Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Link Catches Us (As We Catch Up)

The Fighter
In Contention Sports Illustrated names The Fighter "the best sports movie of the decade." I guess they're using that 2001-2010 definition. Hate that. I like to end with the 9s.
Low Resolution Speaking of The Fighter. Check out Joe Reid's awesome post "The Art of the Skank"

Milo oh, this is lovely. Toy Story 3 by the numbers. Tons of infographic pleasure... if thinking about how bank accounts of Pixar executives gives you pleasure that is.
The Exploding Kinetoscope FYC: Arguments for the Extermination of the Human Race. (Wow, someone hates Shrek even more than I do!)
EW Inside Movies Anne Hathaway knows her awards history. Texts Jake Gyllenhaal on his first Golden Globe nom. (Even I had forgotten that he wasn't nominated there for Brokeback)
Blog Next Door What the Disney villains teach us.

Mackie & Washington. Yay.
Invisible Woman asks you to see Night Catches Us starring Kerry Washington and Anthony Mackie. We plan to, yes we do. Soon.
popbytes Oprah Winfrey must be stopped; Hugh Jackman injured
Salon "Why is Disney hiding the original Tron?"
Little Gold Men the Coen Bros talk to Vanity Fair about True Grit

The Social Network
Remember when everyone was writing about that movie nonstop? It's happening again. Scanners does a comparison with Carlos, another richly layered movie winning critics prizes, and Nick at Nick's Flick Picks has shared ten intriguing thoughts in two parts.The Toronto Film Critics Association just gave it another "best of the year" citation.

Year in Review
Vulture "25 Best Performances That Won't Win Oscars" from Tom Hardy (Inception) to Alexander Siddig (Cairo Time). It's a great list overall but totally spoiled by two little girls, one of whom was genuinely great in another movie this year, so why not make it that one (Yes, Mia Wasikowska's The Kids Are All Right performance is > Alice In Wonderland times 1,000,000)
Twitter "The 10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010" from Haiti relief to Conan O'Brien half-assed
10 Best and 10 Worst from one of our favorite critics Tim Robey at the Telegraph.

Remember way way back (ok, only two years ago) when I invited you to the wedding of "Boobs & Abs". They've split. Yes, The Green Lantern and The Black Widow are divorcing.  Speaking of Scarlett Johannson, Jon Favreau is leaving the Iron Man franchise. Given that ScarJo's performances feel more listless than ever these last few years, how about Sofia Coppola for Iron Man 3's directors chair. Maybe the fanboys wouldn't appreciate it but at least they'd get some great shots of Black Widow's ass. Plus that f/x related scene in Coppola's Somewhere, with Stephen Dorff interminably stuck in the makeup chair, is one of the best moments in that inside Hollywood movie.


Andreas said...

I really enjoyed that Vulture 25 Performances article (with the exception of Wasikowska & Moretz) - glad to see Jim Carrey, Dale Dickey, and Olivia Williams getting some love. Particularly since they probably won't be getting it anywhere else.

Especially poor Olivia Williams, who's a pitiable/terrifying Lady Macbeth figure par excellence. So great in that movie.

jeff said...

Sad for Abs % Boobs. But at least Ryan will be a bigger star after TGL is released. And Scarlett gets to star in a Jonathan Glazer film : not bad.

/3rtfu11 said...

I can’t say I’m surprised for Ryan and Scar. He’s gorgeous, and she has an air of bitch surrounding her, which she has no intentions to protest.

JungleCat said...

What do you think of the info that both Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts are attached to play Evil Queens in dueling versions of Snow White? The first one Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman and the second is Roberts in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White directed by Tarsem Singh? The info:

I think both sound like very inspired and interesting choices!

James said...

So If Scarlett wins another award (that she probably shouldn't win) who will be "The Canadian that lives with me"?

Roark said...

is any critic anywhere going to name something other than the social network the best picture of the year? the unanimity here is both boring and suspect. begins to seem like agenda pushing, but perhaps that's being unfairly presumptuous.

Volvagia said...

A Charlize Theron project directed by an unknown or a Tarsem Singh movie? Get me to the Tarsem Signh movie.