Wednesday, December 16, 2009


You've had a day to think about it now. Take one Globe nomination away from someone. Give it to someone else! Which and who is it gonna be people? Why'd you do it? Time travel and take control!


Anonymous said...

Morgan Freeman - Jeremy Renner

Chris said...

Easy. Swap "The Hangover" for "A Serious Man." Basically swapping the year's worst film for the year's best!


Julia Roberts to Zooey Deschanel. I still love Julia, but it just seems wrong to recognize the movie and its male star and not recognize its muse.

Keelay! said...
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tesh said...

Best Screenplay
It's Complicated
Fantastic Mr. Fox


Best Actress, Comedy
Julia Roberts
Zooey Deschanel


Best Actor, Drama
Tobey Maguire
Viggo Mortensen

Keelay! said...

Bye bye Sandra Bullock. Hello Abbie Cornish.

Dame James said...

Trade Sandy's Musical/Comedy nom (I'm on Team Bullock, but I think The Blind Side will do for now) and give it to Beyoncé in Obsessed. Now, that is the funniest performance of the year. "I'ma wipe the floor wit yo skinny ass!"

Unknown said...

Easy. Tobey Maguire (Brothers) for Robert Downey, Jr. (The Soloist).

Amir said...

i would switch abbie cornish and sandra bullock,
or a serious man and the hangover, in best musical or comedy.

Paul Outlaw said...

For Motion Pictures:

Bullock, give that Best Actress (Drama) nod to Robin Wright in Pippa Lee. Why? I refuse to dignify that etc. etc.

For Television:

True Blood, you were not a drama this year (if you ever were) and certainly not the best anything, so give that nomination to Breaking Bad.

travis said...

This is the easiest question I've ever had to answer:

Julia Roberts Out, Zooey Deschanel In.

How the hell Roberts managed to score yet another Golden Globe nomination for a film no one even remembers is beyond me. And yet Deschanel's film is nominated for Best Picture, and her co-star gets in for Best Actor.

Now that I'm thinking about it, the same thing happened at the Indie Spirit Awards... Why is Deschanel not getting the recognition she deserves? I know that she's not going to get an Oscar nomination, but a Golden Globe and Indie Spirit should've been slam-dunks.

Unknown said...

Easy peasy: Abbie Cornish in for Sandra Bullock in the dramatic actress category. Sandy can still have her nom for The Proposal.

I like Anonymous's Freeman - Renner swap, too, although I'd argue Maguire is the one who doesn't belong in that lineup.

I saw It's Complicated last night, and it was very funny at times, but that it's among the five nominees for best screenplay of the year is kind of an abomination. Have no idea where that came from.

I really liked Duplicity, and I'm glad it got at least one mention this season, even if it is just being used as category filler. And who doesn't want to see Julia Roberts at an awards show? (Not that that's a good reason to nominate someone, but whatev.)

I believe the filmmakers' handling of Zooey in (500) deserves more credit than her performance. I've never seen her more lovingly photographed, and she's never looked better on screen. I enjoyed her work, and her chemistry with JGL was extraordinary, but I believe it was the director and cinematographer who made her presence so memorable. She wasn't only JGL's object of obsession.

Ashley said...

Avatar to Bright Star


Julia Roberts to Ellen Page/Michelle Pfeiffer


Thomas Jane to Jim Parsons

Morgan Leigh Davies said...

Sandra Bullock for Abbie Cornish, no question.

It's always so depressing when your favorite movie of the year gets shafted across the board.

Kurtis O said...

Whoopsadaisy. I'm taking credit for the comment signed, "Editor." I was mistakenly signed in under the wrong username, a name that's definitely not supposed to be used for leisurely blog adventures.

Scott said...

Bye-bye Sandy, hello Tilda Swinton.

Andrew David said...

