Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Linkover

Kenneth in the (212) "about face" is a new photography book restricting itself to just men's faces, unretouched. Lots of actors because they're handsome. I threw Jim Caviezel up to the left there. His career sure turned out odd, right?
THR Let the Right One In's director Tomas Alfredson lines up his next project, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy based on the John Le Carre's 1974 espionage novel
/Film Kate Beckinsale sues a newspaper for libel damages, claiming that they gave the impression her career was in decline. This is the type of thing that could so easily backfire. Suddenly we're thinking: Why is she so touchy about her career? Declining?
The Notorious Nikki Finke hates on Nicole Kidman. But then who doesn't she hate on?

All Things Fangirl has a detailed review of Tom Lenk's (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) stand up show last night at Don't Tell Mama's. I was also there and it was indeed hilarious.
Big Screen Little Screen who is the real James Franco?
Just Jared Jude Law's tattoos
Movies Kick Ass clicks its heels together for Meryl Streep
Scanners another fine piece about the strangely heated Transformers divide, fans hating on critics for not agreeing with them. This happened last year with Dark Knight but it wasn't quite so widespread since most critics loved the hell out of The Dark Knight. a) why do movie fans need validation in the first place? and b) how boring would life be if we all shared the same opinions?
Erik Lundegaard wants all 14 year old's responsible for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen punished. His plan is so diabolical! Has he no mercy?

Did y'all here about this DVD box set of American classics Barack Obama gave Britain's Prime Minister?

Bright Lights takes issue with the Daily Mail for calling this a lame thoughtless gift (because it wasn't personalized). I sure as hell would be happy to receive it, wouldn't you? So many goodies.

Were you to see receive a box set which movies would you want replaced? And with what?


Cristhian said...

I'd like that replaced with the Janus Films 50 year collection, please.

Derreck said...

who doesn't hate on Nicole Kidman?

seriously, it's like every blogger out there has a vendetta with her for some odd reason. Especially the gossip bloggers like Ted Casablanca, The Ugly One Who Must Not be Named (or Perez, for clarity), Lainey and Michael K (but he makes fun of everybody).

and if it's not the bloggers, it's the media. Most reviewers for AUSTRALIA tore her to pieces! She frequently gets called "Box Office Poison" even though it is pretty much unwarranted and the fact that she's still in demand and can still get a huge salary. Hell, even look at her IMDB boards and you'll see what i mean.

Then there's the whole Botox stuff and the faked pregnancy crap. I'm frequently infuriated at most of the crap said about her. It's not she like she deserves it like Lindsay Lohan and her antics.

Joe Shetina said...

Oh, now Lindsay Lohan is treated unfairly too. She has the ability but she doesn't use it that much unfortunately.

Wayne B said...

I'd replace #2,22,24, because I own them already with...this one's hard...Rashomon, Bonnie and Clyde and Taxi Driver. Those three plus the other 22 would be a fantastic box set, be a major boost to the fledgling collection.


derreck -- "who doesn't"... is true. the media is kind of like the schoolyard or a pool full of sharks. if someone is perceived to be down or if there's a drop of blood, the attacks begin and people don't let up for so long that people begin to hate on the person even without rational reasons.

that nicole kidman can give what she gave from 2001-2004 and for nobody to be even grateful or respectful? Kinda makes me sick.

it'd be like turning on Meryl Streep viciously in 1986 because you didn't like Heartburn. it's dumb.

Christine said...

I'm in total agreement with Cristhian. Fine movies one and all, but I'd like President Obama to go for more selections that aren't easily available. He's the President after all. He can prob. get hard-to-find stuff on DVD. I recommend starting with Johnny Guitar.

Derreck said...

oh, Joe, you think so?

Lindsay's antics with Georgia Rule resulted a public reprimand from the production company, a rumored rift and with America Ferrara got her fired from Ugly Betty, her general hot mess behavior, DUI's and whatever. It looks as if she's asking for it by single-handily destroying her career.

I'm probably being hard on her though. She is still young. (i'm calling her young and she's probably older than me) But I do find it irritating with what is happening because i always liked her.

Anonymous said...

Are those two men hot or what ? jajaja

Derreck said...

And wow, those pics with Jim Caviezel and other guys are not retouched at all? it must be great to be that handsome. Though i have to wonder if any make-up was applied? but they are still extremely flattering pics of the guys.

and speaking of Jim and his career, i have to wonder why he isn't more famous. He's been around for some time, and i thought PASSION OF THE CHRIST would've shot him up in the Hollywood rankings, but no. He seems like he really could care less though. Anyways, even though PASSION was one step away from torture porn, i thought he did a fantastic job as Jesus. He's my favorite movie/TV Jesus.

