Sunday, December 06, 2009

Film Bitch Awards 2009

The 10th annual film experience honors begin in just three weeks on December 27th.

F.Y.C.s are welcome... particularly in the "extra" categories. Here's last year's awards for a reminder of how things panned out. Who will take home the virtual medals this year?


amir_uk said...

Oh gosh, I need the US versions of the Antichrist, Julie & Julia, and The Last Station posters in my life! Did that 'egg version' of the J&J poster actually exist, or was it online only?

And I'm sorry to all the naysayers, but I'm beginning to think 2009 has been a vintage film year - like a 2001/2002/2007. Especially after seeing all these varied titles and posters next to each other like that...

JL said...

Well Some Tips If you have the time for movies u Can see:
Everlasting Moments, Summer Hours, The Edge of Love, Drag me to Hell and Lemon Tree. I recommed Everlasting Moments the most.

Inglourious Basterds
In all Categories

Greg Boyd said...

FYC: "Duplicity" for best original screenplay.

FYC: "Up" in all categories.

mrripley said...

hi nat f.y.c.

best cameo jane lynch julie and julia.

best actress kate jarvis fish tank.

adelutza said...

FYC in Best Individual Line Reading

Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds

( with heavy American accent)

"Buon Giorno"

Dame Judi Dench said...

Gold: Tilda Swinton, JULIA
Silver: Gabourey Sidibe, PRECIOUS
Bronze: Carey Mulligan, AN EDUCATION

Gold: George Clooney, UP IN THE AIR
Silver: Ben Foster, THE MESSENGER
Bronze: Hal Holbrook, THAT EVENING SUN

Murtada said...

(500) Days of Summer in all categories and in particular:
Best Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay

Vera Farmiga Best Supp Actress in Up in the Air
Rosamund Pike Best Supp Actress in An Education

I won't campaign for The Hurt Locker because I think it will be represented well.

Can't wait.

Colin Low said...

Credits sequence: WATCHMEN or DUPLICITY.

Action sequence: central bomb defusal in THE HURT LOCKER.


Scene: dolphin suicide in THE COVE. the leg in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

... btw are you going to follow Oscar's lead and put ten Film Bitch Best Pic nominees? Or stay with a top ten list and five noms?

pony said...


"In the loop" for every category it can be included, plus (and I'm not saying they're the best, but some I feel might be overlooked):

Best Actress-
Isabelle Huppert, "Home" (Tilda would still win, but damn Huppert is incredible here).

Best Actor-
Charles Berling, "L'heure d'ete".

Best Supp. Actor-
Daryl Sabara, "World's greatest dad"

Best Cinematography-
Daniele Cipri, "Vincere"

Breakthrough award-
Katie Jarvis, "Fish tank"
Tahar Rahim, "A prophet"
Aldo Ehrenreich, "Tetro"

Sexpot of the year-
Michael Fassbender, "Fish tank" (also both guys from the previous category. Their roles aren't all that sexual, but they sure made it hard to focus on their movies)

Villain of the year-
???, "The white ribbon". Actually, everybody in the movie was an asshole (the doctor being the worst) except for the teacher and the nanny.

Diva of the year-
With Penelope Cruz, Brüno, Valentino, Anna Wintour and all those guys from "Good hair" in the mix, this is a very strong category this year (I vote Valentino).

Can't wait to see the actual nominees!

Rizz said...

I second G1000
Duplicity for best original screenplay!

btw...I don't think any nominee this year can beat Julianne Moore's...something very intellectual indeed!
the way she said it...
its still stuck in my head.

Paul Outlaw said...

FYC: Best Actress in a Cameo

Julianne Moore - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Winona Ryder - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Maria Bello - The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Amir said...

adelutza and colin low are right.
inglourious basterds for best individual line reading and best opening scene.

also nathaniel did you end up watching a serious man?
FYC: a serious man in ALLLLLL categories, particularly:

either: "we're gonna be fine"
or "he's thinking."

