Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little Link Music

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Finally, Cozzalio doesn't like the ads for Bruce Willis' new scifi picture Surrogates. You know the ones... "human perfection. what could go wrong?"

They're plastered all over the city now. The internet has been kind of mum on this film, which opens shortly (Sept 25th) so I was interested to finally read someone's reaction. Unlike Dennis, I rather like the ads. I appreciate that they feel as vapid as clothing ads so they're sort of subverting / mocking the idea of clean airbrushed beauty. What could be wrong with that? Quite a lot, you know. But maybe I'm just a sucker for android/cyborg stories (a la Terminator / Blade Runner). In some hierarchal geek place in my mind that's just a notch or two below vampires as a subgenre that immediately wins my attention. Holding the attention is another matter. We'll see what reviews are like.


Jacob Passy said...

I saw a trailer for the film right before District 9, and my only reaction was "Who decided to remake I, Robot?"

Unless I was mistaken, the trailer makes the plot seem almost identical in many ways to that movie-- whether this is a smart ploy, I don't know.

mB said...

I kept seeing the posters for Surrogates and it took me the longest time to realize it for was the same movie as the trailer I had seen a while back where I my first thought was "OMG, What did they do to Bruce Willis' face?!"

I enjoy the ads for the eye-candy, but I don't know if they really are selling the movie as best as they can.

Catherine said...

I was actually considering shelling out for flights to NY, accomodation and theatre tickets to see ...Night Music, back when all we knew was that Angela Lansbury was going to be on board. I'm not crazy about CZJ's involvement, though.

Janice said...

Those Surrogate ads - mostly their tagline - reminded me immediately of the teaser-trailer for the Stepford Wives "remake" with Nicole (remember that? The trailer that was something of a parody of a very sleek car advert?)

Given how that turned out, anything that reminds me of it or its ad campaign does not inspire confidence in me.

Karen said...

I agree. Cool ads!

laurie01 said...

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