Friday, July 10, 2009

Mel Gibson Likes Beavers

When I read the news I wondered if we have time travelled back to April 1st. But no, it's still July 10th and Mel Gibson really is going to portray a homeless man (believable) who feels comfort from wearing a beaver hand puppet (er...) in the movie called The Beaver. Don't ask me. For a split second I was wondering if The Beaver Trilogy ( ♥ ) was about to become a quadrilogy. Wouldn't that be something?

a visualization to haunt your dreams

Mel's Maverick co-star and fellow beaver fan Jodie Foster will direct (goodbye Flora Plum... Get thee back to the attic of unfulfilled dreams!) Jodie will also play his wife. Apparently this was once a Steve Carell project so we're assuming comedy. And given that Jodie's previous comedic directorial effort was Home For the Holidays (I'm a big fan) I suppose I should be excited. I'm halfway there. I'm totally A-OK with hand puppets but... Mel Gibson???


Derek said...


countrycat said...

Will Gibson be acting or just playing himself? It's crazy what he's turned into.

countrycat said...

P.S. I missed the text below the beaver pic.

Steve Carell??? Oh thank God he's out. That man has shown moments of pure acting brilliance on The Office. He hasn't had a great movie since "Little Miss Sunshine/40 Year Old Virgin"! Hollywood give the man a decent vehicle!

Alex said...

Inspired casting to say the least. Should be interesting and something to look forward to if only to see these two on the publicity tour, what with the public perception of Mel's lunacy, and Jodie's dancing around the g-word. Oh and beaver jokes? Classy.

Guy Lodge said...

"Nice beaver!"

"Thanks, I recently had it stuffed."

Sorry to lower the tone, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read the story this morning. I CAN'T be the only one.


alex... i have my lowbrow moments. apologies.

jess said...

Jodie is the best.

Which other woman in Hollywood has two leading Oscars and is also able to direct AND produce films ?

Foster and Gibson had chemistry in Maverick, so it'll be interesting to see these 2 together again.

And yes, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is underrated, and LITTLE MAN TATE was interesting on a, let's say, social level.

Christine said...

I thought you were joking until I double-checked and saw that this movie project does exist. I think I've worked out the formula for how this got green-lit.

Big name star + sidekick, accessory, or special power + valuable lesson learned = greenlit.

For this project I'm guessing Mel Gibson + beaver puppet + crazy people-have-insights-that-the-rest of-us-can-learn-from = the sell.

If anyone wants to hire me, I'm available to write the following:

Tom Hanks + sassy senior citizen + old people are quaint and amusing

Johnny Depp + magic ring + we need to bring a sense of childlike wonder back to the world

Sandra Bullock + talking cars + sometimes we all need to discover our inner wild side and take a chance on life.

And yes, I know, it could very well turn out to be excellent, and Jodie Foster has shown herself to be a good director, but BEAVER PUPPET!

Anonymous said...

"Mel Gibson To Star In Jodie Foster's Beaver"

Oh man ... this is great material for the late night shows.

cal roth said...

Jodie is the best, period.

Anyway, I understand the backlash against Gibson the celebrity, but, as movie star, he's always been excellent. Very good timing for comedy, strong persona, very charming.

The project could be to Gibson what Harvey was to James Stewart. Foster is a very tender director, and I think she can do it right.

Dorian said...

"fellow beaver fan"

LMAO. You ain't right, Nate!

Chris Na Taraja said...

Do you think Mel was underground in the movie CADDYSHACK?

Steolicious said...

I´m really afraid of this combination of strange things, first of all "beaver"? Are you serious? And why Mel? But when I´m thinking about this, this looks like the right cast-decision for beaver.

The beaver is coming - that´s just the course of the world... and we can´t stop it.

Claudia said...

I read the script of "The Beaver" and I have to say it's brilliant!

Can't wait to see how the film will turn out. The Foster/Gibson combination sounds very intriguing. It could become something good. As a fan of Jodie's work I am happy she is directing it and even co-starring.

Steve Carell would have been ok or Jim Carrey (both good at comedy) but with Mel it gives the whole thing a new and even more interesting outlook.

Anonymous said...

When I first read the summary of this movie I thought it was silly. But who knows I loved Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling. Which I also thought would be silly when I first saw the trailer.

virgin beaver said...

why can't mel just retire or stick to directing, who wants to see him anymore

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing script - hopefully the director/actors don't mess it up.