Monday, August 31, 2009

Taking Giving Woodstock

It's been ages since we held a giveaway so, here you go. I have 5 packages to give away celebrating Ang Lee's latest Taking Woodstock. The gift bag includes an original motion picture soundtrack (entertaining!), a t-shirt (useful) and an um... air freshener (???) In case you're a dirty hippie, I guess.

To enter, send me an e-mail by Sept 14th with:
  1. "Woodstock" in the subject field
  2. Your full name (and a nickname if you don't like your full name used when I publish the winners)
  3. Your mailing address
  4. A sentence or two explaining what your favorite Ang Lee movie is and why. What a filmography, right? This last bit is for publication in a later reader-centered post.
Optional for fun... If you'd like to include a photo of yourself giving a peace sign, wearing tie-dye or doing any such appropriately Woodstockian thing, feel free. I'll publish them in some sort of freeloving photo collage when the winners are announced.

5 winners will be drawn randomly from entries received. One lucky winner will also win a nude mud-sliding date with Emile Hirsch. I made that last part up just to see if you were still reading. Are you? Have you seen the movie yet?


Emma said...

Hmm... I have a photo of me giving the peace sign, only with my fingers the other way round, so I'm cursing. But it'll do. :D

Emma said...

Wait, I lie! I found one. :D

Fernando Moss said...

mmm... the gift bag sound good but I think I'll take the "nude mud-sliding date with Emile Hirsch" better... ;D

Wayne B said...

OOH fun, can't help but hope I win one.

J.D. said...

Sigh, I want the last part. :(

But I'm gonna enter anyway. I think I'll do it after I finally re-watch BBM, which I've had it from Netflix for months and haven't seen since like April '06, tho. Long story.

Wheeeeee. Oh, and I saw the film on Friday! I really, really liked it, actually. I have a feeling I'm probably gonna end up calling it "annoyingly underrated" a lot in the future.

javier said...

Hush hush, Nat is watching NINE at the Lincoln Center right now.

I'm anxiously waiting for some post-screening comments.

NoNo said...

This sounds cool. I'm in. By the way the Academy's at it again with new rules...

Agustin said...

I saw it a while back, from what I can remember, I liked Demetri Martin's performance and character development. It's been a long time since I identify so much to a character. I feel the movie is only about him, Woodstock itself is missing. I liked it though, it's a great ´sort of coming out´ story. Liev Schreiber is all right, but the rest of the cast doesn't get too much to play with, Emile Hirsch, especially, if he wasn't there, the film would be just the same.
It's a B. Oh! and how hot was the guy who ends up with Demetri!!!!