Friday, July 31, 2009

July. It's a Wrap

Just popping in to do the monthly wrap-up. Thanks again to my guest bloggers for filling in this week. I'll be back on Sunday night / Monday morning. But here were 10 highlights of July if you want to relive or peruse for anything you may have missed.

August Osage County the tour (have you bought your tickets?) and the movie. This casting thread is one of the most commented upon ever here at the Experience
Schindler's List & Mrs. Miniver Two hit WW II dramas compared and discussed
Signatures: Lisa Kudrow Adam's sharp take on her bitter comedy
Best of the Year (Thus Far) like it says
Best Actress 1987 & 1988 two extraordinary years for actressing

Broken Sword / Arm an ode to Tony Leung
(500) Days of Summer vodcast Katey thinks Summer isn't fleshed out enough. Nathaniel thinks her blank slate is appropriate for the film. Reader response varies...
Beauty Break: Catsuit rooowwr
Moore and The Bening Are All Right the most exciting movie news I'd heard in a long time. Now I'm hearing it might be a TV project (?)
Nerdy Potter Nathaniel makes the news. Not in the way he had hoped to.

Coming in August: The final few "Streep at 60" pieces, Adventureland, Inglourious Basterds, District 9, Julie & Julia, Silence of the Lambs, Unforgiven, Casablanca and Going My Way and hopefully some sort of relaunch of the proper "seasons" of TFE's most popular series just in time for Fall.


Fox said...

I used to have that Joy Division t-shirt in college and, when I wore it, it sure didn't get me girls like Zooey.

Of course, that probably had something to do with the "f*ck you!" look I always had on my face.

But mope rock shirts DO work, especially Elliot Smith or Magnetic Fields tees worn in college town coffee shops.

 Michael said...

Did I miss the post that Nathaniel said he was going to do on Grey Gardens?

I was recently out of town for a week, and therefore without internet access, so it's entirely possible that I did.


No. I had tech difficulties w/ that one (interview)... Hopefully will still happen