Jordan Wellin said...

Aren't those the Top 25 of the AFI? And I can see why all of Britain is outraged at Obama for that gift. So....... I dunno, undignified and boring? All (or most) great films? Sure. But come on. This is luxurious, swankified Britain, not Chicago. Hopefully Mr. Obama will learn for next time I hope? And didn't he give the queen an iPod? Cringe...

NicksFlickPicks said...

Somehow the media reports rarely explained this, but the movies in the for-some-reason-infamous Obama box set were the top 25 films in the revised AFI list of the "greatest" or "most important" American films, or whatever they call it. Whatever we think of this as a gift, it's not like Barack or Michelle or anyone on their staff curated the selection.

jess said...

Who is Nikki Finke ?

And frankly, do you think Kidman care about these Oscarless, forced-to-blog-to-make-a-living losers ?

rosengje said...

I think the masses just do not understand Nicole Kidman. She is insanely gorgeous and talented but shockingly would rather do offbeat auteur-driven work than the more palatable star vehicles. Even The Hours and Cold Mountain are exceptions of sorts in her filmography. Plus, she has that ice queen kind of appeal and is always unapologetic about her intelligence in interviews. These things all make me love her but I could see how maybe it would make people resent her to a degree.

rosengje said...

P.S. Booked my Hamlet tickets tonight. Excessively excited! I saw Anne Hathaway in Twelfth Night last weekend and have been on a Shakespeare kick.

Jack said...

Obama's "gift" to Gordon Brown was thoughtless, considering Brown gave him a pen made of the timbers of a Victorian anti-slave ship. I would have thought Obama could put a little bit more effort in than a bunch of DVDs.

Plus, it was also a useless gift, as they were region 1 DVDs and England is a region 2 country:

Kurtis O said...

Have you seen "The Stoning of Soroya M." with Caviezel? DEV-A-STAT-ING! Pretty far from a perfect film, but surely one I will never forget. Interestingly enough, it features the most brutal and vivid scenes of primitive, ritualistic capital punishment since..."The Passion of the Christ."

jess said...

Nikki Finke wish she were Nicole Kidman 'coz she knows she has no chance in hell to ever win the Pullitzer, or any other prestigious prize for that matter.

But she can still compete with Perez Hilton for Most Annoying Internet Person.


nick it's true they weren't curated ;)

i just thought it was a box set i would like to have is all. But I can see the reasons people are pissed.

jack I'm not a person of color so I wouldn't know at all, my only prism through which to view this is the one minority I am a part of and if some colleague gave me a gift directly referencing gay... i'm not sure i wouldn't feel that it wasn't a bit ghettoized / label happy. I'm just thinking aloud. Like if someone handed me a box set of gay movies. 'well, you're gay. i know you'll enjoy!' well i might enjoy it sure but I might also think 'does this mean the person look at me and only see gay?'

but i wouldn't be offended.

I'm just saying: a gift is a gift. I think people are too touchy and you probably can't win when you're exchanging gifts with the world watching.

jess apples and oranges. I don't much like Nikki Finke's brand of journalism either but don't knock bloggers who are able to make a living. I WISH i could make her living. damn. every month i have to talk myself out of giving this all up because i love to write but i'm just not surviving. Maybe i need to be mean? OK okay knock people who make livings by being mean bastards

yes knock away. haha

rosengje i'm jealous. it looks like i'm going to miss TWELFTH NIGHT. Haven't won the online lottery and i can't wait in central park from 5 AM til 1 PM for tickets. My friend went at 7 AM yesterday and that still proved too late by the time they handed out tickets. I just don't have the outdoor stamina / sinuses for that ;)

jess said...

Sorry Nathaniel but when one has the nerves to slam La Kidman, I immediately turn Communist.

Don't touch my Jews, my lesbians and my Kidman !

Henry said...

Um, yeah. Most of us movie-going public with a brain in their heads agree with the overall critical thrashing of Transformers. It's a terrible movie.

MB said...

Brown's gift was a pen holder carved from the timbers of the sister ship of the one the desk in the Oval Office is made from. So no, I really don't think Obama would be offended by that. It wasn't an arbitrary slave reference.

And isn't giving a Brit a set of region 1 dvd's just silly? Couldn't he at least have gone for Blu-Ray? Although those have similar region issues.