Maciej said...

Surely something from Bad Lieutenant has to appear in Best Line Reading. (FYC: Cage for Best Actor also, the most joy a performance has brought me in forever)

Kurtis O said...

Nat, I'm just curious -- what does it take for you to give a film an A? And when was the last time you gave a film an A? I notice that even Hunger got an A-. Where, might I ask, does that minus come from?

MrW said...

I'll second pony's suggestion of 'In the Loop', which should be a shoe-in especially for picture, screenplay and supporting actor (Peter Capaldi) for everyone who saw it (which is, alas, a too small group that apparently doesn't seem to include you.

The Awards Prognosticator said...


Coraline for Best Art Direction.

Andrew David said...

Michael Fassbender obviously has to get a Body of Work award... Hunger, Inglourious Basterds, Fish Tank... he's unstoppable.

Samson & Delilah is amazing, but I don't think you've seen that yet, so...

My two main loves of the year so far have been Antichrist and A Serious Man. So those two FYC, pretty much whatever they're eligible for. Oh, and best cameo - talking fox.

Pedro said...

FYC: Catalina Saavedra best actress "The Maid"

john said...

FYC: Best Actress
Tilda Swinton

FYC: Moon


MrW -- i did see IN THE LOOP. did i forget to list it on my grade page? oops.

Kurtis O -- i have a mental block about Straight "A"s but I upped Rachel Getting Married there during awards season when i realized i couldn't live without it. 2008 grades. The last year with two "A"s was 2005 with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.

what can i say, i'm stingy ;)

for Hunger, my only real issue with it is the last 20 minutes or so... which i don't think is as potent as the rest of it, or as cinematically energizing... it's almost too fetishistic for me.

Amir -- i'm seeing it soon. I've been trying to catch up with dvds and i'm trying to see THE MAID, SIN NOMBRE, A SERIOUS MAN and a few others this week.

Jackson said...

Agreed with Pedro, but I would also put "The Maid" in the running for Best Picture.

cal roth said...


Best Picture:
Gold - La Belle Personne
Silver - Public Enemies
Bronze - Inglourious Basterds

Best Director:
Gold - Christophe Honoré, La Belle Personne
Silver - Michael Mann, Public Enemies
Bronze - James Gray, Two Lovers

Best Actor:
Gold - Joaquin Phoenix, Two Lovers
Silver - Matt Damon, The Informant!
Bronze - Gregoire Leprince Ringuet, La Belle Personne

Best Actress:
Gold - Carey Mulligan, An Education
Silver - Tilda Swinton, Julia
Bronze - Abbie Cornish, Bright Star

Best Supporting Actor:
Gold - Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
Silver - Paul Schneider, Bright Star
Bronze - Alfred Molina, An Education

Best Supporting Actress:
Gold - Marion Cotillard, Public Enemies
Silver - Mélanie Laurent, Inglourious Basterds
Bronze - Emma Thompson, An Education

NicksFlickPicks said...

Did Mary and Max officially open anywhere in New York? I think it was LA only. You know I like the movie and would love to see it nom'd for some FBs, but I think the same logic that kept Hunger out for you last year would push M&M out of the field this year.

Hie thee to The Maid! And I still think you'll be way into Summer Hours.

I think there should also be a new category for Best Incarnating, Not Impersonating, since that's your favorite thing that actors do. I think it should be a five-way tie among all the nominees, because they are all So. Real.

Ashley said...


Whip It- All Categories

Michelle Pfeiffer-Best Actress Leading Role

Faux said...

FYC... Please, Nathaniel, in Best Cameo:

Angela Molina, in Broken Embraces!!!! Did you see her as Penelope's mother? She's only a 54-years old very sexy woman who plays and old one. And she's terrific!!!!!! Look at her very carefully, she's extraordinary in that role!!!! Remember her in Live Flesh or That Obscure Object of Desire.

Unknown said...

