Sunday, December 12, 2010

Los Angeles Critics (Social Network vs. Carlos)

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, now in their 35th year, hosted a battle between Carlos the Jackal and Mark Zuckerberg the punk. genius. billionaire. The Social Network co-founder won. But not without some concessions... including a tie.

Picture: The Social Network
[Runner up: Carlos]
Director: (tie) Olivier Assayas for Carlos and David Fincher for The Social Network
Actress: Kim Hye-Ja in Mother
[Runner up: Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone]
Actor: Colin Firth in The King's Speech
[Runner up: Edgar Ramirez in Carlos]

Supporting Actress: Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom *check out this acceptance speech*
[Runner up: Olivia Williams in Ghost Writer]
Supporting Actor Neils Arestrup in A Prophet
[Runner up: Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech]
Screenplay Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network
[Runner up: The King's Speech]
Cinematography Matthew Libatique for Black Swan
[Runner up: Roger Deakins for True Grit]
Music (tie) The Social Network and Alexandre Desplat The Ghost Writer
Production Design Guy Dyas for Inception
[runner up: The King's Speech]
Documentary Last Train Home
[Runner up: Exit Through the Gift Shop]
Experimental Jean Luc Godard's Film SocialismeForeign Film Carlos (France)
[Runner up: Mother (South Korea)]
Animated Film Toy Story 3
[Runner up: The Illusionist]
New Generation Lena Dunham for Tiny Furniture
Legacy of Cinema Award Serge Bromberg, Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno, and the F.W. Murnau Foundation and Fernando Pena for the restoration of MetropolisCareer Achievement Paul Mazursky

The win for Jacki Weaver is good news for that fine Australian film.  They did a good thing, sweetie. Though Animal Kingdom was the first or near-first screener out, it didn't necessarily have a strong "watch me" hook for Academy voters who hadn't been paying attention to Sundance buzz. I've said ever since January that if people watch this movie, she'll be nominated. Simple as that. But you have to get the voters to watch. This vote of confidence from Los Angelenos can't hurt.

I'm also thrilled for Last Train Home which is my choice for Best Documentary of the Year ...unless Prodigal Sons counts as this year... I get so confused. I'm totally horrified that it didn't make Oscar's finalist list. Unless of course it wasn't eligible for some reason. It's so tough to track with docs and shorts and whatnot, these eligibility requirements and windows.

Finally, it's good to see LAFCA staying true to their own impulses with all the foreign film love. This group tends to not be as beholden to Oscar frontrunners as many other critics groups are. That said, I'm still unsure about how I feel about Carlos winning film prizes. I know it was released theatrically but wasn't it made as a TV miniseries?

ONE FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: South Korea's Mother & France's A Prophet, which both won awards today with Los Angeles critics, represent flip sides of the same Oscar coin. Both were submitted for Oscar consideration last year in the foreign film category but were not released in Los Angeles theaters in 2009 rendering them ineligible for other Oscar nominations that year. They both received theatrical releases in 2010, and because of Oscar rules on that matter, only Mother is now eligible for Oscar consideration (in all categories EXCEPT foreign film since it had its shot last year). A Prophet, having been nominated in its only eligible category last year, is not eligible for any further consideration. Make sense?


RC said...

No one was talking about Ghost Writer when it actually came out earlier in the year - but here's another critic group mentioned in supporting category! Wow!

skankyoldwhore said...

I am thinking Kidman won't appear here nor Rabbit Hole :(.

Beau said...

Neils was the only thing I loved about 'A Prophet', honestly. The LAFCA loves their villains for Best Supporting, so it was either going to be him or, possibly, (and deservedly), John Hawkes for 'Winter's Bone'. Though that character was a tad more morally ambiguous.


Beau -- that they do. they also like to give at least one foreign language performance one of their acting awards

pomme said...

Fim socialisme???

pomme said...

i totally agree with The Ghost writer/Social Network win for best score

Ben said...

