Friday, July 03, 2009


First and Last: first image after the opening titles. Last image before the credit roll

Can you name the movie?

I thought this one would be hard but apparently everyone has memorized [highlight for the film title] Friday the 13th (1980) so people were quick to guess it.


Derreck said...

Friday the 13th!

whoa, i got one. :)

Derreck said...

Both shots made it delightfully obvious. yay for me!

dusty said...

Funny. I was about to guess Ordinary People.

Wayne B said...

What is Friday the 13th Part III?


This is the first one, yeah, the original.

dusty haha. well that is a horror movie of family life.

mrripley said...

i thought ordinary epople too.

steve said...

Wayne ^

Part III had a muddy 2 ft deep pond/bog in it, not even a lake

i think they couldn't afford an actual lake location because the budget got eaten up for 3d

the location of the 3rd has nothing in common with the first 2 films... it's like they didn't even try

Chris Na Taraja said...

I was going to go with BRideges of Madison County. i didn't see it, but I suspect that it might start and end this way.