Friday, August 21, 2009

Red Carpet: Amanda's Tip Money, Jennifer's Baby Food

A random sampling of actresses (and actor) that were out and about this week, as is our habit since this isn't a celebrity fashion blog but we do like to stargaze. From left to right: Mélanie Laurent, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Renée Zellweger, Miss Piggy and Jennifer Aniston

photos reworked from Zimbio & Just Jared

Why do you suppose Amanda Seyfried has cash out?

I'm pretending that she's going to tip Mélanie and Christoph for their fine work in Inglourious Basterds. I certainly want to. I'm shoving $20s down their pants if I get the chance. The photo of Seyfried was actually snapped on the set of her new movie with Gael García Bernal (Letters to Juliet) so maybe she's saving the tip money... she must have seen Bad Education.

Meanwhile, Zeéeeee is waving to Mélanie but the French girl isn't waving back. I don't have a story beat in mind for that one but I think that's generally a smart move, pretending you didn't notice her. That said, I'm really bad at ignoring her, aren't I? For example, every one in the world skipped Miss Potter and I still tortured myself with it. New in Town sits on my DVD shelf even now (no, I did not purchase it) and how long will it be until I succumb? It's a sickness.

In other news, did you hear that Marc Jacobs furnished Miss Piggy with a new look? I love it. Miss Piggy is a national treasure and she's been out of the limelight for too long. I'd much rather hear about her cross-species love life than Jennifer Aniston's predictable romantic woes.

And speaking of...

Have you seen the trailer for Love Happens in which Jen breathes new life into dimpled, cleft widower Aaron Eckhart? They're both likeable performers but that movie looks like total baby food. It's simply flavored utterly predictable mush. The trailer is Hollywood making choo-choo noises, hoping you'll open wide for a spoon feeding.


Andrew K. said...

I succumbed to Ms Potter for Ewan and Emily. Underwhelming, but not vomit inducing.

Good to see Ms Piggy up and about indeed.

Good grief, is that the sappiest trailer ever. Do we really need a movie like this...another one? That being said, when Jennifer does a movie with an actor they get a hit Jake>two years later BROKEBACK, Catherine Keener>CAPOTE, Shirley MacLaine>IN HER SHOES kind of a hit. Maybe Aaron is going to burn it up in The Rabbit Hole.

Okay Nathaniel I have to ask. When did Renee start becoming she how must not be named.

Anonymous said...

I see that She who must not be named is Zeeee now,I noticed that in the awards predix page too!
is thare a patch-up going on that we are not aware of? :)
and that Love Happens trailer was seemed like a sleepless in Seattle wannabe!


encore... a long time ago. 2003 i think?

gabrieloak said...

I agree Love Happens looks completely vapid. The trailer has no suspense and gives you no reason to watch the movie. A glorified episode of Friends with Rachel moving on to run a flower shop. Even the title is boring.

Janice said...

I swear, after I read the last lines of this post about Hollywood "spoonfeeding" moviegoers (great observation) I scrolled back up to the top of the page and the mouth of the lady in that Schwan's Food banner popped open with some text about "great food, easy delivery..." Now that really was scary.

Almost as scary as what's become of Aniston's career (or Miss Z's, for that matter.) Remember how good Aniston was in The Good Girl? Anyone? *crickets chirp*

Oh, and as much as I loved Sigourney dominating the banner these past few days, I LOVE seeing Nic as Suzanne Stone-Maretto. I've loved (or at least respected) a lot of her films but in the final analysis To Die For might still be her greatest, most supple performance.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

Do they cast Jennifer Aniston or do they cast her hair ?

cal roth said...

In April I predicted Melanie Laurent to be a revelation (Mulligan took this place), and a possible Oscar nominee (or even a winner). IB have not opened here yet, but I really need to know: any chance for Oscar consideration?

Tom Steele said...

Jennifer Aniston couldn't act her way out of a very wet paper bag. I don't understand why she keeps getting work, given her paltry B.O. appeal. I guess *some* people like her, but no one I know does. Maybe it's out of some sort of pity from getting tossed over Brad Pitt's left shoulder for good luck after "spilling his salt." (Do people still do that?)

Tom Steele said...

P.S. When I first glanced at that last shot of Eckhart and Aniston, I thought it was from the end of THE WAY WE WERE.

Anonymous said...

I find it annoying how people always mention "THE GOOD GIRL" when they defend Aniston's talent. Aniston wasn't even the most talented of the Friends cast. Lisa Kudrow was, and look how her career's going compared to Aniston's. The only reason Aniston keeps getting work is because the tabloids are feeding people into this image of her as he woman who got cheated on so we all have to feel sorry for her.


anon. i didn't much care for Aniston in that film, either. I actually like her work on Friends best. No joke (she was my favorite of the cast)... i still think her talent is more suited to the small screen. There's something charming and effortless about her there but she seems flat to me in movies.

but yes Lisa Kudrow is a better actress as Happy Endings, Clockwatchers and The Opposite of Sex remind us.