Sandra Bullock for Charlotte Gainsbourg

Janet McTeer for Michelle Forbes

There are heaps of things I would change (mostly to accommodate the very small list of films and TV shows I loved), but those are two women I've seen that I particularly want to honour. Gainsbourg's got an actor award from Cannes on her side (which I'd personally far prefer to have over a Golden Globe), and Michelle Forbes did some of the most enjoyable and layered screen work of the year on True Blood.

Robert Hamer said...

Hmm, I like everyone who's been switching in Jeremy Renner, Abbie Cornish, and A Serious Man.

I guess I'll throw in someone who's been terribly ignored so far this season (at least Renner can claim a few critics' prizes): Sam Rockwell in Moon. Sorry, Tobey Maguire, you were the weak link of Brothers.

Hayden said...

Blunt for Paltrow in Two Lovers.

Runs Like A Gay said...

If we have to choose just one cut then it's Emily Blunt out for the much more deserved Abbie Cornish.

Anonymous said...

Tobey Maguire to Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Renner or Sharlto Copley.

Fernando Moss said...

Well it seem like I disagree with most of you cuz I actually enjoy Julia Roberts nomination...

So, just one? I can't do that.

I want to switch Marion Cotillard to supporting and take away one of Meryl's nomination and give them to Michelle Pfeiffer and Maya Rudolph...

and how could they put together the Drama category without Tilda Swinton, Abbie Cornish, Catalina Saavedra, Maria Bello and Charlotte Gainsbourg? 5 that are far superior than the actual nominees...

OtherRobert said...

Oh that's an easy one.

Actress in a TV Series - Drama

January Jones becomes Elisabeth Moss.

I can give you film, too:

Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

George Clooney becomes Sharlto Copley.

Unknown said...

I want to get that drama nod from Sandra Bullock, only because her momentum and trajectory now makes an Oscar nod much too likely for my tastes. Give it to Tilda, natch.

Also, take the Cecil B DeMille award from Scorsese, give it to Marsha Mason. But of course, everyone was already thinking that, too obvious.

Ryan T. said...

You asked for one, but I'll give two film and 5 tv switcheroos with the bolded ones most important:

Sandra Bullock for Tilda Swinton
Tobey Maguire for Sharlto Copley

True Blood for Lost
Anna Paquin for Elisabeth Moss
Entourage for How I Met Your Mother
Thomas Jane for Jim Parsons
Jeremy Piven for Eric Stonestreet

steve said...

double Meryl is ridiculous

if she farted, she would get some sort of nomination for it

right now "It's Complicated" has a whopping 33% on Rotten Tomatoes & hasn't even been released yet - wtf

do the people who vote even watch the films they are nominating?

actually, all of the double noms irritated me, not just hers

i like Meryl fine, just give her the damn Oscar & be done with it

end o'rant - spoke against Meryl... i'll now take shelter from the impending wrath of punishing deities

ot: "Nine" is at 28% - yikes!

Logan said...

Just one??

I'd love to put in Renner, but I feel he is going to get his due later in award season, so I'll agree with some others and swap Deschanel in for Roberts.

Ryan McNeil said...

Switch the Iraqui soldiers...

Tobey Maguire out - Jeremy Renner in.

Jim T said...

Am I the only one who believes it doesn't require any thought at all?

Bullock for Swinton.
Perhaps Bullock was better than Blunt but if Swinton got Bullock's spot, that would hurt Bullock's Oscar chances whereas Blunt has none so it wouldn't make a difference.

PS: Nathaniel, Chicago critics nominated Cornish. Interesting choices overall except the love for Away We Go. Why hasn't it gone away already?

mrripley said...

one of meryl's for michelle.

Michael B. said...

Bullock for Ronan.

Catherine said...

The CFCA awards are interesting because we get to see a 5-wide field of nominees in each category. So names like Cornish, Renner, Jonze, Capaldi and McKay get to crop up and it looks like the folks in Chicago are a lot more diverse than their coastal counterparts. But who's to say that Abbie Cornish wouldn't have made the LAFCA or NYFCC top five, if they'd published theirs? [Unless I'm mistaken and you are able to see the full nominees for all the critics groups somewhere online]

Guy Lodge said...

