Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Spider Links Are Tingling

Playbill Julie Andrews and Dolly Parton are both getting special Grammys this year.
Pixar Blog another FYC ad for Toy Story 3 as Titanic. Hmmm. I gotta say, I am not sure about the taste level on this one. What'cha think?
BBC Anne Hathaway discusses that Judy Garland biopic. There's some hesistancy about the singing. Here's a clue. If you can sing as well as Anne Hathaway (very well) star in a musical, not a biopic with one of the most famous voices of all time that you won't be able to replicate. Argh.
Old Hollywood, my favorite tumblr, gives a rooftop view of the filming of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931).
IndieWire The Year of the Actress. 60 Women FYC.

Off Cinema
THR whoa. Broadway stars are on the attack after injuries on that Spider Man set. But wait there's more...
AV Club heated meetings and cancellations follow latest injury.
Wet Asphalt on "slipstream" and the continuum between genre fiction and mainstream fiction. I'm linking up to this because I read my first China Miéville novel earlier this year and am still... uncertain... about it.
Playbill HBO will film Pee-Wee Herman's current Broadway show for broadcast.
BlogStage actress audition alert: wanna be Kathleen Turner's understudy?


Robert said...

This Spider-Man musical business is unbelievable. Everyone needs to cut their losses and go home.

I don't wish unemployment on any of the actors so I'm thinking... book deal?

AnthonyDC said...

I really thought the toys were going to die in that melting scene from "TS3" for a good five minutes. I was surprised/impressed at Pixar for dealing with death so openly. RIP Mrs. Bambi.

Dave in Alamitos Beach said...

I agree about Anne Hathaway. True she looks vaguely like Judy G and can sing pretty well, but why not just star in some other movie musical and save our ears from all the thin voiced starlets who get all the roles (I'm looking at you Nicole, and you too Renee)?

Or why not release a CD singing any and all showtunes you want to? You could knock that out in a weekend if it's just you and a couple of instruments. Doesn't Glee release a new CD every damn week?


anthonydc -- i loved Toy Story 3 just like everyone but that's my least favorite scene in the movie -- to me pretending that beloved toys might die and then making sure they don't is the same as every ending of a disney movie in which a prince or somebody dies and is magically brought back to life.

to me that's not dealing with death but pretending we can avoid it forever. which is happier yes :)

OtherRobert said...

I'm torn on Spider-Man.

On the one hand, I selfishly want a big budget superhero spectacular on Broadway that works and somehow manages to dislodge Phantom of the Opera and Wicked as the default tourist traps in Times Square. I like the creative team and enjoy the...uh...bootleg of the score I acquired and quickly disposed.

On the other hand, how many actors need to get seriously injured before someone--anyone--steps in to shut this down for good or long enough to overhaul all the non-flying stunts? We have: two broken wrists, two broken ankles/feet, a concussion, and three fractured vertebrae. Only two of the injuries occurred on the same apparatus: the ominously titled catapult. The concussion came from a very basic flying sequence (actress descends from the rafters to the stage) and the spinal injuries came from the cable snapping on the set. It seems, ironically, the safest part of the show is the overhead fight sequence at the end of Act I.

I always root for a new show to be good, but there have to be limits to what is sacrificed to produce art.

Joel said...

which china mieville book did you read?


Perdido Street Station.

it was interesting but it was SO grimy. I felt filthy when i was reading. like covered in filth.

Michael said...

Toy Story ad gets a pass.

It has nothing to do with the actual Titanic. It's the movie Titanic which is a somewhat tacky romantic weepy people have been joking about for years and is thus totally fair game.

Plus it can't be all that easy finding Toy Story moments to match up previous Best Pictures.

Anonymous said...

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