Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eight Links: Unhinged Women, Union Protests, Unctuous Celebrity

Awards Daily "Women Unhinged" fun piece on all the bat-shit crazy lady characters fighting for Oscar recognition. We're glad to see Lesley Manville (Another Year) getting some attention in her week of snubs.
Movies Kick Ass sees and loves Paprika Steen in Applaus. What a performance that is.
Disney Blog I hadn't heard of this but apparently there's a union protest against Toy Story 3 outside of Academy screenings. Ruh-roh.
I Need My Fix whoa mamma. Check out this slit in Gwynnie's Country Strong dress.

DListed is thrilled that Tom Cruise still has hard nips. Um... okay. You know what I think is the real disturbing fountain of youth magic? That head of hair. Cruise is bothersome in so many ways but that hair? Still perfect.
Towleroad Kevin Spacey still refusing to come out, "never" will. Makes unconvincing case that asking him to do so is equivalent to bullying gay teens. Even threatens to record an "it gets better" video. (Please don't. Kinda too ironic like). Ah well, at least we have better braver less selfish celebrities emerging each year to change the world.
Sociological Images Have you been wondering what Geena Davis' organization "Institution on Gender in Media" has been up to?  Here are some charts about gender imbalances in family movies.

Just Him and His Shadow

GQ Cover boy Ryan Gosling dresses like a movie star. I love this bit on why he got a regular ol' job briefly after The Notebook
" 'I'd never had a real job,' he says. The problem with Hollywood, he goes on, is that nobody works. 'They have meals. They go to Pilates. But it's not enough. So they do drugs. If everybody had a pile of rocks in their backyard and spent every day moving them from one side of the yard to the other, it would be a much happier place.' "
I always thought this was a problem. I always find myself wondering how some famous actors who rarely work, kill time. You know they're not working at delis.


Robert said...

Oh Kevin Spacey, how the mighty have fallen. What's he worried about, that coming out will hurt his career?

Oh well, if we want a serious actor who surprises everyone by having a delightful sense of humor we have Jon Hamm now... so there.

cici said...

I disagree. Too often, we assume that anyone who really, truly, doesn't want to talk about their private life must have something to be ashamed about or something to hide.

Of course, we have all the celebs yammering about how they don't want their privacy invaded and then "discreetly" drop clues about their spouses and let themselves be carelessly photographed with said partners, and though Spacey's analogy may be misguided, I think the article just reflects our society's inability to understand why anyone would not want their lives made public, shameful or not. I'm pretty sure that I read some article several years ago about Spacey dating some female assistant, but why are we all so quick to reject the notion that Spacey just wants to be as private as possible, period?

cici said...

ps. It's true that most closeted actors refuse to come out out of fear, but again - some people, gay or straight, simply hate the idea of disclosing their personal business at all.

John T said...

Am I the only one who never noticed what a brick house Ryan Gosling is? I mean, he's very attractive, but that picture is packing some heat.

Peggy Sue said...

Leave Kevin alone! Let's focus on Ryan's arms...

Poppy said...

out of all the celebrities to be a dick to you guys pick kevin spacey?


cici -- i know some people think i'm too aggressive on this topic but my basic belief is that sexual orientation is not private at all (no heterosexual i've ever met is private about being heterosexual) -- what people do in the bedroom is totally private and should be -- but their basic orientation? That only seems to me to be private when people have shame about it.

but even if i'm wrong i think it's ABSOLUTELY disgusting of celebrities who won't come out to vocalize publicly all the reasons they won't. They're choosing to broadcast the shame but not the thing that they shouldn't be ashamed of publicly. I read this entire interview and the interviewer asked Spacey if he wanted this part off the record and Kevin said keep it on and then gave that lecture comparing himself, a rich famous grown man, to bullied scared teenager?


Peggy Sue -- okay. i'll shut up now. I just want Kevin Spacey to shut up, too. Better to be silent.

Anonymous said...

I honestly had no idea Kevin Spacey was "gay" until about a week ago. I've never followed him that closely but I gotta say... kinda makes that scene in American Beauty weirder.


badmofo -- it was a big deal back in the gay... i mean day. I think it was a Details cover that was really wink wink coy that got everyone talking "Kevin Spacey has a secret..."

it was always one of those open secrets like Travolta & Foster.

/3rtfu11 said...

^^Nate you may call this article bullshit.

Peggy Sue said...

Nathaniel I was kidding! I think you're absolutely right about Kevin.

Unknown said...

"comparing himself, a rich famous grown man, to bullied scared teenager?"

For the record, Nathaniel I don't think his economic standing has anything to do with his feelings toward the way he's been treated by the media and general public, and I think being famous could be worse for someone who is bullied and scared.
But I understand your sentiment and I agree that there must be a little shame hidden in there.

... Also I'd like to note that I think it is entirely possible that Daniel Day-Lewis actually has spent some time working behind a deli counter. Real Renaissance Man, that one.

Paul Outlaw said...

I so need to see Bale and Gosling playing brothers.

Thanks for posting this pic and the Newsies clip yesterday, Nat. They have been nice to wake up to two days in a row. ;-)

Janice said...

Spacey just strikes me as a bit of a whiner, to be honest. I mean - in order to be "famous" it is necessary to receive attention. That's what "famous" essential means, right? That you, your name & accomplishments, are "known" by a large number of people. What strikes me as funny is that stars not only want attention, they also want to be in control of the kind of attention they get, when, where and why. It seems to me that fame is less like a spigot and more like a dam with a gaping hole - you can't turn it on and off at will, folks.

But I also wonder how some folks - like Jodie Foster - specifically Jodie Foster - can be "in the closet" with very little said and the press respecting her wishes on that issue? Is it that she is THAT powerful? Or something about the way she interacts that people in the press respect her, whereas Spacey pisses people off? I don't know.