Thursday, September 06, 2007

An American in Toronto: Prelude

Nobody told me that Toronto hates left turns.

After an eight-hour drive, following sketchy directions from Expedia, the last thing I wanted to do was wander around in traffic, screaming in frustration and exhaustion all through the hour I spent traversing the same six blocks looking for a way to get into my hotel that involved a street onto which I might actually be able to turn. As if I needed a reminder of why I don't do much city driving. My car is parked and it is going to stay where it is for the next eleven days.

But you know what? Everything is going to be okay, because I'm at the Toronto Film Festival and my New York City experience has given me plenty of wherewithal to walk and/or ride the subway to whereever it is I need to be going. So here's my statement of purpose:

My name is Steve Carlson, and I'm a first-time TIFFer. Normally, I hang out in my own backyard at The Ongoing Cinematic Education of..., but Nathaniel was nice enough to let me post my coverage here. I have a Festival Pass, tickets to twenty-four screenings and a whole lot of open slots. My schedule is fluid in order to allow for rush screenings and last-minute buzz magnets. I don't have a computer, but there's an Internet cafe near where I'm staying, so I'll try to post daily updates.

Now that I'm on foot, I'm ready. Bring it, Toronto.


Yaseen Ali said...

Glad you reached safely, Steve!

And don't worry, all festival-related venues are within walking distance of each other (although perhaps I should clarify that I call anything that takes under forty-five minutes "walking distance"...) That wouldn't work too well if you have only half an hour or less in between screenings.

Anyways, the subway is always there in case of last minute emergencies. Hope you have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!

Looking forward to read about your exploits in Toronto.

J.D. said...

I wish I could go to an FF, but alas, being 14 sucks in a lot of ways. :) Can't wait for your coverage Steve.

Steve C. said...

although perhaps I should clarify that I call anything that takes under forty-five minutes "walking distance"

Hee hee... I like the way you think! Never been afraid of a li'l walk myself...


yes NYC teaches you 45 minutes is a casual walk. but one wishes toronto venues weren't so spread out when one has to miss Q&As to do said walking

Anonymous said...

Try to see "Nocturna", the best Spanish animated movie in decades! I´m curious about the foreign reception.

I´ll read the posts with interest. Enjoy the festival!