Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs

Glenn Close got back in front of movie cameras two days ago. Albert Nobbs has just started filming. She plays a cross dressing woman in 1890's Ireland.

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Barring the movie going to cable (these things happen) of failing to get distribution (these things happen, too) will Glenn Close finally be back in the Oscar race next year at this time? She was last nominated for 1988's Dangerous Liaisons over twenty years ago. Since that Oscar regular heyday (5 nominations all within the 1980s) she's gone on to win 3 Emmys, 1 SAG and 2 Golden Globes for television roles.

The film is directed by Rodrigo García (pictured left with Close) who specializes in the actresses, most famously in television or in films like Mother & Child, Nine Lives and Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her. We hope he finds new inner fire as a writer/director this time. The talent with actors is obviously there but the energy of the filmmaking, some sort of electric spark is missing. So far. Will this project be the game changer?

The movie is based on the short story turned play The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs which the diva actress previously played on stage... before she was ever in a movie! I couldn't find a photo from the play but here's a review from 1982 (!) of Ms. Close's performance, the same year she first hit the big screen in The World According to Garp. Michael Gambon and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers co-star.


dinasztie said...

I would LOVE to see her finally win. That would be so terrific. I don't have high hopes like I had with Chéri. Plus, is she leading? Moreover, that Thatcher biopic with Meryl is an extremely serious threat.

dinasztie said...

Are there any more details about the story?

Unknown said...

This makes so much sense to me. She looks way more like a man than a woman

SVG said...

Oh my god- she really looks like an Irish man (specifically Enda Kenny). I hope she can do the accent.

Apparently the screenplay is by John Banville- expect an amazing final line which changes your perception of the whole film!

jbaker475 said...

Interesting (and great) to see her get back to major film work. I've missed her; was never really crazy about Damages, so I haven't gotten my Close fix for the past few years.

On a separate note, thank god that I'm not alone in being underwhelmed by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I wouldn't have been that harsh (it's a B-/C+ for me) least not for the first one. Just wait until you get to The Girl Who Played with Fire...just terrible. I actually hope Fincher and Zaillian rework the hell out of the story for the remake, because a lot of the novels' problems transferred to the Swedish movies.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Close adds herself to other women who could in the competition next year.

Rachel Weisz - The Whistleblower
Gwyneth Paltrow - Contagion (coming out a day before my 24th birthday! Yay!)
Kate Winslet - God of Carnage
Michelle Williams - Take This Waltz

And yes, I just out-crazied all of you. My prize will be determined by how many of these women survive.


dinasztie. i updated the post with more info.

Helen said...

Yes, dinasztie, Glenn is playing the lead. The movie is based upon a short story by George Moore.

The movie hasn't even been made yet and people are already talking about award nominations? Movies are not sports -- where the big WIN is what matters. What the hell is the current obsession with box office earnings and awards? No wonder we no longer make excellent movies in this country. The idiotic public doesn't seem to give a damn about quality -- only the meaningless race to be the so-called best.

/3rtfu11 said...

You just got my hopes up.

Best Actress: Champs Glenn Close
3 Nominations (87, 88, 11), 1 Win (11)
3 Supporting Nominations (82, 83, 84), 0 Wins

Mirko said...

Nomination # 6 for Glenn? I hope so...

Stefano said...

I can't wait to see this movie! I hope it gets a wider release than the previous Garcia films ("Mother and Child" had only 100 screens in the US and has still to open in Italy). I think Glenn (who's also a co-writer of the screenplay) would be great in this role, I'm quite curious (but is she lesbian in the film? I've read something about an affair between her character and Mia Wasikowka, but maybe I misunderstood).
I'm really unsure about its Oscar chances, Garcia has never been embraced by the Academy until now and the film is a little independent production that will need a huge critical support and good box-office numbers... but who knows? Anyway, it's a pleasure to see Glenn again on the big screen!


Helen -- it's just a prism that attaches itself to certain actresses through their own excellence (award-winning and all) ;)

Unknown said...

Just look at the line-up for 2011!

Diane Keaton – Darling Companion

Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady

Charlize Theron – Young Adult

Emily Watson – Oranges and Sunshine

Michelle Williams - My Week with

Maggie Smith – The Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel

Judi Dench - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Saorise Ronan – Hanna

Cate Blanchett – Hanna

and now THIS!

things couldn't be getting any better!!!

Unknown said...
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Janice said...

Looks like Close has beat Kidman to the punch - will this deflate the chances of the "Danish Girl" getting made? (Completely different stories and there is room for both - but I'm not sure how that plays out in Hollywood perceptions. Like "we can only handle one gay film per year!" sort of thing.

Close is so stylish in that pic - I think she's finally found her "look".

Janice said...

BTW - I noticed that Brenda Fricker and Janet McTeer are both in the cast - an actressexual's delight! I hope they both get meaty roles, as we don't see either one nearly often enough.

@Helen - if you read this blog I'm sure you know that quality is indeed a constant concern of Nathaniel's. If there is anyone who is a champion of quality filmmaking it is he. However this is awards season and so "awardage" is on the brain - but so is the sexism/ageism of AMPAS, etc.

Jonathan said...

now i feel stupid, after commenting on your last post that glenn doesn't do film roles. i stand corrected, and i am happy to admit that. It is about time she got in front of the camera again. Knowing Glenn's film choices, or lack thereof, especially lead ones, I have to think that she must have seen something in this script that she really liked. Rodrigo definitely knows how to bring out the actress in all, as was clearly evident in the little-seen Mother and Child. THis film, with a great cast (LOVE Michael Gambon), definitely has lofty expectations, which I hope are met and exceeded. Glenn really deserves that Oscar, and I hope she gets it, even if not with this film.

Anonymous said...

OMG, a prettier Conan!!
All jokes aside, I really really hope that Glenn Close can finally someday win an Oscar!

Tony said...

Damn, that's an awesome picture. Go Glenn! Get your Oscar!

James T said...

She looks like Patrick Wilson after 20 years in the first pic.

Volvagia said...

It probably won't win, as Nat pointed out. (If she was going to win for anything it was going to be Fatal Attraction.)

Peggy Sue said...

I would love to see her win!

I really like Rodrigo's films. Mother and Child was so warm... and Kerry Washington had a great great scene!

Magicub said...

She was great as Mrs Doubtfire


magicub -lol.

james t -- a disturbing thought.

cinephile said...

Wonderful to see the great Glenn attempting the big screen again.
I am so glad that she got the financing together for this.