Inglourious Basterds
Precious (except maybe Daniels... idk)

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Robert Downey, Jr. (The Soloist)

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Amy Adams (Sunshine Cleaning)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Jamie Foxx (The Soloist)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning)

Jim T said...


Not UP's screenplay!

Saul Rubinek (Julia) - supporting or cameo

"Promises, promises" (Cheri) - line reading

Vinessa Shaw (Two lovers) - supporting

Not (500) DoS's sceenplay!

Michael Fassbender (Fish tank) - hotness!!

Carey Mulligan's "best night of (or in) my life: (An Education) - line reading

Moasey said...


BEST ACTOR: Michael Stuhlbarg, A SERIOUS MAN

BEST CAMEO/LIMITED ROLE: Denis Menochet, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (as the French farmer in the beginning scene...AMAZING!!!)

Jim T said...

I didn't include Tilda because you don't need me to consider her!!

Peter Chan said...

Diva of the Year: Carl Frederickson ('Up')
Villain of the Year: Colonel Hans Landa ('Inglourious Basterds')
Best Musical Sequence In a Non-Musical Film: Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Lovett) dancing in the street the morning after.
Breakthrough Award: Gabby Sidibe ('Precious')

Dylan said...

FYC's! Or basically, just my top ten of the year.

The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus, (500) Days Of Summer, Sleep Furiously, An Education, Up, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince, Ryan & Ronnie, Anvil! The Story Of Anvil!, The Damned United, Adventureland.

Alex said...


Best Supporting Actress: Marion Cotillard (Nine)
-certainly my "Body of Work" winner

Actress in a limited role (really great this year):
Emma Thompson (An Education)
Catherine Keener (Where the Wild Things Are)
Jane Lynch (Julie & Julia)

Michael C. said...


In the Loop: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor- Peter Capaldi, Best Ensemble

In the Loop is to this decade what Wag the Dog was to the 90's or Dr. Strangelove was to the 60's.

Best Cameo Male should no contest this year. Richard Sammel by a mile. You probably know him as the Nazi who refused to divulge information to Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds. I can't think of anyone else in 2009 who made such an indelible impression with such little screen time. He suggested a complicated personality when a cardboard villian would have been adequate.

Devin D said...

Some of the great leading male performances (in films I've seen, thus far) from 2009:

Michael Caine, Harry Brown
Sharlto Copley, District 9
Ben Foster, The Messenger
Viggo Mortensen, The Road
Liam Neeson, Five Minutes of Heaven
James Nesbitt, Five Minutes of Heaven
Sam Rockwell, Moon
Michael Stuhlbarg, A Serious Man

Peter said...

The role may not have had enough emotional heft for a Best Actor nod, but there must be a category somewhere where you can recognize Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer. He absolutely carried that film.

Amir said...

another one that i forgot:

Best actor: JOAQUIN PHOENIX for two lovers

Ben said...


I'll second the nominations for "A Serious Man," especially

Best Supporting Actor- Fred Melamed
Best Ending
Best Original Screenplay

Mikadzuki said...

I second that - A SERIOUS MAN had an incredible ending.

MrW said...

By the way, talking about 'In the Loop' reminds me that "Difficult difficult lemon difficult" is a definite contender for Best Individual Line Reading.

Anonymous said...

please best supporting actress the lady with the bloody teeth in IN THE LOOP!!! So hilarious!!! LOL!!!!

Owen said...


Antichrist - Anthony Dod Mantle

(And of course Dafoe and Gainsbourg's performances)

Iggy said...

Diva of the year: Lars von Trier.

Lucky said...

The opening of Watchmen. Bob Dylan's The Times They are A'Changing while images tell the story of the Minutemen. Amazing. Maybe art direction too?

And I know you didn't like the Lovely Bones, but maybe you think Ronan or Tucci are deserving.

