Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uma the Nun

UMA Alert!

I've been dismayed that Uma Thurman's post Kill Bill renaissance turned out to only be in my head. Vol I begat Vol II and not much else. The Life Before Her Eyes was a mess, Prime didn't catch on and the comedies... let's not talk about the comedies. But 2010 should be interesting for Umaphiles with three possible releases. She's got roles in two high profile kids features: Medusa in Percy Jackson, the nanny in Eloise in Paris. The third and most potentially thwartable as production and release plans go (it's not a big studio beast) is Girl Soldier, based on the novel Stolen Angels (pictured left) about human trafficking in Uganda.

Variety reports that Uma will star in the true story as Sister Caroline who tracked down armed rebels who'd stolen schoolchildren and demanded their release. Cinematical replaces "tracked" the rebels with "hunted" the rebels which makes it sound like The Bride is going to whip out her Hattori Hanzo in the forests and marshes of Uganda. I assume her actions as a nun are of the peaceful crusade variety.

And her actions as an actress of the Oscar crusade variety.

I'm joking but socially conscious true star crusading is hardly a gold statue repellent. And it sure would be nice to see Uma in the race again. She's only been nominated once and given a few of the indelible characters she's helped to create... that hardly seems right. Here's a semi-random sampling of Uma through the years

If I controlled the world she'd have three Oscar nominations (Henry & June, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. I ) and a win (Kill Bill)


Andrew K. said...

Once again I'm posting about Gattaca, but I really like this movie. It's actually my first Uma experience, which means that I will never dislike her. To be honest, I'm not that much a fan of her in PULP FICTION...and although I think her acting in KILL BILL 2 was stronger, I don't think the rest of the movie deserved her. I don't know why she couldn't join Michelle in the 1988 list for DANGEROUS LIAISONS. Frances McDormand in MISSISSIPPI BURNING (not a fan of it), Joan and Sigourney (affable, but light), Geena (good at first but does not hold up with age) and Uma her role seems small but we keep coming back to her in our minds...and she was so young. Hopefully this nun movie catches on, we haven't seen her at her best yet.

Excuse the ranting.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, do you use this product?

MrW said...

To be quite frank: I never quite understood what QT sees (saw?) in Uma. She never did anything for me in any of her non-QT stuff, and if it wasn't for 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Kill Bill', she'd probably be remembered best for David Letterman's awkward opening joke of the 1994 Oscars (and please don't point out the logical flaw in that train of thought, I can see it myself).

mrripley said...

i think 1 is how many i'd let her have i don't nominate people for a film split in 2.

Wayne B said...

She's so luminous in "Dangerous Liasions." Who knew that Cecile would grow up to become The Bride?

Sam Brooks said...

Uma was also very good in Hysterical Blindness, a TV movie made a few years ago by the talented Mira Nair. It's a performance that ranks up there with one of her bests, if not the bests.

Bonus points for being the only movie to truly capture how truly TALL Uma Thurman is.

DJ said...

Sorry, OT post, but did you see the Bright Trailer is out?! It looks absolutely perfect and stunning.


anon... huh?

mrw... i've heard that from some other Uma doubters too. I don't disagree that QT finds magic in her that other filmmakers often miss but i do think there's work outside of those pictures that holds up. But i'll readily admit she's an uneven actress. That said, I have always really liked her.

mrripley... does that mean you would never nominated someone from lord of the rings? or the alien franchise or whatnot? I can understand not feeling she deserved it in 2003 AND 2004 but not for either? Craziness! ;)

Victor S said...

On my Oscar list she would have 5 noms:
Dangerous Liaisons
Henry & June
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (unless if I can nominated Nicole Kidman twice for Birth and Dogville, because if I can, bye bye Uma)

Janice said...

"Two high profile kids projects" is never the sort of phrase one wants to read in regard to a a highly-regarded actress (better to have a well-written TV series. "kids projects" rarely turn out to have any traction and it's sad to see actresses of "a certain age" being consigned to them, as if that's the only work an over-the-age-of-35 woman is good for.)

Anonymous said...

Uma Thurman is my favorite actress... Thank you for this post.

I enjoyed the images of Uma from 1988 to 2005.

My favorite Uma performances (in my order of preference)are:

2. Amy in TAPE
3. Beatrix in KILL BILL
5. Mrs. Miller in HENRY & JUNE


I haven't seen THE GOLDEN BOWL yet... is the only Uma's movie I haven't seen and I hate a little bit myself for that.

Agent69 said...

I liked her in The Golden Bowl as well.


when THE GOLDEN BOWL came out didn't Ethan Hawke say it was her best work?

anyone remember that?

i am always excited when the significant others pipe in on a performance (like Warren Beatty thinking Running With Scissors was The Bening's best work)