I'm taking away Emily Blunt's Best Actress nomination and giving it to ... well, anyone else. ANYONE.

Okay, if I must pick, I'll give it to Abbie Cornish -- because if they wanted to nominate a bright young thing in a corset and a British accent, who in their right minds would pick Blunt between the two?

Otherwise, I'll do some more complicated shuffling across the categories and give Blunt's nod to Rupert Friend in Supporting Actor -- because he handily steals all their scenes in The Young Victoria.

Kev said...

Julia Roberts was great in "Dupicity"! She deserved her nomination.

Replace Tobey Maguire with Viggo Mortensen.

Lev Lewis said...

I'd give Eastwood's nomination to Steve McQueen, because Eastwood has been nominated far too many times for far too mediocre films, and McQueen directed a better film his first time out then Eastwood's ever done in his life.

Scott said...

easy. remove Sandra Bullock and just give the award to Michelle Pfeiffer for Cheri. that last shot before the credits is worth it on its own.

Anonymous said...

I would take out Eastwood for Best Director and put in Haneke for The White Ribbon.

Jake D said...

Take out It's Complicated for Screenplay (even though I haven't seen it yet) and put in Where the Wild Things Are.

And while we're at it, take out Maguire and toss in Mortensen.

ak said...

Melanie Laurent needed to get in. They obviously loved IB and she was the second best part of the movie. The restaurant scene between her and Waltz. Oh. My. God. Tense.

So if we put her in actress, kick out Blunt or Bullock and if we put her in supporting, kick out Farmiga?

notanotherblog said...

Remove Meryl for It's Complicated (split votes suck) and put in...Anna Chlumsky? I haven't been good with my comedies. Sorry guys.

I agree with everyone else taking out Freeman and Bullock and putting in Renner and Cornish

Rick said...

give to Abbie Cornish

take from Sandra Bullock

Michael C. said...

Trade out It's Complicated for In the Loop.

mrripley said...

Is Sandra Bullock this years jim carrey,she is gonna win drama actress over mulligan the 2 nom say it,he won in 98 but did not get a nom a bit like steve martin in all of me 1984..

adam k. said...

This is beyond easy.

Best Actress nominees, say goodbye to Sandra Bullock and hello to Tilda Swinton.

Bill_the_Bear said...

Tobey Maguire out, Joaquin Phoenix in for "Two Lovers."

I'd be tempted to make more changes, but I the late releases mostly haven't reached Montréal yet.

Andrew K. said...

Where the hell do I begin?

Switch any of the Musical/Comedy Actresses for Michelle Pfeiffer in Cheri, although I'm most miffed about Bullock and Streep a little]

Original Score: No Desplat? Seriously?

The Hangover for Cheri. Simple.

Emily Blunt?!!!! Did they even see that movie. Emily was fine, but nowhere worthy of top 5, or ten. Crap. Absolute crap. Who the hell liked Blunt that much?

adam k. said...

But come to think of it, the other one I'd really love to switch is The Hangover to Whip It.

Rahm said...

Sandra Bullock for Abbie Cornish

Volvagia said...

Stanley Tucci for Simon Pegg + (I Think) Robert Downey, Jr. for Peter Capaldi. In regards to the supporting actor switch, Tucci hasn't appeared in a single widely respected item, while Pegg has at least three to his name. For me, at least, his Scotty was the best part of Star Trek. For the second switch RDJ seems to be playing a generic "arrogant but lovable" action-comedy hero type. Capaldi is playing a vain, sarcastic, profane, beastly spin doctor. Plus, he was phenomenal in Local Hero.

cinephile said...

people stop giving Julia Roberts' nomination fo Deschanel! Give Bullock's (Proposal) nomination to her!!!

Marco said...

People have such a prejudice against Sandra.

I wonder why no one is talking about George Clooney playing George Clooney and being a favorite in his category for that. Or even Streep being nominated for everything she does.

But I guess its ok because they are "respected" actors and because Bullock made her carrer by doing rom-com.

Marco said...

