Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Moaning

I had a ca-razy housewarming party on Friday night (you don't even want to know...) Last night, while still out of it (can hangovers last for two days?), I played Boggle like the insane wordgame freak that I am and then I read a bunch of political blogs. This would usually sober me right up as its hella depressing.

But instead I was amused. Some things that have been cracking me up in the past couple of days.

Thanks to A Life Less Revealed


God forbid! Seriously who in their sane mind would want that job. Besides Geena Davis. I hope the thousands of people ahead of me don't suddenly perish.

and, I leave you with hours of entertaining kitten wars between the jingosphere and the progressives.

Start with Obsidian Wings and work your way through the seemingly innocuous but deadly kitten galleries.


Anonymous said...

Geena Davis! Hee.

P.S. - Unsolicited guilty pleasure movie confession: The Long Kiss Goodnight. Amnesia + assassin = explosions. Genius.


Anonymous said...

Boggle! I love boggle.

Those signs are hilarious, Nat!

Anonymous said...

Judging from the rumors I heard the morning after, I left the housewarming party waaaaay too early. I was completely scandalized!


S*** the word got out that quick?