Thursday, July 30, 2009


JA from MNPP here, taking yet another stab at Nat's recurring series:

First and Last ~ the first image after the opening credits
and the last image before the end titles:

Can you name the movie?

Highlight for the answer if you're stumped: It's Brian de Palma's Sisters (1973)
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what the hell... the only movie that i think of when i see someone's underwear at the beginning is either Lost in Translation or Law of Desire and this obviously ain't either ;)

Anonymous said...

De Palma's Sisters!!!!


Jason Adams said...

Correct you are, Cameron!

Man, and here I thought this one would be a stumper. I've seen this movie a dozen times and I probably never would've gotten this if I hadn't been the one to grab them myself.

But I love the fact that these are the first and last shots in a movie about voyeurism and getting stabbed in the dick. Gotta love De Palma!

Jim T said...

1) I will never get one right. I didn't even get Repulsion right. And it was one of the few I 've seen from the F&L series.

2)Nate, you do realize I'm dieing to hear what you have to say about Meryl's performance, although I suspect you love it.

adelutza said...

Well, at least I haven't seen this one so I don't feel that bad I didn't get it ;-)

Cameron said...

K I'm creating a blog account right now so I can be a member of your community. I'm super excited about being first on the F & L! Yay for gay film boys everywhere and for dick-stabbing movies!

Also, much love to Nathaniel for being amazing.