What's the hold-up? Could they be having a big argument about something??

Perhaps Aronofsky vs. Fincher??

RC said...

@ Ben - or arguing about Firth vs. Eisenberg?

Ben said...

@RC. I'm thinking they'll go Firth since they liked TKS enough to give it runner-up in both Screenplay and Production Design.

Marsha Mason said...

Oh, I LOVED Arestrup in "A Prophete." How awesome if we could get him some momentum in a fairly weak supp'tor field. As you've noted, though, hard for foreign language to get much traction in supporting races, but there's a first time for everything.

I also really wouldn't mind a foreign film making the ten-wide best picture field. I have a feeling the pundit class has a few blind spots that could sneak in over the consensus 12 or 13.


Ben -- i don't think it's a holdup. I think that first announcement was their lunch break. so they're voting again now :)

Ryan said...

yeah for Weaver!!!

Nathaniel, wasn't FISH TANK just amazing!!! I mean Jarvis and Fassbender are utter perfection but I found the sheer craftsmanship of that entire film to be just breathtaking!

now you just gotta see DOGTOOTH! :)

Anonymous said...

Sissy Spacek x [why no love here?]
Dianne Weist Nominated Satellite [same above]
Barbara Hershey [again? ]
Hailee Steinfeld Nominated DC Critics and Houston Critics [way to much hype for a young unknown]
Amy Adams Nominated Satellite, Detroit Critics and DC Critics [should be front runner, will The Fighter keep getting
Ensemble Awards, if so the votes will hurt Leo and Adams.
Melissa Leo WON New York Online Critics and DC Critics, Nominated Detroit and Houston [front runner, for sure a nom]
Helena Bonham Carter Nominated Houston, DC, and Detroit Critics [I'm not sure where this is heading]
Jacki Weaver WON National Board of Review and Los Angeles Film Critics, Nominated [for sure getting a nom, it's
clear being an unknown from a aussie film hasn't hurt her getting seen, but to win? I'd rather go with Adams..]
Detroit, DC, Houston, and Satellite

Natalie Portman WON Boston Critics and New York Online, [clear frontrunner to win]
Nominated Detroit, Satellite, Houston, DC,

Annette Bening Nominated Houston, DC, Satellite [buzz dying down, all hype?]

Julianne Moore Nominated Houston, Satellite [don't count her out yet]

Michelle Williams Nominated Satellite, and Detroit

Anne Hathaway Nominated Satellite, DC

Tilda Swinton Nominated Satellite

Lesley Manville WON National Board of Review..and what else?

Nicole Kidman Nominated DC, Houston, Detroit, Satellite [for sure getting a nom ]

Still waiting on LA Critics Choice
Let's See what the Golden Globes have to say Tuesday! ahh

Rick said...

Best Actor: Colin Firth
Runner up: Edgar Ramirez

BEst Actress: Actress from Mother
Runner up: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Movie: The Social Network
Runner up: Carlos

Best Director:

Tie between directors for Best Picture

Timothy Marshall said...

Yayyyy for Kim Hye-Ja!!

I don't think she's eligible for AMPAS this year (Mother was last year, yes?). Too bad. This would've given her bid a little traction, were it existent.

That said, when I saw the movie way back in, like, March, she really gave a terrific performance. Glad to see it recognized in the states.

All this buildup now... I need to see Carlos...

I can't really jump on the Social Network bandwagon. I thought it was a good movie, but I've seen much better ones this year. I was underwhelmed. *sigh* Another awards season where I will feel left out of the love for the unanimous frontrunner.

A few films from this year I prefer over The Social Network:

Black Swan
The Kids Are Alright
Mother (technically last year)
Toy Story 3

Arkaan said...

Marshall, she is eligible.