And for line-reading, what about Carey Mulligan's "You have no idea how boring my life was before I met you" and "My choice is to do something hard and boring for the rest of my life, or go to Paris and have fun!". And while we're at, Emma Thompson's "ha, you're not a woman"?
Maybe Brad Pitt's "arrivederci" in Inglorious Basterds?

For best villian (and maybe diva?) Chrisoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds.

amir_uk said...

Yes! I second whoever put forward Michael Fassbender for Sexpot of the Year. Ah, the top of his arse in those jeans when he's walking up the stairs. Yum. Talk about Andrea Arnold and the female gaze! (Also, he was just so dashing in Inglourious Basterds. And I'm not counting him in Hunger because we all know that was a 2008 release - it opened in LA on 5 Dec. Don't be so stubborn about it, Nathaniel!)

Amir said...

difficult difficult lemon difficult.
yes, haha.
what a great suggestion for best line reading.
i agree 100%.

cinephile said...


Best Actor / Actress / kiss
Roberts & Owen in Duplicity

Best Actor
John Malkovich in Disgrace

rosengje said...

FYC Supporting Actor Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds, Fish Tank)

Random: Kristin Scott Thomas, Supporitng Actress (Easy Virtue)

TylerPratt1 said...

Just gonna say how much I love your Film Bitch Awards Nat, if I could be even half as clever or apt with my Oscar Hut awards, I'd be a happy man.

With that said, I do have a few FYC's for you to consider.

Best Opening Credits/Titles for Watchmen.
A Serious Man in all categories
Inglourious Basterds in all categories
Mark Ruffalo for Best Sup. Actor in The Brothers Bloom
Tobey Maguire for Best Actor in Brothers
Carey Mulligan for Best Actress in An Education
Funny People for Best Actor, Supporting Actor and Actress and Screenplay

Howler said...

I hate Pitt's line readings in "Inglorious Basterds". And they seem even worse comparing to unpredictable, hilarious line readings from Christoph Waltz.
How come is "Buon giorno" better than "That's a BINGO"?
Christoph Waltz for: Best Actor, Best Villain, Diva, Line Reading.
Michael Fassbender: Best Actor ("Hunger"), Best Supporting Actor & Sexpot ("Fish Tank")
Kate Jarvis "Fish Tank": Best Actress
Amy Adams "Sunshine Cleaning": Best Actress
Sharlto Copley "District 9": Best Actor
"Mary&Max" for Best Original Screenplay and Best Animated Feature (just like Pitt's Italian, I won't understand how come "Up" is better than this).

Alison Flynn said...

Best Actor - Joaquin Phoenix in Two Lovers. It's too bad he has no shot at an Oscar for it. He was so good in that movie.

And I second adelutza's recommendation for Best Individual Line Reading: FYC in Best Individual Line Reading - Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds, "Buon Giorno".

cal roth said...

Lea Sydoux for cameo in Inglourious Basterds and best actress for La Belle Personne.

Have you seen this movie? Honoré is the new Truffaut.

Rebecca said...

Tilda Swinton is probably already in for 'Julia,' so I'll just FYC the costumes in that movie. (The clothes that Julia wore, mostly).

Luke said...

FYC Best Actress or Best Breakthrough: Melanie Laurent in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS

FYC Best Supporting Actress: Marion Cotillard in NINE and PUBLIC ENEMIES. She blew me away this year. I wasn't really a fan before now I'm totally obsessed.

Michael B. said...



I don't think these are the best performances of the year, or even in the supporting actress category (Mo'Nique is my winner) but this is where they belong. Not in lead. Just saying because they deserve nominations but won't get them, unfortunately.

You'd think the Weinstein's would know how to campaign their actresses in the acting categories.

steve said...

lol @ Iggy


par3182 said...

best line reading: emma thompson (an education) - you're not a woman


Iggy -- i love it! that's thinking outside the box.

Nick -- are you serious? For some reason i thought Mary & Max opened here. DAMN IT! I have to go by NYC release dates. so i guess it's disqualifed. Otherwise my life within awardages makes no damn sense to me. it's so hard to keep track. and i don't get it financially either. what is the point of publicity expenditures if your movie only opens in one place?

