Monday, December 20, 2010

Links: Dorff, Franco, Hendricks, Robyn

My Life as a Blog "Why I Want a Golden Globe" satiric piece on the greatest awards show gong of all.
Vulture I'm not sure how I missed this enjoyable interview with Stephen Dorff but...
My New Plaid Pants quotes all the funny bits about working on Tarsem Singh's Immortals Movie "abs, abs, abs, abs, abs."
Self Styled Siren another look back at Blake Edwards, and three personal favorites.
Cinema Blend Christina Hendricks will play friend to Sarah Jessica Parker in romcom I Don't Know How She Does It. Sigh. Can we talk about Hollywood's refusal to give Hendricks her own romcom? I don't understand why she has to keep playing second fiddle. Give her a chance to bloom, Hollywood.
Your Movie Buddy offers up 'things to love about The Social Network' a great reminder list should you be feeling a touch put out by its total dominance of precursor season. A damn good movie it is.
In Contention interviews Coen Bros' costumed designer Mary Zophres

Year in Review Goodies
Slant Magazine chooses its (collective) Top 25 of 2010
Movie|Line the most ridiculous controversies
Movie|Line the ten best James Franco stories. Seriously, that man needs a vacation in 2011.
Popcorn For Dinner details favorite movie posters
Uproxx "the least fascinating people of 2010" bitchy but amusing. And we entirely undersign the notion that famous ≠ fascinating.
AV Club looks at the 25 best TV series
Criticial Condition best songs of the year


JayJ said...

Why should Hendricks be lead in a movie when she has yet to prove herself as a lead actress? Sure she gives a good performance on Mad Men and does a great job as apart of the ensemble, but movie execs have yet to even give John Hamm a lead actor movie role.
The reason Cameron Diaz went from girlfriend/sidekick to leading lady so fast is that she was able to (out)shine alongside Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding. Movie execs saw that she had great potential to draw an audience all by herself. Hendricks does not have that yet.

Andrew R. said...

There's too much pressure for people to make their Best of Year lists! Some of us want to see True Grit, Another Year, The Way Back, etc, before making our lists!

My biggest complaint for the Top 25 TV Shows list is Friday Night Light's high ranking. That show is SO OVERRATED.

Bia said...

Anne Thompson wrote a little piece awhile back about how Christina is struggling to find roles outside the small, supporting area.


Bia -- it really makes me crazy. like those adds for LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT. i'm like wait, you're going to dangle CHRISTINA HENDRICKS in my face and then snatch her away and make me watch KATHARINE HEIGL? no fair! (and i don't even hate Heigl like so many people do).

JayJ -- maybe so. but given some of the people they give leading roles too and the level of Hendrick's charisma, you'd think some producer in Hollywood would consider rolling the dice.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Don't know if you've heard:


All these scores were deemed ineligible.

Trent Reznor's THE SOCIAL NETWORK and Zimmer's INCEPTION will possibly be ineligible as well.

(although I guess these two are safe)

This asks for this question: WHEN will Clint Mansell and Carter Burwell FINALLY be nominated?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Dorff is a fox. Can't wait to see "Somewhere."

mirko said...

SOMEWHERE is very good and you could say the same regarding Dorff and Fanning...what a pity during the awards season they have been almost totally overlooked them. I imagine we could blame the late release for this!