Sunday, August 03, 2008

10 Again

Rob here, remembering that a while back I noticed this little item and wanted to bring it up.

Apparently the powers that be are looking to remake the 1980's Dudley Moore movie 10 (src). So I ask you to put on your casting director hats and tell me who should fill Bo Derek's mighty white-girl-cornrows?

It's a tougher task than one might expect. Sure you could just cast your most recent celeb crush, but if you're like me your most recent celebrity crush (despite being damn cute) isn't right for the role at all (see picture ->). Or you could pick someone out of the vast ocean of Hollywood starlets who continue to get work despite being of little skill or box-office draw (no picture, but you know who I'm talking about).

Personally I can't say I have much faith that the producers will make a good choice. Let's see if we can do a better job. Ready. Set. Cast!



i personally think the only way to do remakes (or at least the best way) is to do them as rethinks. So why not a unsexy woman in the Dudley role lusting after a perfect bodied man in the Bo Derek role?

or maybe Demi Moore in the Bo Derek role and just make the guy super old to preserve the age gap. (Dudley being 44 in the original and Bo being 23) cause Demi has definitely preserved the bod.

Anonymous said...

I wish Zooey Deschanel would get some terrific roles too (although "10" isn't it). And yes, the obvious choice would be Jessica Biel. But if the girl isn't going to be a blank slate, maybe someone like Ali Larter of "Heroes" could add a touch of the unexpected.

But I like Nathaniel's idea of a re-think, maybe where she's been the object of the guy's far-off adoration for years. One of the (admittedly limited) pleasures of "Wanted" was the amusement of a regular joe lusting after someone like Angelina Jolie, but how can he measure up if he actually does get to be in her company?

For an slightly older woman, I'd suggest Peta Wilson of the TV series "Nikita". She inspired total adoration in her fans for a (sorry) nonsensical series. She is also amazingly gorgeous, either blonde or brunette (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). I could never figure out why she didn't get all the gorgeous woman parts. (So she wouldn't be expensive, either).

Anonymous said...

Biel? I'm almost positive Nathaniel was implying the "other" Jessica. Though Biel fits his description as well.

I like the Ali Larter idea. Or someone more 'exotic' like Monica Belluci.

adam k. said...

Funny that anon brings up Angelina Jolie, cause I'd think HER the obvious choice for a remake of 10. Please not Jessica Alba. If it must be a Jessica, let it be Biel. She at least has shown hints of actual talent, and doesn't immediately offend my critical sensibilities. But I also like the Demi Moore idea. It'd just be very amusing, for obvious reasons.

But I also like Nat's idea of gender reversal. Let's have Sandra Berhard lusting after Cheyenne Jackson!

Cheyenne would be PERFECT in the 10 role. Can't you just see him in little cornrows?

verninino said...

What about Bo Derek!

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing subway ads and there was a contemporary Bo Derek looking better than thirty years ago. I reckon if Apatow is involved he's got a whole stable of young, chubby, sympathetic losers to make for a fun comedic role reversal.

verninino said...

Check out these well-preserved looks and acting chops and you too will be a believer.


jessica??? i didn't imply anything ever about anyone named Jessica ;) I'm just here reading.

adam --thanks for running with my idea. Cheyenne Jackson. That's brilliant. That's what they used him for in Damn Yankees basically. Stand on stage. Take off your shirt. Look pretty.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Must the corn-rowed girl be white? I'm feeling Kerry Washington. Do whatever you want with the Dudley Moore role: age, race, gender. Anyone would go for Kerry. Just, please, none of the Apatow crew, save the head-and-shoulders-above Steve Carell. (Come to think of it, Carell and Washington might be a great pair.)