Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe So: Sex & the City & Iron Mans 2

As y'all know, I am not terribly good at simplicity. I can't just post a trailer. I gotta have an angle (charitable view) or a gimmick (uncharitable view) in order to have at it. Otherwise I fear I'll be absorbed into that Borg-like group internet mind that exists only to offer movie studios free publicity. So what to do with trailers? I used to resent them. I spent a lot of 2009 worrying about our All Foreplay/No Sex internet movie culture. 95% of movie discussions these days take place before anyone ever sees the movie in question. The discussion ends on the movie's opening weekend. Doesn't anyone wanna have sex with the movies anymore?

Speaking of Sex...

I didn't even realize this until both of these teasers premiered this past week or so but 2010's upcoming summer movie season is basically an elaborately expensive time machine designed to transport us back exactly two years to May 2008 when Tony Stark and Carrie Bradshaw played bookend egotist divas. They're both coming back to open and close the month of May again.

Which film are you salivating for?

While I blame our trailer-happy YouTube culture for this 'all foreplay' problem, I have decided to simply accept it and share and thus (hopefully) manage my expectations for new movies with a simple yes, no, maybe so.

Sex & the City 2

Yes. Sarah Jessica Parker is a babe*. She's only gotten more divalicious with age and the opening of this trailer, with the iconic Carrie Bradshaw emerging from her impossibly lux apartment building with pristine white dress and gold shades is such a money shot. Even better, SJP caps it with Carrie's trademark tongue check followed by hair toss. Love it.

*I don't even care how gay that makes me sound, haters!

No. But then there's the suggestion that we're going to spend the whole movie in the Sahara. Sometimes you do just have to get away with the girls but must you go so far? Did they learn nothing for those episodes in California? Manhattan is the fifth girl. And the best one.
Maybe So. Even if this movie is totally unnecessary I still can't wait to see the clothes*.

*I still don't care!

Yes. Robert Downey Jr & Gwyneth Paltrow had fine chemistry in the first. More Pepper, please. This kiss-off "you complete me" banter is totally endearing even though it's a little smug/ obnoxious. Kind of like RDJ as Tony Stark.
No. I'm excited that Mickey Rourke has a career again (God, the Wrestler was so good). But I don't get this busy/ugly Whiplash costume. Are those orange harem pants?
Maybe So. Metallic special effects mayhem. Entirely thrilling or too repetitive for words?

Those were my immediate responses. Yours? Do share... even if your feelings are as contradictory and carefully managed as mine.

Bonus points to whoever can accurately comment-guess how little screen time Scarlett Johansson is actually going to have as the Black Widow. You know how those superhero franchises like to load up on excellent comic book characters only to do virtually nothing with them once they show up onscreen. Care to guess? Unfortunately we won't be able to name the winner until May.


ThaDropDownBear said...

Costumes kind of odd but I still hope Rourke can pull off this potentially interesting role. Also I wasnt a big fan of the first sex and the city movie a second seems highly superficial. But the style will be there always a plus.

OtherRobert said...

I'm just excited that Olivia Munn may or may not have an important part in Iron Man 2. She's playing the character that becomes Scarlet's sidekick. Who is Oliva Munn? A host on G4 who is popping up in trailers all over the place in what I can only assume is a desperate attempt to get off the G4 network. Can she act? I have no clue.

adam k. said...

Wow, I'm rather shocked that you liked The Hangover as much as A Single Man.

I HATED The Hangover.

Daniel Armour said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Iron Man - pretty good film, not a great one - but I thought the trailer for Iron Man 2 was pretty damn good! As for The Sex In The City 2 trailer, I wasn't particular fond of it. In fact, I was disappointed by it.

You see, despite the fact that I've never seen an episode of the show, I found the first film surprisingly entertaining. However, it wasn't something that screamed "Sequel!" and the trailer only cements that feeling. I'll give the film a chance but I'm not expecting much.

Paul Outlaw said...

Funny that you posted this, as I just watched both of these over the weekend. The leading ladies (especially SJP & Catrall) look so scary in the one for SATC 2 that with the volume turned off it plays like a horror movie trailer. Even David Eigenberg looks like he emerged from a crypt. Iron Man 2 looks fun, though.

francisco said...

you should add the inception trailer but i dont think its on youtube yet

now thats a movie im excited for

iron man2 kinda

SATC2 not so much


adam k -- it is a falsehood that the same grade equals equality. I like (500) Days of Summer way more than I like Star Trek and they're both "B+". I know I will never live this A Single Man thing down (god, so many people are hating on me for not loving it) but I have to call it like I see it. I can't love every arty gay film.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate, been a reader of your blog forever but never commented. Its my new years resolution :-)
I am majorly excited for satc2. I think the first was not only a major hurrah for satc fans but I thought a decent film. Brilliant costume design, edited nice and i thought all four women were amazing, i think cattrall, nixon and davis deserved supp actress slots and i'd take sjp's carrie over crying angelina anyday.

Come on may!!

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I saw the "Sex and the City 2" poster at the theater one day

I wasn't wearing my glasses and I just saw this creepy, alien-like figure dressed in white and the words "Carrie On" at the bottom. I thought it was some sequel/re-imagining of "Carrie," where she comes back from the dead to wreak havoc. It took me about 30 seconds to put two and two together.

Kevin P. Durkin said...

Um so I saw "It's Complicated" last night. I am so dissapointed I may break down and cry. Just kidding, but I am pissed that it was so unfunny. Meryl is still my personal goddess.

Michiewah said...

I care to make a guess on ScarJo's appearance in Iron Man 2 - total screen time = 20 minutes. Let the betting begin!

Anthony said...

Can't wait to see "Sex and the City 2". The trailer looked great, SJP's looking amazing still, and I'm jazzed about where this film might take the foursome. I don't care how that makes me sound. "SATC" is my favorite TV show comedy of the aughts and I loved the first film. Bring them on!

Couldn't care less about anything "Iron Man" related. Just me fulfilling the stereotype I guess.

Cluster Funk said...

Re: ScarJo in IM2 - I say a handful of scenes so no more than 15 mins. Gwynie's screentime should clock in less than the original, too.

Dean said...

The eligible picture list is out. I think it's important because it's what the actors use for their nominations. Nine has Fergie listed 1st for some reason and Marion Cotillard isn't til 6th. Also intersting is Melanie Laurent is listed 8th for IB. This makes me think members not paying attention to campaigns would be inclined to vote for both of them in supporting actres seeing them way down the lists.

Bren said...

For Scarlett - she appeared for 3 seconds in a two and a half minute trailer. I figure the movie to run 140 minutes. So using same proportions - 5 minutes.

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Glenn said...

I haven't watched the Iron Man 2 trailer (limited downloads atm) but the Sex and the City 2 one... yeah, I have the same thoughts. I hope the Egypt sojourn is just like the Mexico one in the first film. Brief.

We've got six months to get ready for the cliched "why does anyone like these superficial girls who only have sex and shop??" responses from non-fans who just weeks earlier was ejaculating over something with explosions and car chases. WHAT FUN!

Peggy Sue said...

I haven't seen Iron Man and probably I never will so I'll go with Carrie!
Totally agree with NY being the fifth girl altough the California segment had the Marini thing which was kind of okay!

Chris Na Taraja said...

Funny, I had the exact same response to these previews with the "Yes. No. Maybe so." When they were walking thru the dessert, i thought, "Really?"

Maybe we didn't need an updated "so so" version of THE WOMEN because we already have SEX IN THE CITY. Ok I hear some people gasping.