Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday (And Where Are You?), Joan Allen

JA fgrom MNPP here. The boyfriend and I went and saw Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons on Broadway in the play Impressionism last Fall. The show stunk something fierce, but Joan looked ridiculously fantastic - the costumes were to die for and were tailored to her like a glove. A slutty glove of wow-she's-hot!-ness. Click this link here to understand. Saucy minx! For a boy that worships at the altar of what Joan Allen's been selling for years now, it was bliss, watching her strut around like a sexy lady on-stage even if the show itself was lacking (did I mention it stunk? God it stunk).

But that was then, and now is now, and where the heck are you, Joan Allen? Today she turns 53 so a very happy one to her, so let's keep it low on the complaining, but man alive, lady, get out here! She and Irons did a Georgia O'Keeffe biopic called creatively enough Georgia O'Keeffe, but that's been sitting there on her IMDb page for ages and I've heard nothing about it. Nothing! I guess it's gonna air on Lifetime? Ack not worthy of her. There's also something called Good Sharma but.. well, that title makes me feel queasy so whatever. She's had such an odd run of roles these past few years! I get that it's tough for a broad to find good roles at her age, but she's effing Joan Allen! She should be fighting them off. Instead, Death Race.

Whatever. At least there are some credits coming up and maybe they'll be worthy of her. Maybe. That's a tall order. But I hope so. And I went looking just now and see that I've posted on her twice here at The Film Experience in the past! Wacky! I guess she's the actressexual obsession I bring over. Here those previous posts are:

Post #1 - WWJAD?
Post #2 - on the Georgia O'Keeffe movie last November

As for at my own blog, click here for my previously-posted five favorite performances of hers from her birthday two years ago. What's yours? And happy birthday again, Joanie!


Andrew K. said...

Pictures are indeed way sexy. But Joan is sexy all the time. Favourite performances...hmmm I'd say The Crucible, but that movie and play seriously disturb so I'll go with The Upside of Anger which should have won her the Oscar in 2005.


love Joan.

thanks for posting (i'm so swamped)

my fav perf is a war between The Crucible and The Upside of Anger so I have to agree with Encore there in his selections.

another thing no one remarks about. Joan Allen brings totally sexy men to events with her.

Wayne B said...

Ohhh Joan Allen, "Upside of Anger" is one of her best performances, the fact that she wasn't even NOMINATED that year is a crime! "The Ice Storm" and "Nixon" would fill out a Top 3 List.

For Your Speculation (Big Ted) said...

Joan Allen should have taken the Oscar in 1998 for Pleasantville. I still can't believe she didn't even get a nomination. Blergh.

Ian said...

Yeah, the Georgia O'Keeffe telefilm airs on Lifetime in September. Looks like it'll be this year's "Coco Chanel" for the channel.

Brian Owens said...

I first saw Joan Allen in The Heidi Chronicles in the summer of 1988 on Broadway and I fell madly in love with her.

And I have ever since.

We need more work for her!

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I love her in Death Race, though. Sexy in a dominating way. Yowza.

steve said...

^ ha no kidding, she was great in that

i actually enjoyed "Death Race" to an embarrassing degree, but since Roger Corman had a hand in it, i didn't feel so guilty

her best line - to Jason Statham - "cocksucker"

gotta love Joan