Sorry... *Career

cinephile said...

And btw, it's so stupid to complain about her nomination with the argument "it's a film that noone remembers". Isn't actually good for a change that a movie is nominated which doesn't have a DECEMBER release date?!? Isn't it GOOD that the HFPA thinks a little bit back at least here and isn't ONLY influenced by the things they've just seen?!

George P. said...

*Best Actress (Drama) - Emily Blunt ("The Young Victoria") for Tilda Swinton ("Julia")

*Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) - One of Meryl's for Michelle Pfeiffer ("Cheri")

Two great performances released earlier this year and I hope will get recognized sometime this awards-season.

cinephile said...

(And I'm talking about Roberts.)

Iron Knight said...

Julia Roberts out, Zooey Deschanel in.

Cristhian said...

Sandra Bullock for Charlotte Gainsbourg in Antichrist (WHY is nobody talking about her performance anymore? Ugh, Hollywood is so predictable and boring)

Brian Z said...

What would An Education have qualified as? Comedy or Drama?

Michael W. said...

Kick Sandra Bullock out for The Proposal and get Amy Adams for Julie & Julia in.

And that's just on. I would also like Abbie Cornish to get in (Instead of who? Well, take a wild guess SaBu!)

John D. said...


Tobey Maguire to Viggo Mortensen.
Sandra Bullock to Abbie Cornish.

Jeremy Piven to Tom Courtenay.
Steve Carrell to Jim Parsons.


Marco -- actresses who make it in romcoms always have this trouble but i'm convinced less people would be pissed if BULLOCK if people weren't overdoing it so much. two nominations is *really* silly.

i so wish they would make that illegal at the Globes like they do at the Oscars. It just seems so... stingy.

GregWA said...

Zooey Deschanel is just fine to watch, but she's become pretty much a one trick pony. Quirky-indie-girl is cute but it's not really acting after the tenth time.

amir_uk said...

"Quirky indie-girl ... not really acting after the tenth time" - funny. Like it. But Zooey was sooo cute!

Good call Hayden - Paltrow in. For that matter, could we get Joaquin in too? And The Soloist guys?

gabrieloak said...

Matt Damon - Christian McKay

Bernardo said...


ANYTHING out! Probably It's Complicated.
500 Days of Summer in.

gabrieloak said...

Sandra Bullock for Abbie Cornish

gabrieloak said...

Anything in the music category for a score by Alexandre Desplat

Kamila said...

Julia Roberts - Zooey Deschanel

Timothy Griffiths said...


"Easy. Swap "The Hangover" for "A Serious Man." Basically swapping the year's worst film for the year's best!"

Ripley said...

I hate how the Golden Globes either goes with the same ol' favorites (Meryl Streep) or nominates movies that either haven't come out (Nine, SH, It's Complicated) or nobody liked (The Proposal--or, at least, Sandra Bullock).

If Sandra Bullock gets an Oscar nomination and Abbie Cornish doesn't, I'll lose my shit.

Also, In The Loop for best screen play.

Kim said...

I add to the Julia Roberts to Zooey Deschanel vote!

Alex said...

Clint Eastwood for Spike Jonze
Matt Damon for Alec Baldwin

Sandy #1 for Tilda Swinton
Sandy #2 for Maya Rudolph

Ryan said...

Sandra Bullock - Tilda Swinton
Penelope Cruz - Diane Kruger
Clint Eastwood - Jane Campion

adri said...

Melanie Laurent in, Anna Kendrick out.

Laurent's performance was one where you felt with her every second of the way, in very difficult scenes. She carried the romantic bravery of the film.

Kendrick is one of the worst actresses in "Twilight", not noted for it's quality of acting (or much else). I doubt she's that great in "Up in the Air". But that's one of the ones they've seen, because of George Clooney.

It seems that only actresses in 3 films can be considered for Supporting: ""Up in the Air", "Precious", and "Nine". Considering that most actresses are not leads, do we ignore almost all the actresses in the country, no matter how great they are in their supporting roles? It's so dismissive of actresses work that their work can't even be looked at - it's too hard - we can already fill the spots from a few movies.

