Sunday, September 09, 2007

Actress Psychic ~ Point Updates

For those souls who joined that early bird Actress Psychic Oscar Contest months ago or are playing from home in secret --updated point totals here. TFE reader Victor S is now in the lead. But everything is about to change. The Festivals ongoing. The Films completed. Release Dates shuffling.

Points since we last spoke
+ 3
Jodie Foster and Reese Witherspoon EW Full Covers to kick off the fall.
+2 Nikki Blonsky, Keri Russell, Julie Christie, Pre-Fall Candidates in films that scored 85% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes (This is a minor adjustment to rules... I'm calculating the pre-fall film scores now. but same point total --just to help me keep track)
+1 Anne Hathaway for box-office (Becoming Jane)

+1 Natalie Portman movie opened (Goya's Ghost)

Uh Oh... anyone who picked Julianne Moore Savage Grace (still no distributor), Anna Paquin Margaret (no release plans), Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman those Boleyn Girls (moved to 2008).

Don't You Just Love Awards Season Chaos... +2 Venice Best Actress points went to Cate Blanchett for I'm Not There. However, only two contestants predicted her for I'm Not There so they're the only ones who get points. The Golden Age premieres in Toronto so no points for that one (the most popular prediction) yet

[Best Actress Predictions -Please Note: All of the Oscar charts will be updated when the Toronto Festival ends next weekend]


Anonymous said...

I just loved Keri Russell in Waitress!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez's El Cantante also crossed a cool $6 mil. Truly a product of passion and love.

She also brought her A-game to her new music video, channeling a fierce Nomi Malone. Violent dancing, pushing people off stairs, shoving anything in sight -- Jennifer does it well!

Chinese Odyssey said...

It seems to me that Reese has only a slim chance of getting in right now, even if she campaigned supporting.

And I wonder if that "H.S.I love You" thing has any impact on the upcoming update.


oh god please no... i couldn't take another

Glenn Dunks said...

I did predict Moore and Portman so I guess I'm out of it. :(

What's up with Portman? Can she choose a "prestige" project that's not delayed?

Anonymous said...

But if "Savage Grace" has still no distributor, why does imdb say it's starting limited at 23 November 2007 ?

check out this clip, it's great:

("Savage Grace" has already been at Cannes Film Festival and at Mellbourne International Film Festval.)


filmfan that release date is new since I typed up this rough draft. But there's also no USA distributor listed so I'm wondering how that's happening.

either way i'm very much excited to see it having really liked swoon and having well JULIANNE MOORE

Anonymous said...

At least Julianne Moore's next film - "Blindness", by Academy Award nominee Fernando Meirelles, co-starring Mark Ruffalo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Danny Glover and Sandra Oh - is starting at 26 September 2008 and has got a sure US distributor: MIRAMAX! :)

This is great news. Julianne will finally win her well-deserved Oscar for this one. Hopefully!