Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Curio: Christmas Greetings

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here with your weekly arts and crafts.

The hubby and I had a very predictable night last week, sitting on the couch, crying during It's a Wonderful Life. (My excuse is I'm still recovering from an appendectomy, making me all soft around the edges. He has no excuse.) Aside from this obvious picture, the holidays are really all about the movies, what with all the award contenders in the theaters, or terrible weather keeping you inside to catch up on that Netflix queue. So there is nothing more appropriate than sending some of these film-themed greetings to share the film love this season. Here's a selection to cover (almost) all the film lovers in your life. Happy envelope licking!

Something for the cult fans out there: a Wiseau Christmas.

A Precious Christmas (maybe a year too late).

A movie lover's 12 days of Christmas, including nine ladies leading, seven samurai swinging, and five golden Oscars. (Click to enlarge.)

Something for the traditionalist.

Finally, Alex Kittle is offering a sweet pack of badass holiday cards, including these inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hebrew Hammer, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Buy 'em all here.


Andrew R. said...

Gabby Sibide in a Santa outfit!

Let's all sing along:

On the twelth day of Christmas, a movie lover gave to me:

Twelve angry men,
eleven awards a-winning,
ten Hitchcock thrillers,
nine ladies leading,
eight usual suspects,
seven samurai swinging,
six star wars sagas,
five golden Oscars,
four crashing cars,
three French films,
two ruby slippers,

I appreciate the effort, but can I return a few of these gifts?

Twelve angry men could get annoying, I already have ten Hitchcock thrillers, having all those leading ladies,usual suspects, and samurai around the house could be a problem, I only want THREE Star Wars sagas, and four crashing cars could get loud.

But I'll keep the 16 Oscars (I could say I broke the record), French films (can Amelie be one of them?), ruby slippers (easy, quick transport despite the embrassment of a guy wearing them), and the Godfather (you can never have enough of The Godfather).

Alex said...

These are awesome! I love the Tommy Wiseau one haha. Thanks so much for including mine!

Volvagia said...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, a comics lover gave to me:

Twelve issues of Watchmen
eleven strung webs
ten of Nny's shirts
nine heroes masks
eight first volumes
seven green hairs
six Liefeld issues
five McDuck coins
four Vasquez series
three charred Wizards
two Flash rings
And Jim Balent trapped on a TREEEE!