Marco said...

Yes Nath. But I think people are saying this not because she got two nominations, but because she was nominated.

My impression is that people are cursing her for the possible nomination just because she is well known and too commercial. They completely ignore her acting (or don't want to like her acting) and say that __insert some small movie's actress here__ was so much better than her and blablablabla

Shame on her for doing rom coms. Shame.on.her. *rolls eyes*

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Oh so many stuff I'd replace...

It's Complicated out, A Serious Man in

Blunt out, Cornish in
Bullock out, Swinton in

Tobey out, Viggo in
Freeman out, Renner (Rockwell) in

Meryl's It's Complicated nomination and Bullock's The Proposal nomination exchanged with Maya Rudolph or Michelle Pfeiffer or Zooey Deschanel (I don't care which). Perhaps we can put all three and sack Marion Cotillard as well. Leave JULIA alone!

Downey Jr. out for... I dunno, Seymour Hoffman for example? Krasinski? Sandler? Clive Owen? Or maybe even Brad Pitt (if the Globes can nominate Tom Cruise... then anyone can get in)

Marion in, Penélope out. This way you won't lose again dear Pene...

Tucci out, Molina in
Harrelson out, Mackie in

(500) Days of Summer in and take out that piece of thrash It's Complicated. Or An Education. Or Precious.

Horner out, Desplat for Fantastic Mr. Fox in (the man does 5 amazing soundtracks and is NOT nominated? oh talk about bad luck...)

Cinema Italiano out, Take it All in obviously

(Doesn't «The Weary Kind» seem this year's The Wrestler? I'm feeling guilty for liking it so much, 'cos i'll suffer if it doesn't get nominated for the Oscar)

And yeah, I'm glad for GLEE. But what a rip-off for How I Met Your Mother. And True Blood... What about Breaking Bad instead?

Beau said...

Emily Blunt in Young Victoria to
Abbie Cornish in 'Bright Star'.

Lucky said...

Icdon't know how people can be taking Roberts out, when Sandra Bullock is in for the Proposal. At least Duplicity was smart, the Proposal was your typpical rom-com, and Bullock didn't do anything particularly good in it. Her character really changed (not in a good way) from the beginning to the end.

So I'd take Bullock for the Proposal out and take Zooey Deschanel in.

In unrelated news, Crazy Heart is 97% fresh in Rotten Tomatoes. Wow

Wayne B said...

easily Shohreh Aghadashloo instead of Emily Blunt's nomination.

Lara said...

"Icdon't know how people can be taking Roberts out, when Sandra Bullock is in for the Proposal. At least Duplicity was smart, the Proposal was your typpical rom-com, and Bullock didn't do anything particularly good in it."

I couldn't agree more. I haven't seen The Blind Side, but I've seen enough Sandy movies in my life (rom coms and drama) and she has never ever vowed me. In some movies she was bad, in some ok, in others cute, but that's it. It has nothing to do with her doing mainly lightweight roles, she just isn't a great actress. She seems like a very nice, cool chick though but that shouldn't be the reason for getting and award for acting.

Anonymous said...

Freeman/Maguire for Renner. No doubt about that.

cinephile said...

@ Lara / Lucky: Thank you. I've said a similar thing above. I think the Roberts nomination is actually one of the better ones. But Bullock DOUBLE?!!?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why most people are suprised about Emily Blunt's nomination, apprently they love her since I remember her breakthrough year she was a Supporting Actress nominee for "Devil Wears Prada" and won the Golden Globe for "Gideon's Daughter" in the Tv Supporting category. So I think she was kind of a easy name to remember for the Globes.

That said I am gonna say for my switcheroo I would switch out Matt Damon's almost category fraud for "Invictus" for Alfred Molina in "An Education".

Is it me or was this year almost the least imaginative year for the Globes?


Lucky -- that's so weird because Crazy Heart is totallly boring. We've seen it 1000s of times.