Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Programming Note

Real life beckons. Yes, that means I've run out of every dollar that formerly allowed me the precariously constructed (#creditcarddoom) delusion that I can live off of writing and blogging. I must return to less creative but more lucrative endeavors. Today's meager posts are pre-written but things will slow down a bit hereafter and I'll have to come up with a writing schedule that functions with a semi traditional work life. I'm trying to be zen about it though inside I am a little teary. This definitely means the final half of "Streep at 60" (which I had trouble getting to anyway) will be streeeettttched ouuuutttt. So consider this just a Streep dotted summer and I'll get to the movies when I get to them. Hopefully we can wrap up by the time the Julia Child movie arrives.

Guest Blogging: If you're a talented fun writer and would like to add your film experience compatible voice, whether for a weekly thing (I love Adam's "Signatures" series and I'd like him to be less lonely as a guest columnist. I'm in particular need of someone with a passion for DVD releases) and/or to be in the reserve list for guest-blogger hijinxs when I take the occasional week off, we can discuss privately.


Jim Napier said...

Best wishes to you! I have been working full time the entire time that I have been doing my site since 2005 and at times it has been very slow posting but creative nonetheless.

I wish you luck in finding someone to be a guest columnist for my site, I have attempted to find someone to do that on my site with no luck.

Bailey said...


If Pigez Hilton makes a living off of his shitty blog, you should certainly be able to with your wonderful writing. Bah! Good luck though.

Amir said...

"If Pigez Hilton makes a living off of his shitty blog, you should certainly be able to with your wonderful writing."

SO true!

Michiewah said...

Ay yay yay, Nathaniel! Keep your head up, and your wonderful words flowing, my dear... I'll still be faithful to this blog! ;D

Anonymous said...

pigez does the lowest common denominator. so that's not a surprise he can make money off of it. he's the girl's gone wild guy in a different medium.