Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Kerry Washington Needs For Christmas

an iPhone.

People still use blackberries? That's one gadget too many.

update: Here's an interview with Kerry by friend of the film experience Kurtis. Also "The Pretentious Know It All" says forget an iPhone. What Kerry needs for Christmas is a role worthy of her gifts. That's SO true.


Kurtis O said...

Rarely do I get to chat with fabulous actresses, so I couldn't resist a shameless plug:

spatula said...

oh my god, I love her. Definitely my favorite young black actresses. And so incredibly beautiful/adorable.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

She needs a role worthy of her awesomeness. That's what girlfriend needs for Christmas.

MRRIPLEY said...

A biopic role.


The Pretentious.

good point. very very good point.

George P. said...

I love her. I do think she's been given some amazing roles/performances in films like The Dead Girl, Life is Hot in Cracktown, and Ray, but what she needs is a great backing campaign.