Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday R&R


Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating. If you're not celebrating anything, happy unbirthday! We're taking a short break for the holidays. On account of we never do ever ever and some creative battery recharging is in order.

all the festive ladies... all the festive ladies. oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh

Be back on Monday, December 28th!
  • Next week: Cinematic Shame, 2009 Top Ten and the kick off to the 10th Annual Film Bitch Awards. And maybe: New Year's Resolutions
  • Coming in January: the return of 'Streep at 60' and hopefully 'BPFTOI' though it's always unwise to promise. Plus: more Oscar podcasting and the Sundance Film Festival. I realize that everyone else has already done their "tops of the decade" list but I have always obeyed my own inner clock. So, the 'Actors and Actresses of the Aughts' countdown -- a famous rundown here at TFE that we haven't updated since 2005 -- begins again to close out the 2000-2009 party.


MrW said...

I don't really see the point about making those Top 10 lists of the decade now, anyway. How could anyone truly compare a film like 'Avatar', which he literally saw last week for the first time, to 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', which had almost a full decade to settle and become the modern classic that it is? I wouldn't attempt such a Top 10 before, say, they year 2015.

brandz said...

Nathaniel, thanks for all you do. I really enjoy the site. Happy, happy!

Robert Hamer said...

I cannot wait for the Film BiTCH (is that how it's spelled?) awards.

Glendon said...

Merry Christmas Nathaniel, and also to all the other wonderful people who make this blog so enjoyable.

Emma said...

Merry Christmas everyone :)



the correct spelling is FiLM BiTCH ;)

Andrew K. said...

Merry Christmas Nathaniel. Hope you got all you wanted.

Anyhow, two things: Avatar, I completely with your grade, which is surprising because I really thought I'd dislike it. Siggy was the best [live actor] in show.

And, don't you think that Ben Foster was excellent in The Messenger? I finally saw it and don't understand why it's getting no buzz.

RobUK said...

Happy Christmas Nathaniel, and to all Film Experiencers.

Just enjoyed listening to the latest podcast, and in light of the news that Nick won't be returning... could I possibly extend a shameless FYC for him to reconsider? I recognise not feeling invested in the films in contention may make things difficult to passionately discuss anything, but I for one have had hours of fun listening to all four of you over the last couple of years passionately arguing against many of the Oscar contenders!

Not to undervalue the wonderousness of all things Nathaniel, Katey and Joe, because all three of you rock, but there's something about the chemistry of all four of you together that makes those podcasts really fly.

Nick, if you're reading: please come back to the five and whine.


Poli said...

Can't wait for the film bitch awards. Personally hoping for 2 people in particular in the cameo categories.

francisco said...

hope you had a good christmas

saw NINE and i have to agree with your review, i quite enjoyed it.

Peggy Sue said...

Oh God! I'm so shamefully late but anyway: Merry Xmas Nathaniel and Co.!!!

Hope 2010 brings all the best to you beggining with... Meryl's third for instance.