Monday, December 13, 2010

7 Word Reviews: True Grit, The Illusionist. Somewhere

Because this week is about trying to keep up with screenings, interviews and endless precursor announcements, here are some very very short reviews.

The Illusionist
A magician in the twilight of his career, finds companionship in a young woman.
7WR: Slow but just sublimely rendered. Devastating finale. B+/A-?

All Good Things
Unsolved mystery from the 80s about a wealthy heir and his missing wife.
7WR: Nightmarishly uneven, convoluted. But Kirsten hurts authentically C-

True Grit

The Coens adapt a western about a young girl seeking to avenge her father's murder
7WR: Even the horses act with meticulous predetermination. B-

And in conclusion a highly narcissistic double feature. Both films are rendered with visual aplomb and quite in tune with their own unique frequencies but you should steer wide and clear if you're allergic to wealthy people hosting their own pity parties and expecting you to bring gifts.

Tiny Furniture
A college graduate returns to her artist mothers home; regresses, refuses to leave it.
7WR: Navel-gazing finds funny highly specific lint. B+

A famous actor, lost to himself, kills time with his daughter.
7WR: Director/Protagonist treads water but what form! B


Andreas said...

Out of these, The Illusionist looks most exciting for me, and that review is reassuring. I wish Chomet could turn out a movie a year!

Also glad that True Grit has been getting interest-arousing reviews. The Coens, as always, are representing the Twin Cities nicely.

adam k. said...

I wouldn't say Tiny Furniture has "visual aplomb" per se, but other than that, I agree. I was skeptical of that one at first, but by the end, it had mostly won me over. One of my first "only in New York" films.


I dunno. i really loved the framing. and that repeated white cabinets joke just killed me.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for your thoughts on Rabbit Hole!

Sam Brooks said...

I don't know what part made me cry. Him letting the bunny go. Or the note, "Magicians don't exist."

But this film slayed me. So amazing.

James T said...

Sam - No spoilers please

Andrew R. said...

I want to see The Illusionist and True Grit so badly.

Somewhere too. The reviews have been picking up.

Erich Kuersten said...

Beautifully done, Nathan

Brian Owens said...

I loved THE ILLUSIONIST. I talked to several at Toronto who weren't nearly as charmed as I was - but even my ADD husband liked it, which isn't easy to do with a film that's nearly dialogue free.


Brian -- wow, that is impressive for the hubby. :)