Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Curio: Finger Puppet Edition

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here with some stocking stuffers for the film lovers on your list. There are just too many great film-themed finger puppets out there! I can't decide which to get for my little four-month-old (I plan to start her film education early, during playtime). Here are some of my favorites.

Abbey Hambright makes some of the best felt finger puppets. Here are her clever Darjeeling Limited ones. She's also made the Tenenbaums, Lloyd Dobler, and Harold and Maude.

I also love these puppets of Jack, Danny and Wendy from Pintassilgo Prints. Nothing better than a Kubrickian celebration of family for the holidays! (Check out her Pulp Fiction and Clockwork Orange gangs too).

Finally, Mullish Muse has also crafted some good puppets, including one of The Dude for you achievers out there...but I particularly like this Anna Wintour finger puppet. The September Issue, anyone?


Anonymous said...

where is the Nine review??


What's crazy about these finger puppets is that they aren't all that far removed from what one might imagine Wes Anderson thinks of his actors as!

Alexa said...

Exactly. Which is why The Fantastic Mr. Fox works better than any movie he's done in ages.