I went to The Maid today which was very good. thanks for the recommendations, y'all.

gduncan said...


Best Actress in a Limited or Cameo Role: Ari Graynor-Whip It/Carey Mulligan-Brothers,Pubic Enemies

Best Actor in a Limited or Cameo Role:Jimmy Fallon-Whip It

Breakthrough Award-Alia Shawkat-Whip It/Amreeka

Body Of Work- Sandra Bullock (The Proposal, The Blind Side)/Drew Barrymore (Whip It, Grey Gardens, He's just not that into you, Everybody's Fine)

Diva of the Year/Villain of the Year- Juliette Lewis-Whip It

Best Tag Line-Whip It:"Be your own hero"

Best Sex / Love Scene-Whip It:"Underwater pool love scene"

Jackie said...

Up in the Air for Best Opening Credits

Anonymous said...

adapted screenplay - fantastic mr. fox

actress - charlotte gainsbourg . antichrist and zooey deschanel . 500 days of summer

actor . willem dafoe . antichrist, sachabaron coen . bruno, paul rudd . i love you, man, matt damon . the informant!

supporting actress . diane kruger and rosamund pike

supporting actor . jackie earle haley . watchmen

cameo . jena malone and steve buscemi . the messenger, adriana barraza . drag me to hell, bill murray . zombieland, jason bateman . state of play

breakthrough performance: melanie laurent, alycia delmore . humpday, margarita levieva . adventureland, demetri martin . taking woodstock

ensemble: the white ribbon and an education

costume. 500 days of summer

art direction . public enemies, fantastic mr. fox and watchmen

musical moment. joseph gordon-levitt 'you make my dreams come true`, coraline and fantastic mr. fox

action moment: public enemies, drag me to hell, the hurt locker

hero: woody harrelson . zombieland

villain . lorna raver . drag me to hell and cristoph waltz

sexpot: marion cotillard and dominic cooper


Jeff said...

FYC:Penelope Cruz in "Broken Embraces" and Catalina Saavedra in "The Maid" for Best Actress

Penelope Cruz in Nine and Anne Kendrick "Up In The Air" Best Supporting Actress

Jake D said...

Supporting Actress: Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies)

Actress Cameo: Catherine Keener
(Where the Wild Things Are)

Actress Cameo: Emma Thompson (An Education)

Actress Cameo (or Body of Work if she doesn't make it for Crazy Heart!): Maggie Gyllenhaal (Away We Go)

Line reading: "Arrivederci."

Best poster: The scissors Antichrist one.

Best Actor: Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are)

Best Actress: Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan)

Best Ensemble: Inglourious Basterds

Actor Cameo: Eric Bana (Funny People)

Supporting Actress: Joan Cusack (My Sister's Keeper)

Okay done :)

adam k. said...

Star Trek
Whip It
Inglorious Basterds

Although I'm not sure you'll give it up for Precious in this category since there's not a lot of "acting together" from the principals... though the classroom scenes were great.

Very serious about Whip It and Star Trek, though. Great ensemble work from unbaity films which will NOT be recognized at SAG, so I hope you recognize them.

Also, Best Supporting Actress: Marcia Gay for Whip It. I think she's best in show, though it feels kind of mean to single her out, since EVERYONE's so good. Ensemble is what it really deserves.

Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek) for best cameo? If you think it applies. I totally wasn't expecting to see him, and he lent the film such a sense of gravitas and legitimacy (even helping dull the negative effect of all that over-exposition).

Best scene: That whole sequence in Bright Star from the forest flirting through the start-and-stop game all the way to that shot of the light coming through the window. Pure cinema, and the film's highlight, IMO.

adam k. said...

Also, FYC: a best trailer category (with that first Single Man trailer featuring prominently).

Ian said...

