Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Someday Her Prince Will Succumb

Remember that awesome Disney Princes gallery? The one where the underexploited toon men were suddenly objectified? Here's what you might consider a subversive counterpart. Jeffrey Thomas has imagined Disney's heavily marketed Princesses -- not all of them actual royals but amply exploited by Disney all the same -- exploring their darkest sides.

It didn't take much twisting to make Belle fierce. She was always formidable, y'know. And then there's Alice (Don't judge! Who wouldn't go criminally insane in Wonderland?). Thomas' gallery, which Loyal K*N*G pointed me too, also includes Cinderella in a rotting pumpkin, Mulan looking fierce, Pocahontas on the hunt (clean that knife girl!) and Tarzan's Jane wearing a cheetah (no not "Cheetah" dear god, not that). See the whole thing.

By the way, if you loved that eroticized Prince gallery that I told you about early last year, you should know that artist David Kwaena has expanded the gallery. In addition to new 2D men, he's added live-action hunks like Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Zac Efron from the High School Musical franchise and James Marsden's goofy Prince Edward from Enchanted (pictured left, but why isn't he biting his fist? Why?!? That's the best part!) Check it out.


Jim T said...

Many of them didn't have a mother so I guess the other mother didn't have to try hard to convince them but she really impressed me with Alice. She had to make her sleep in her dream so she could create a dream in a dream. Well done! My only problem is, Aurora dear, I know you love your hair (we all do) but you must find the courage to be a brunete in order to be completely gothic. You're just too glamorous.

Embarrassing confession: I love Streizand's version of "Some day my Prince will come". I think it is amazing.

Andrew K. said...

This is hilarious. I'm especially loving Snow White and Mulan.

Anonymous said...

This has been going around for months and it seems every site thinks it's brand new.

Ryan T. said...

OH MY GOD that Snow White one with the seven evil dwarves is going to give me nightmares tonight!

Anonymous said...

Lol. They're fantastic. I agree with the Snow White one, that is quite creepy. ANd just wondering Nathaniel - who is your favourite Disney princess?


AURORA by a country mile

there's just something about that movie (and that waist)

It's Cold Outside said...

Why is the beast drawn with a NOOSE around his neck? Notice how the beast looks like a black man? That is some f-cked up racist sh*t.


katie i don't see how the beast reads as anything other than The Beast. I don't see black or white there.

as for the noose. i have no idea... do they try to tie him up in the movie? my mind has gone blank


oh and how awesome was my post title pun? nobody noticed. i was feeling like some inspired copywriter at Sterling Cooper.

or something

Tom said...

Wow. Prince Edward has such a nice butt and face!

Ryan said...

My Top 5 (male) Disney Heroes:

#1) “Capt. Phoebus” – THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (okay, I seriously had a c-r-u-s-h on this animated heartthrob even before my teen hormones kicked in!)
#2) “Prince Eric” – THE LITTLE MERMAID (a beloved second. Oh… Eric)
#3) “Prince Phillip” – SLEEPING BEAUTY
#4) “Shang” – MULAN
#5) “John Smith” – POCAHONTAS

- thanks for the link Nat!