Nathaniel, Fanny and Alexander was also made as a television miniseries. Carlos is ineligible for the oscars as it aired in the USA as a miniseries before it's theatrical release, but oh well.

pomme said...

their winners are surprising because there are many foreign(french) winners.
As french woman,i'm proud but "carlos" is a Canal + TV movie and wasn't "a prophet" yet in Oscar 2010 for best foreign pictures?
I wrote nothing on Godard movie because i didn't finish the movie but the first hour was awful for me
I'm happy for "mother" actress: i LOVED "Mother" actresses
Unless it's a few different

/3rtfu11 said...

Actress: Kim Hye-Ja in Mother
I don’t know who this actress is nor am I aware of a foreign film bearing this title. However I’m very excited at a non-American and non-starlet type winning any kind of major America award in a very impossible category.


Timothy & Arkaan -- yes, she's eligible because of that complicated rule about submission vs. release IF you don't get nominated. Mother was on the list last year but was not nominated and then, since it was release this year, eligible.

hard to keep track of! :)

Pomme -- yes, A PROPHET was nominated at lst year's oscars BUT here's the same complicated rule again, since it *was* nominated, unlike Mother, and was released this year it is not eligible.

so they have the opposite side of the same rule.

pomme said...

thank you for the explanation(weird rule for me)

James T said...

My question is this: didn't anyone in France know the rules and that A Prophet would not get a LA release last year? Why didn't they submit it this year instead?

The rule is silly, of course. They just want to keep things neat. One film, one year.

James T said...

Love what you did in the first pic.

Dean said...

What is the purpose of the "Can't be nominated in anything if nominated previosuly for foreign film rule"?

Niels Arestrup gives one of the best supporting performances I've ever seen (stoked by LAFCA mention) so it's disappointing he never had a chance to get nominated. I can't think of a justifiable reason for the rule.

Arkaan said...

Dean, in the 60s we were seeing films nominated in consecutive years (Woman in the Dunes; Battle of Algiers) and I think they just thought it looked wierd.


Arkaan -- it did look weird happened a few times. This problem would be solved if only distributors didn't bank on Oscar so much. The very very negative side effect of this --- submitted one year, release in february the next year -- that few people outside of THE FILM EXPERIENCE discuss (heh) is that often they cancel those releases altogether or delay them indefinitely if the film does not get nominated. It's such a risky game and so many films suffer because of it (not to mention the weird glut of foreign films in each year's first quarter as a result)

better to just believe in your film and release it and see what comes.

Jin said...

Hye-Ja was so great in Mother and I'm absolutely thrilled that LA critics decided to honor her. It would be so great to see the film getting a technically second chance even though the rules seem quite unfair, but it's such a long shot so it won't matter at all.

Paolo said...

I third the Tea Kim Hye-ja!

Also, when A Prophet came out there was talk about whether Tahar Rahim would be disqualified for this year's Oscar race. Now that Aestrup won for LACFA, is there hope for both of them? And Kim, who's also in the same boat as they are?

cal roth said...

Fanny and Alexander was made as a miniseries, but Bergman decided to make a movie from it instead and only released a TV version months after the theatrical release. It's a movie, for sure, with an extended cut for tv.

Now Scenes of a Marriage, yes, is a miniseries that was edited for theatrical release, and still got lots of awards.

I don't care about it getting prizes. LA is not AMPAS, they should have their own eligibility rules, and that's fine. If they have seen Carlos in its thatrical version, why not to give it a prize if it's good? Only because it is not eligible for Oscars?


Paolo -- as stated/explained in the article the Prophet actors are not eligible.

Cal -- i only mean it from a purist standpoint. not from an Oscar standpoint. LIke, i've always hated those film critic top ten lists where theyll throw in an episode of a tv show or a short film. I just feel like you should be clear about what you're a critic of, you know?

Willy said...

Love that Mother has got so much recognition in the past 24 hours!! So glad to see Kim Hye-Ja's win!! Both her performance and the film are TERRIFIC!!