Best Actress in a Limited Role/Cameo:

Amy Morton in "Up in the Air"- another brilliant, if brief take on the maritally estranged/brittle family backbone, after her dominant work in August: Osage County

Sally Hawkins in "An Education"- the most memorable, least disappointingly developed character in the movie, IMO (granted, much of this is on account of the fact that the film expects the least from her, but she works wonders)

Best Supporting Actress:

Vera Farmiga in "Up in the Air"-

one of the best performances in an already varied, impressive career...Kendrick is great too (in a more obviously rewarding role), but what Farmiga does with what could have been an unremarkable character on paper has such depth and cool sensuality that every second she's on screen is delicious perfection)

Paula Patton in "Precious"-

ok, Mo'Nique may be (deservingly) hogging all of the Supporting Actress buzz, and even though Miss Rain (as portrayed by Patton, in addition to the script) is a little too much on the saintly side, there is so much warmth and wisdom in that performance that when she is really called upon to be there for Precious towards the end, there is such emotional honesty in the peformance (the hesitation between "your baby loves you" and "I love you") that she really deserves more praise for avoiding the potential mawkishness of the character...

Best Ensemble:

"In the Loop"

Richter Scale said...

Hey Nat, I just saw that you gave A Serious Man a "B", and Up in the Air a "B+/A-" (those are probably my two favorite films of the year, pending a few more I have to see). Do you have anything else to say about them? Would you single them out for any awards? Just curious what you think. Also, I'm glad you saw The Maid. That one was really good too.

Andrew David said...

Oh, good call Ian, definitely Sally Hawkins for cameo...

And while I'm on the subject of An Education, supporting actress for Rosamund Pike and Olivia Williams.

Glenn said...

Here's some that I would love to see pop up.

Mary and Max for Best Production Design. If it's eligible that is. :( They actually made a giant New York City out of clay! Also, Moon for the same category.

Willem Dafoe for Best Actor (Antichrist). Gainsbough is getting the most of the praise, but Dafoe was equally impressive. Von Trier's screenplay, too, was superb.

Jessica Haines for Best Supporting Actress (Disgrace). If you ever do see it, I think Malkovich and Haines are fantastic.

The White Ribbon for Best Cinematography. Duh.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in Art Direction, Costume Design and Make-Up.

Bruno for Best Costume Design. Because it owes as much to its costuming as any of the big period films that have come out throughout 2009. And it does so with more inventiveness than Sandy Powell dressing up Emily Blunt in outfits she took from the set of her last movie.

Best Actress in a Limited or Cameo role? How about Sally Hawkins or Emma Thompson in An Education? Or Claudia Wilkins in A Serious Man (she was the secretary). I also really liked Harriet Walter in The Young Victoria.

9 for Best Action Sequence for the scene with the dragon thing. The movie was so-so, but that scene was so well done.

"Diva of the year: Lars von Trier."

LOVE that suggestion.

adam k. said...

I agree that Paula Patton was very good; she actually didn't seem overly saintly to me. I liked that she almost always had that little twinge of annoyance in her voice when she was dealing with those rowdy kids. And always seemed slightly uncomfortable in those feminine-but-formal work clothes.

And if you really think about her situation, it's not as cliché (teacher as savior!) as in something like Dangerous Minds, since she's not actually at one of those horrific public schools where she's saving kids left and right. She actually has it pretty good with her fancy-pants private school and small classes. Her character seemed very realistic and lived-in to me: overeducated, pretty, slightly snarky black woman who wants to make a difference in her community but is too smart to let the public schools eat her alive. So she lucked out with this atypical job and seems to realize she's lucky even if it's not an ideal fit. And yeah, the SPOILERS lesbian thing is maybe a bit too much, but it was also a breath of fresh air, imo.

I dunno, maybe it's just cause I went to Brown, where everyone's like that. But I got all that from Patton's performance, and I really think she did a great job.

Steven said...

