Friday, August 28, 2009

Daryl Hannah Wants You To Read...

...The Film Experience. or else.

I kid, but I always like to picture Daryl Hannah barking juvenile orders like an amazon bully post Kill Bill. (God she was great in that. Five years later and it's increasingly annoying that no real filmmakers dared pounce to provide her a worthy follow up).

So now the eternally underappreciated sexbot turned mermaid turned celebrity girlfriend turned born-again hairdresser turned environmental heroine turned whistling assassin is designing board games. This one is called "Liebrary". You make up first sentences to real books once you read their title and synopsis.

(Pictured) 'Elle Driver' promoting her board game this past Monday in NYC.

So, points for originality, Daryl! Most actresses of a certain age just start writing children's books.


Wayne B said...

I love Daryl Hannah, she's definitely one of my 50 favourite actresses. She had quite a run in the earlier part of this decade though. I especially liked her earnestness as Angel, a stripper in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana." Its good that she's keeping busy though. :)

Luke said...

I'm pre-ordering this game ASAP. I can only imagine the potential responses my E.M. Forster-less friends will give to "Howards End."

It's Cold Outside said...

It's her face, why did she have to botch it up? what on earth is wrong with aging gracefully? I'll never understand. Wwwwhhhyyyy!! Damn you hollywooood!!!