. It's a Wrap

In case you're just joining us for 2010 or spent December at the North Pole without internet service. And if you are just joining us... what's your problem? You're supposed to be here daily. Hourly even. All year round. Quit slacking.

"Sandra Sandra Sandra. Sandra Sandra Sandra"
Sandra, Ciao!

Nine Thoughts I Had... on Nine the musical. The critical drubbing it's getting is unfortunately vicious but it is rather obviously flawed
"In the Garden There is a Girl" JA made me rethink Shaun of the Dead. Good stuff
The Flourescent Globe Nominations a lively chat about the Globe announcements in the second season of TFE's podcast
The Two Sandras Bullock's golden twofer. Worth the hoopla?
2004 makes a case for best movie year of the decade

Brittany Murphy I missed her before she was gone
Natalie Portman & the "Three Block Rule" Live by it. She's a smart girl
Sell it to the Highest Bidder notes on Summer Hours
Julia & Rupert Matt revisits 90s romantic comedy classic My Best Friend's Wedding
"Play it Again, Clint" Best Pictures From the Outside In confronts Unforgiven and the immortal Casablanca

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Coming in January...

2009 Top Ten and the 10th annual FB Awards. Plus: a trip back to Silence of the Lambs, more Avatar, more Oscar hoopla... and maybe even a trip to the Sundance Film Festival.


Jorge Rodrigues said...

And have yourself a happy new year (here in Portugal, it's past midnight so it's 2010 already :D)

That your blog can be profilic as always and that the new year allow you to keep writing with the joy we've grown accostumed to.

Faux said...

Happy New Year, Nat, plenty of good films!

notanotherblog said...

My 2006 is your 2004. It's not as blockbuster-y as the previous years nor has it been art house-y and detached to the "public" as the years after it.

The Prestige
Children of Men
Little Children
Brand Upon The Brain
The Host
The Queen
Breaking and Entering
Marie Antoinette
Snakes on a Plane

and tons of other movies that I have yet to see (Pan's Labyrinth).