FYC: Up in All Categories, including

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score
Diva of the Year (Kevin, Carl's House)
Hero of the Year (Carl)
Best Credit Sequence (Ending)
Best Opening Scenes
Best Ending


KIDMAN said...


Best Ensemble - Nine (Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Fergie, Kate Hudson, with Nicole Kidman, and Sophia Loren)

Glenn said...

I at least liked The Dark Knight last year. This year's blockbuster of choice, Star Trek was mostly a waste of time for me. Can I un-FYC it? If for nothing else but it's stupid lens flares, horrifically unprogressive politics and its uninteresting cast.

notanotherblog said...

My FYC also goes to The Damned United. The acting and cinematography are just awesome. However, with the cinematography, I think it's better seeing it in 35 rather than digital.

Unknown said...


Marvin Hamlisch - Best Original Score, "The Informant!"

Ann Cusack - Best Supporting Actress, "The Informant!"

Anonymous said...

Like so many people, I live where movies take forever to come out and as a result, I haven't seen many of the big names this year.

Still, based on what I have seen:

Best Actress
Abbie Cornish for BRIGHT STAR.
Carey Mulligan for AN EDUCATION.

Best Supporting Actor
Anthony Mackie for THE HURT LOCKER

Best Costumes

Best Art Direction

Ditto someone above on:
Best Cameo
Jane Lynch in JULIE & JULIA

Best Reading of a Line
Alfred Molina's speech at the door (Particularly the bit about C.S. Lewis and the radio: "They've got that wrong. Otherwise our Jenny...") in AN EDUCATION.

And absolutely nothing (other than Best Animated Feature) for UP.

Steven said...

Wow, lots of Up non-lovers. I haven't seen the big December ones yet, but it still remains my favorite movie of the year so far. Not too many films to get excited about in my opinion...


Nate Tyson said...

Bad Lietenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Ensemble
Best Hero

Nate Tyson said...

Man, I butchered 'lieutenant.'

Unknown said...

FYC: "Two Lovers" will be remembered as something great, and it deserves a major place in any discussion of 2009's best films. Joaquin Phoenix may have gone off the deep end in real life, but not before delivering one of the great screen performances of our time. And what about Gwyneth Paltrow, whose talent and intellectual credibility have been perilously absent in recent years? She NAILS it in "Two Lovers," managing to convey the pathetic party girl priorities of a truly irretrievable emotional cripple whose own delusions are constantly crumbling. F Y C!!

Also: "Sin Nombre" remains unforgettable, all the more impressive for being a directorial debut of a certain future great.

Supporting Actress: Marion Cotillard was SO FUCKING GOOD in "Public Enemies," which I expected to absolutely love and absolutely DID. I was not expecting a woman to stand out so strongly among Michael Mann's typically testosterone-heavy ensemble, however, and its Cotillard who burns strongest in my memory when thinking about the film itself. The interrogation scene near the end is incendiary, when Billie is cuffed and forced to spill her guts at the behest of that slovenly vile cop and the mounting inevitability of inflicting violence...just when it's almost certain that this pig interrogator is about to beat the shit out of Billie, or worse, she lets off a stream of taunting insults through tearful, terrified laughter that resonate with more electric intensity than any of the film's many magnificent shoot-outs.

Unknown said...


Best Supp. Actor: Jackie Earle Haley in "Watchmen" and Jim Broadbent in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Murtada said...

For best line reading:

'"my favorite color is fluorescent beige" from Precious.

Murtada said...

For best line reading:

'"my favorite color is fluorescent beige" from Precious.

Bryan said...

This is just a suggestion, but it might be interesting if you invented a new category: Best Performance in the Worst Movie. This would give you a chance to praise good acting that, for whatever reason, is occurring within a disasterous movie.

Just an idea.

If you're really ambitious, you could add the opposite category, as well: Worst Performance in the Best Movie.

Movies Twitter said...

I really liked the movie "500 days of Summer". It was fantastic movie. You must watch it.