Saturday, August 15, 2009


I wish I could embed images into post titles. A little martini glass, in this case.

Mike: I thought Caesars was one of the dope spots?
Trent: Back in the day this place was a real contender. But now they'll appreciate the business. They'll probably fall over themselves for a couple of high class guys like you and me.

[a couple of minutes later]
Dealer: Perhaps you'd be more comfortable at one of our lower stakes tables?
I don't think I've ever once mentioned Swingers (1996) on The Film Experience but I love it. Why wasn't it nominated for Screenplay at the Oscars that year? Too indie, perhaps. It's better than Shine at any rate.

Jon Favreau pre weight gain and Iron Man. Vince Vaughn pre weight gain and bankability (but still his best performance, no?). Ron Livingston pre post-it note breakups with Carrie Bradshaw. Heather Graham pre Rollergirl. Plenty of well earned laughs throughout. A great soundtrack.

And look at all the beautiful babies...



Unknown said...

Was at a screening for the upcoming 'Couples Retreat' with Favreau, Vaughn, and director Peter Billingsley in the audience a few months ago. It's god awful. We and a few other walked right out of it midway through.


how far they've fallen. (sigh)
even the couples retreat trailer was hard to sit through (though the audience i saw it with laughed heartily. people love bad movies)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nathaniel, but I can't speak on Swingers, because I've never seen it.

Mother and Child will get its World Premiere at Toronto.

Synopsis: This moving drama follows the story of three women (Annette Bening, Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington) and the power of the unbreakable bond between mother and child.
Programme: Gala Presentations
Language: English
Country: USA/Spain

It also seems like Kerry Washington has a bigger part than I expected ( based on that synopsis).

Tom said...

The answering machine message scene is still one of the funniest scenes in a movie, ever.

Anonymous said...

Tom - I've practically done that answering machine message in my life to someone. Eeeep.

RobUK said...

I absolutely ADORE Swingers! It's one of the movies I think of when I imagine the "best versus favourite" issue.

I think Vaughn did even better, deeper work in The Break-Up, but this remains his finest movie.

Anonymous said...

I have such fond memories of "Swingers" and the actors. I first saw the movie at the Telluride Film Festival. The opening night audience loved it. You could hear so many people during the eekend telling each other that "You're so money!"

Though not a super success, I do think it helped push the whole martini-drinking, Rat-Pack dressing kind of coolness to a young generation (whether you think that cool or not).

I figured that Vince Vaughn was going to be a major star and was excited that he got cast in "Jurassic Park II." What a disappointment. All that energy he showed in "Swingers" was tamped down. He didn't make much of an impact as battled dinosaurs with Jeff Goldblum.

Marshall said...

It's sad to see that Vince, a man who could have been the next Christopher Walken. If he smartens up he could at least be Bill Murray.

Seeing_I said...

Wow, Vince was sure lean back then wasn't he? I didn't even recognize him at first glance. I like chubby Vince better, I think.

Sam said...

Was Vince Vaughn ever really that thin? I think I like him better a little chubby.

Colette said...

I have such fond memories of "Swingers" and the actors. It also seems like Kerry Washington has a bigger part than I expected.